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Monuments to the 1st Maryland

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At    Sharpsburg

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To the 1st Maryland Artillery, Ewells Div., CSA at Antietam Battlefield, located along the Harpers Ferry Rd. where the battery took up position late in the day in the field to the rear of this marker, after arriving from a position on Maryland Heights, across from Harpers Ferry.

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The Maryland Monument at Antietam National Battlefield.   Erected to ALL those Marylanders who fought on both sides of the War between the States.

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1st Maryland Artillery is Inscribed on the East side of the monument.

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Inside the monument is a plaque with each Maryland unit and a brief description of that unit.  Here of course is the 1st Maryland plaque.

At Gettysburg

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All photos are digital, taken by Roy Lescalleet
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