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World War II

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Name; Branch; Service Number; Home Town @ Entry into service

S/Sgt Frank W. Albaugh; USA; 33556822-k; Thurmont
Capt Garfield H. Ambrose; USA; 01894802-dnb/w; Frederick County
PO1/C Benjamin Winfred Anderson; USN; 2583492-k; Frederick
T/Sgt Charles W. Andrews; USAAC; 20340856-k; Monrovia
Pvt Sherman Eugene Axline; USA; 33898035-k; Petersville
2nd Lt John Sheldon Baer; USA; 01306532-k; Frederick
Pfc Franklin Eugene Baker; USA; 33883084-dnb/m Frederick
S1/C Gerald Leo Baker USN -m Frederick
Pfc Melvin Leroy Baker USA 33367830-k Middletown
Capt Olin Woodrow Bales USAAC -k Lewistown
Pvt William Francis Beacht USA 33905732-dnb/w Frederick County
Major William Robert Beall USA 0304894 Hagerstown
FO Orman Garland Bell USA-Glider T122899-doi/k Ijamsville
TSgt Harold Talmadge Bennett USA 13106330 Monrovia
Pvt Leon Charles Biser USA 33908988-k Sabillasville
T/5 Raymond J. Bowens USA -m Walkersville
Pfc Charles Somerfield Bowers USA 20340137-a Brunswick
Sgt James Austin Bowers USAAC 33734791-k Baltimore City
S2c James Blasius Bowers USN 9903358-k Emmitsburg
T/4 Harry R. Brown USA 20340140-k Mount Pleasant
2nd Lt James Wallis Brown USAAC 0-824399-a Frederick
Pvt John J. Brown USA 33203876-dnb/w Frederick County
Lt Jessie Ellsworth Burall USAAC 0659240-a Myersville
T/5 G. LeRoy Burdette USA 33388493-k Mount Airy
Cpl Robert J. Burdette USMC Frederick
Cpl Michael Earl Busch USA 33201641-k Mount Airy
S/Sgt Floyd W. Butts USA-Glider -k Frederick
Pfc Calvin Clayton Cannon USA 33130969-k Frederick
Pvt Charles Woodrow Cannon USA -a Legore
1st Lt Benjmain Ellsworth Cantwell USAAC 0703940-k New Windsor
Pvt Wilson T. Carmack Jr USA 33558991-k Harmony Grove
2nd Lt Miller Brindle Cassell Jr USA 01996429-k Frederick County
Capt Carl Albert Cline Jr USA 0418319-k Monrovia
Lt Joseph H. Comer, Jr USAAC -a Monrovia
Ensign Edwin Claude Creeger Jr USNR 290924-a Thurmont
2Lt Larry Henkle Crickenberger Jr USAAC 0712514-fod/k Mount Airy
Major George Bruce Crist, MD USA 0189320-dnb/m Frederick
Pvt Irvin William Culler USA 33898009-k Frederick
2nd Lt John David Culler USAAC 0734074-k Frederick
Pfc Paul C. Cummings USA 33191714-k Brunswick
Pvt Russell Yinger Dansberger USA 13024245-dnb/k Frederick County
Pvt Clark Lee Davis USA -k Frederick
Pfc John W. Davis USA 20340828-k Frederick
Pvt Wilbur Amos Davis USA 33556160 Mount Airy
Sgt Paul Keller Dean USA 20340867-dow/k Middletown
Cpl Johnny T. DeGrange USA 33558999 Baltimore City
Lt William Theodore Delaplaine III USN 4106117-a Frederick
Sgt Paul E. Dodd USA 33006011-a New Market
