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Current news from the battery 

Please help to "Save Stephenson's Depot"! ....................

 Approx. 500 acres on and around the battlefield is being requested by the owner to be Re-zoned from Agricultural to Industrial.  If approved this will mean that a significant piece of the First Maryland Artillery's History and the Second and Third Winchester Battlefields will be lost forever! 

Torn up, blacktopped, and forgotten about. 

Please help by writing letters to the Frederick County, VA politicians, zoning board, etc. to voice your support against re-zoning this land.

Click here to view the "Save the Depot" WEB Site.

The current 1st Maryland has a duty to the original 1st Maryland Artillery to fight for this ground, just as they did in 1863!

The latest in the fight for Stephenson's Depot!

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 Updated: July 30, 2011