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Officers of the Original First Maryland Artillery, C.S.A

Officers of the Battery are listed
below. This is the Original officers
that were established after the
Battery was mustered into service
on July 10, 1861.
*Pictured below are the Cross Bottony, from the Calvert coat of arms and the Maryland
State Seal belt buckle, worn by many Marylanders
as a part of their uniforms.

Original officers of the Battery.

R. Snowden Andrews
William F. Dement

1st Lieutenant:
Charles S. Coulter

2nd Lieutenant:
John Gale
Frederick Y. Dabney
W. J. Hill
J. H. Stonestreet

1st Sergent:
De Wilton Snowden
J. Harris Forbes
Gratial C. Thompson

F. W. Bollinger
Theodore Jenkins
George T. Scott
E. C. Moncure
P. A. L. Couter
J. G. Harris
John F. Ransom

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