S/Sgt Wesley Dewey Dolan USAAC 13073580-k Brunswick
2nd Lt Nathan G. Dorsey Jr USA 01319185-k Mount Airy
Tommy Duble {See Charles D. Kidwiler}
Pfc Donald A. Duncan USA 33556864-k Thurmont
2nd Lt William Guy Duvall USN 4471306-a Frederick
Pfc Paul William Esworthy USA 33724190-dow/k Frederick
Pfc Vernon L. Etzler USAAC 13137066-k Libertytown
S/Sgt Glenn W. Eyler USA 20340874-k Woodsboro
T/4 John Francis Eyler USA 33199223-k Emmitsburg
Sgt Llewelyn Charles Eyler USA 33009276- Highfield
2nd Lt Kenneth Foster Fagan USAAC 0926614-k Frederick
Sgt John Charles Felix USA 33495926-k Emmitsburg
Pvt George Franklin Ferrell USAAC 6998548-dnb/a Jefferson
Capt Daniel W. Fetterolf USA 0004359-dnb/m Frederick County
Capt Earl Wayne Fitzwater USMC 07645 -k Frederick
Pfc Richard Lee Fleming Jr USA 13138573-dnb Frederick
Pfc Thomas Lee Fleming USA 33906331-k Frederick
T/5 Milton Lewis Fletcher USA 33732203 Lime Kiln
S2/c John Theodore Flook USNR 09276299-k Myersville
S/Sgt Max K. Flook USAAC 13073565-fod/k Myersville
Pfc Dale McDannell Ford USA 20340833-k Thurmont
Cpl George William Ford USA 33721170-dow/k Frederick
Pfc Harry F. Fraley USA 33901719-k Thurmont
Pvt Edward L. Fulmer, Jr USA 33556579-k Middletown
Lt. Henry Lloyd Gall USN -m Thurmont
S/Sgt John Robert Gall USA 33556802-k Thurmont
Pfc Frank Allen Gardner Jr USA 33556922-fod/k Mount Airy
F/O Irvin Benton Gaver USAAC T192753-k Frederick
Pfc Kellsie A. Gaver USA 33200851-k Myersville
Pvt Richard Calvin Geisbert USA 33563702- Frederick
Sgt Habard Theddus Gladhill USA 6848366-k Emmitsburg
T/Sgt Carl P. Gochnauer USAAC 13102042-k Adamstown
S/Sgt George Mck. Gosnell USA 33454577-k Baltimore City
2nd Lt Charles Verlin Gouker USA 0748139 Ellerton
Pvt Donald Vincent Griffith USA 33896817-k Brunswick
Pvt William J. Grimes USA 33556836-k Thurmont
Pvt Harry M Hahn Jr USA 33896815-k Brunswick
S/Sgt William Howard Hanvey USA 33553714-dnb/k Brunswick
Pfc Earl Mason Harwood USMC -k Burkittsville
2nd Lt Roland Thaddeus Hauver USAAC 02008958-k Myersville
Pfc Joseph Earl Hemler USA 33553881-dow/k Emmitsburg
2nd Lt Lloyd Herring Herbert USAAC 0811381-fod/k Frederick
Pfc Arthur Jacob Hessong USA 33139154-k Wolfsville
T/5 Harry R. Hessong Jr USA 33564921-k Frederick County
Pfc Robert Lee Hessong USA 33387397-k Wolfsville
Cpl Garland Zecker Hightman USA 33730608-dnb/k Frederick County
Sgt Maj Leslie Augustus Himes USMC 0270618-dnb/m Knoxville
Lt Kathryn Louise Hoffman USN 724923-dnb/m Adamstown
T/5 Morris E. Hoffman USA 33138802-k Creagerstown
Pfc Robert Mehrling Holdcraft USA -k Frederick
Pfc Rueben Holler USA 33060813-k Knoxville
Sgt Clarence Clayton Hood USMC 0271538-k Frederick
Pfc Aubrey L. Horner USA 13023812-k Legore
Pvt Monroe Elwood Hossler USA 33899188-k Frederick
Pfc Richard Baker House USA 33720571-k Middletown
Pfc Paul E. Huffer, Jr USA 33556599-k Knoxville
1stSgt Paul Eugene Huffer USMC 256128 Brunswick
Sgt Richard Wallace Huntzberry USA 33551857-k Washington County
S1/c Paul R. Hyatt USCG Brunswick
Pvt George Dewey Jenkins Jr USA 33562346-k Brunswick
Pfc James Clarence Joines USA 13041194-k Monrovia
Pfc Jay Jones USA 20341067-k Middletown
F1/c Melvin LeRoy Jones USN 7587041- Washington County
AS Marlin Lee Keeney USNR -a New Midway
2nd Lt Gerald C. Keller USA 0774183-dnb/a Middletown
Pvt Charles D. Kemp USA 33558938-k Frederick
Pfc Charles Francis Kennedy USA 20340889-k Frederick
Pfc Francis Leo Kennedy Jr USA 33130942-k Frederick
Pvt Charles Earl Kerchner USA 6746812-k Walkersville
2nd Lt Ignatius Benson Keyser USA 01321933-k Frederick
Corp Charles D. Kidwiler USAAC 13136377-dnb/m Brunswick
Pvt Carroll M. Kline USA 33892190-k Wolfsville
S1/c John Franklin Knott USNR 09273116-k Thurmont
Sgt Roy C. Koontz USA 33061025-k Mount Pleasant
Major Robert A. Lane USA 0318930-k Frederick
Pfc Merhle Elmer Leatherman USA 33378232-dow/k Myersville
2nd Lt John Francis Leatherwood USA 01325905-k Mount Airy
Pfc James Thomas Lee USA 33732243- Frederick
Sgt Merhl Grayson Lee USA 33107507-dnb/m Adamstown
Pfc Robert Lee Lewis USA 33556906-k Myersville
Capt William F. Lines USA 0295145-dnb/ Frederick
Pfc Reginald Rudell Linton USA 33378017-k Frederick
Pfc John William Little USA 33179442-k Emmitsburg
S/Sgt Wilbur Roland Long USAAC 6947590-fod/k Emmitsburg
Sgt Marvin Dera Lowry USA 33385352-k Brunswick
T/5 Franklin Benjamin Makel USA 33724426-dnb/m Frederick County
1st Lt Reynolds Marrow USA 01288258-dnb/ Frederick County
Pfc Harry Clayton Martin USA 33391134- Carrollton
Capt Marvin Leon McAdams Jr USA 0430599-dnb/ Frederick County
Brig. General Allan Clay McBride USA 0002461-dnb/k Frederick County
Lt Robert Charles McClanahan USA 0 -m Frederick
ARM3/c John William McDevitt USNR 6023750-a Buckingham School
Capt John Franklin Meehan USAAC -dnb/a Woodsboro
Pvt Paul Megna USA 35744773-dnb/a Frederick County
SC1/c Rayhugh George Michael USN 2582248-k Frederick
Pfc Earl Franklin Miller USA 33908287-k Frederick
Pvt Richard O. Miller USA 33846319-fod/k Frederick County
Pvt Roy Calvin Miller USA 33719466-dow/k Frederick
Pvt Thomas E. Miller USA 33908080-dow/k Frederick
AMM1c Charles Thomas Mills USN 2564662-k Brunswick
S/Sgt William C. Moberly USAAC 13000564-dnb/a Frederick
S2/c Howard Victor Mobley Jr USN 8269815-k Bethesda
T/5 Ira Leslie Moore USA 33002893-k Frederick
Pvt Robert L. Morris USA 13024570-k Walkersville
Pvt Warren R. Morrison -k
Sgt Roland E. Moss USA 33556615-k Knoxville
Pfc Joshua Eli Murphy Jr USA 33562372-k Frederick
Sgt William C. Myers USAAC 33733666-k Frederick
Fleet Bond Neighbours -m Frederick
Capt Robert Percy Neisser USA 0507083-dnb/k Frederick
Pfc Owen Albert Nichols USA 33733691-dnb/a Frederick
S/Sgt Harry A. Nogle USA 20340901-k Frederick
Pvt James Austin Null USA 33898835-k Frederick
Pfc Harry M. Nuse USA 33562330-k Knoxville
Pvt Clarence E. Nusz USA 33130975-k Yellow Springs
SSgt Robert Loran Pellicot USAAC 33559052-k Frederick
Cpl William Clinton Petty USMC -k Frederick
1st Lt John Kenneth Phelps USAAC 0798574-fod/k Frederick
Pfc Alton J. Plaine USA 33006868-k Legore
Pfc John G. Poland USA 33905738-dow/k Frederick
Melvin W. Poole
SSgt Paul L. Poole USA 33009737-k Frederick Junction
T/5 Roger William Poole USA 33067976- Mount Airy
Pfc Warner M. Poole USA 33379222-k Frederick Junction
2nd Lt Kenneth Lester Ports USA 0516136-k Walkersville
Pfc Herbert F. Price Jr USA 33900997-dow/k Frederick
Cpl Gordon Lee Pryor USA 33066634-k Thurmont
Pvt Raymond Leroy Pryor USA 33901124-dnb/m Frederick County
Cpl Claude T. Ramsburg USA 20340174-k Thurmont
Pfc Austin C. Reed USA 33561325-k Thurmont
Sgt Donald E. Reeder USAAC 33729001-k Frederick
Pvt Charles A. Rhodes Jr USA 6998473-k Franklinville
Pfc George E. Rice USA 33734776-k Lewistown
Sgt Dorsey L. Riddlemoser Jr USAAC 13137762-k Frederick
Sgt Clarence Eugene Roberts USA 6994036-k Ijamsville
Pfc Harry William Rohrback , Jr USA 20340177-a Brunswick
Pvt Chester Eugene Rollins USA 33816539-dnb/a Frederick County
Pvt Charles Oscar Routzahn Jr USA 20340178 Frederick County
Sgt Hasson S. Sauble USA 20340842-k Thurmont
Capt Waldo E. Schmitt USA 025125-k Frederick County
Ensign James William Schwartz USN 96192-dnb/a Frederick
2nd Lt Daniel J. Scott USA 0-1018823- Camp Detrick
S/Sgt Edmond Koontz Seiler USAAC - Jefferson
Pfc Earlston Franklin Shafer USA 33730816-k Rocky Springs
Pfc William Franklin Shankle USA 33130954-k Frederick
2nd Lt Charles L. Sharrer Jr USA 01175573-k Emmitsburg
Pfc Joseph Miller Shaw USA 33728622-k Frederick
Sgt Jacob Worthington Shinnick USAAC 33725224-fod/k Frederick Count
y Cpl Charles E. Shook USAAC 33559018-k Frederick County
Pfc Annon C. Shriner USA 20340844-k Thurmont
Pfc Ronald F. Sier USA 20340919-dow/k Ijamsville
Sgt Richard Fessler Simmons II USA 13138603-dow/k Frederick
Pfc Alvey H. Smith USA 33130967-fod/k Lantz
Pfc William Bernard Smith USA 33001610-k Libertytown
Pvt Woodrow Wilson Smith USA 6848673-k Middletown
F1/c Ray Jacob Stambaugh USN 2582602-k Buckingham School
Pfc Arnold E. Stamper USA 33218670-k Frederick County
Pvt George A. Strathern USA 33906546-k Brunswick
Pfc Orville Franklin Streight USA 33387389-dnb/k Brunswick
S2/c Charles Manuel Stull USN 7590301-m Thurmont
Pfc Lester Earl Stull USA 33730071-k Yellow Springs
Pfc Raymond W. Sweeney USA 33724175-dow/k Frederick
F2/c Marion Clay Talley Jr USN 9276026-a Frederick
Corp Balfour E. Thomas -k Buckeystown
Lt Fred P. Timmerman Jr USA 02006262-k Emmitsburg
Pvt Gerald W. Tritapoe USA 33561957-k Weaverton
Pfc Francis Edward Valentine USA 33882192-dow/k Rocky Ridge
T/5 Dominick D. Varano USA 33554282-dnb/k Frederick County
Pvt Norman Monroe Wachter USA 33721146-k Frederick
Pfc Albert R. Walch USA 33003402-fod/k Frederick County
Pfc Robert S. Walters USA 6998444-dow/k Frederick
Pvt Leo H. Ward USA 33902501-k Middletown
Pfc Charles R. Waters USA 33139770-k Knoxville
Pfc Albert P. Watkins USA 33561170-dnb/ Frederick County
F/O Dallas Day Watkins USAAC T000248-k Monrovia
SSgt Ernest Floyd Wiles USAAC 33562239-a Adamstown
Pfc James Edward Wiles USA 33732182-k Frederick
SSgt Gilmour M. Will Jr USA 33098880-k Brunswick
Pfc LeRoy T. Wilson USA 33007135-k Millington, Kent Co
Pfc Norman L. Windsor USA 33065974-dnb/k Urbana
Pfc Lester Winebrenner - Emmitsburg
Pvt Harry E. Wolfe USA 33734783-m Mount Airy
Lt Charles Thomas Wright USMC -dnb/a Doubs
Lt Harry Fahrney Young USN 304228-dnb/a Frederick
Carroll Saxton Younkins -m Burkittsville
Cpl Donald E. Younkins USA 33556628-dnb/a Frederick County
Pvt Preston S. Younkins USA 33902602-k Bolivar

Pvt Ernest L. Perkins USA 33905718 Frederick
Pfc Charles L. Peyton, Jr USA 33008454 Frederick
William D. Smith
Harry R. Wolfe


Name; Cemetery; Date of Birth, Death

S/Sgt Frank W. Albaugh; Lorraine/Blue Ridge* C-21-68 ; 1924 ;09-12-1944
Capt Garfield H. Ambrose; Hillcrest, Cumberland; ; 1916; 01-22-1945
PO1/C Benjamin Winfred Anderson ; Honolulu ; ; 02-14-1944
TSgt Charles W. Andrews; North Africa ; ; 01-20-1944
Pvt Sherman Eugene Axline; Netherlands F-2-15 ;07-20-1925;;09-20-1944
2nd Lt John S. Baer; Florence 0-9-21 ; 1921; ;09-24-1944
Pfc Franklin Eugene Baker; Mount Olivet WWII-4 ;12-22-1910; 08-09-1945
S1/C Gerald Leo Baker; Frederick Mem Park ;01-31-1907; 04-09-1946
Pfc Melvin Leroy Baker; Henri-Chappelle ;08- -1918; 12-06-1944
Capt Olin Woodrow Bales; Thurmont UB ;05-08-1918; 08-02-1944
Pvt William Francis Beacht ; Netherlands F-18-10 ;04-05-1921; 04-03-1945
Major William Robert Beall ; Sicily-Rome F-9-30 ; ; 09-24-1945
FO Orman Garland Bell ; ; ; 08-15-1944
T/Sgt Harold Talmadge Bennett ; ; ; >Apr 1944
Pvt Leon Charles Biser ; Epinol A-22-25 ; ; 03-08-1945
T/5 Raymond J. Bowens ; Point of Rocks ;12-04-1915; 02-04-1944
Pfc Charles Somerfield Bowers ; Park Heights ; 1922; 01-11-1942
Sgt James Austin Bowers ; Mount Olivet EE-123-1 ;04-15-1919; 05-28-1945
S2c James Blasius Bowers ; Mountainview ; ;02-03-1929; 07-21-1946
T/4 Harry R. Brown ; Brittany ; ; ; 08-10-1944
2nd Lt James Wallis Brown ; Mount Olivet AA-8-10; ;03-30-1920; 06-23-1944
Pvt John J. Brown ; St.Paul's - Della ; ;04-07-1921; 01-23-1945
Lt Jessie Ellsworth Burall ; Bush Creek ; ; 1919; 06-20-1942
T/5 G. LeRoy Burdette ; Montgomery Chapel ; ;07-20-1922; 12-25-1944
Cpl Robert J. Burdette;; Cpl Michael Earl Busch ; Pine Grove ; ; 1914; 03-07-1945
S/Sgt Floyd W. Butts ; ; 1917; 07-03-1944
Pfc Calvin Clayton Cannon ; Mount Olivet WWII-23 ;04-17-1917; 06-06-1944
Pvt Charles Woodrow Cannon ; Brook Hill ; 1917; 08-28-1940
1st Lt Benjmain Ellsworth Cantwell ; Lorraine E-24-38 ; 1919; 11-15-1944
Pvt Wilson T. Carmack Jr ; Mount Olivet WWII-34; 10-07-1924; 12-02-1944
2nd Lt Miller Brindle Cassell Jr ; Mount Olivet BB-19B-8; 09-27-1918; 04-22-1945
Capt Carl Albert Cline Jr ; Montgomery Chapel ; 08-08-1918; 09-20-1944
Lt Joseph H. Comer, Jr ; ; Age 24 ; 06-11-1943
Ensign Edwin Claude Creeger Jr ; Cambridge* C-6-26 ; Age 23 ; 10-23-1943
2nd Lt Larry Henkle Crickenberger Jr; Netherlands* ; 1923; 10-07-1944
Major George Bruce Crist, MD ; Mount Olivet A-20-7 ; 09-29-1891; 04-08-1944
Pvt Irvin William Culler ; Netherlands O-20-10; 08-22-1925; 09-24-1944
2nd Lt John David Culler ; Netherlands A-10-62; ; 06-11-1943
Pfc Paul C. Cummings ; Epinol ; ; 10-10-1944
Pvt Russell Yinger Dansberger ; Mount Olivet WWII-22 ;05-26-1916; 05-09-1942
Pvt Clark Lee Davis ; ; 1922; 03-21-1942
Pfc John W. Davis ; Normandy H-20-24; 06-06-1923; 07-11-1944
Pvt Wilbur Amos Davis ; Manila A-15-18; ; 05-21-1944
Sgt Paul Keller Dean ; Middletown Reformed ; 10-31-1916; 07-04-1944
Cpl Johnny T. DeGrange ; Epinol B-24-11; ; 11-14-1944
Lt William Theodore Delaplaine III ; Frederick Mem Park ; 05-02-1919; 04-27-1943
Sgt Paul E. Dodd ; Bush Creek ; 1916; 05-18-1943
S/Sgt Wesley Dewey Dolan ; Mount Olivet WWII-19; 12-12-1922; 12-18-1943
2nd Lt Nathan G. Dorsey Jr ; Mount Olivet WWII-8; 04-23-1919; 05-19-1945
Tommy Duble {See Charles D. Kidwiler}
Pfc Donald A. Duncan ; ;Blue Ridge ; 04-05-1924; 10-02-1944
2nd Lt William Guy Duvall ;; ; ; 09-20-1944
Pfc Paul William Esworthy ;Mount Olivet WWII-35; 08-22-1924; 07-25-1944
Pfc Vernon L. Etzler ;Netherlands O-6-7 ; 1923; 04-08-1945
S/Sgt Glenn W. Eyler ;Mount Hope ; 02-11-1916; 02-23-1945
T/4 John Francis Eyler ;Mountainview ; 03-21-1911; 07-27-1944
Sgt Llewelyn Charles Eyler ;Bethel, Cascade ; 07-12-1915; 04-17-1945
Lt Kenneth Foster Fagan ;Mount Olivet AA-70-8; 11-14-1922; 02-24-1945
Sgt John Charles Felix ; St. Joseph's (old) ; 1922; 07-12-1944
Pvt George Franklin Ferrell ; Jefferson Union ; 09-21-1920; 05-10-1942
Capt Daniel W. Fetteroff;
Capt Earl Wayne Fitzwater ; Manila N-18-188; ; 09-16-1944
Pfc Richard Lee Fleming Jr ; Mount Olivet WWII-15; 10-02-1925; 06-06-1945
Pfc Thomas Lee Fleming ; Mount Olivet WWII-16; 09-05-1922; 02-09-1945
T/5 Milton Lewis Fletcher ; Netherlands C-1-32 ; ; 04-09-1946
S2/c John Theodore Flook ; Honolulu ; ; 02-18-1946
S/Sgt Max K. Flook ; Sicily-Rome ; ; 07-24-1943
Pfc Dale McDannell Ford ; Normandy I-22-13 ; 08-09-1921; 06-13-1944
Cpl George William Ford ; Mount Olivet WWII-27; 01-08-1918; 03-29-1945
Pfc Harry F. Fraley ; Blue Ridge ; 10-16-1919; 02-14-1945
Pvt Edward L. Fulmer, Jr ; Middletown Reform ; 12-20-1923; 06-24-1944
Lt Henry Lloyd Gall ; Blue Ridge ; 1881 ; 07-16-1946
SSgt John Robert Gall ; Blue Ridge ; 1923 ; 03-17-1945
Pfc Frank Allen Gardner Jr ; Sicily-Rome ;01-22-1924; 04-18-1945
F/O Irvin Benton Gaver ; Mount Olivet WWII-14; 09-12-1921; 07-26-1944
Pfc Kellsie A. Gaver ; Honolulu C-702 ; 1911; 06-16-1943
Pvt Richard Calvin Geisbert;
Sgt Habard Theddus Gladhill; North Africa ; ; 01-31-1943
T/Sgt Carl P. Gochnauer ; Epinol B-21-15; ; 05-23-1944
S/Sgt George Mck. Gosnell ; Mount Olivet U-52-2 ; 11-04-1923; 12-12-1944
2nd Lt Charles Verlin Gouker ; Pvt Donald Vincent Griffith ; Normandy G-9-29 ; ; 07-27-1944
Pvt William J. Grimes ; Florence ; 1923; 09-13-1944
Pvt Harry M Hahn Jr ; Brittany I-8-20 ; ; 06-25-1944
S/Sgt William Howard Hanvey ; Park Heights ; 09-12-1918; 12-11-1945
Pfc Earl Mason Harwood ; Mount Olivet WWII-31; 06-27-1924; 05-11-1945
2nd Lt Roland Thaddeus Hauver ; Myersville Lutheran ; 03-24-1918; 03-25-1945
Pfc Joseph Earl Hemler ; St. Anthony (old) ; 10-25-1922; 02-13-1945
2nd Lt Lloyd Herring Herbert ; Netherlands*(Zion Lutheran) ; 12-16-1918; 05-19-1944
Pfc Arthur Jacob Hessong ; Mount Olivet WWII-9; 03-13-1920; 08-15-1944
T/5 Harry R. Hessong Jr ; Blue Ridge ; 1924; 04-26-1945
Pfc Robert Lee Hessong ; Mount Olivet WWII-10; 04-19-1922; 06-12-1944
Cpl Garland Zecker Hightman ; Mount Olivet WWII-36 ;03-17-1912; 01-10-1945
Sgt Major Leslie Augustus Himes ; Honolulu ; 1902; 09-25-1944
Lt Kathryn Louise Hoffman ; Mount Olivet LL-143-12; 05-26-1919; 01-18-1943
T/5 Morris E. Hoffman ; St. John- Creagerstwn ;01-19-1920; 11-28-1944
Pfc Robert Mehrling Holdcraft ; Mount Olivet LL-48-6 ;06-06-1925; 03-22-1945
Pfc Rueben Holler
Sgt Clarence Clayton Hood ; Honolulu ; ; 02-19-1945
Pfc Aubrey L. Horner ; Honolulu ; ; 1920; 04-02-1945
Pvt Monroe Elwood Hossler ; Mount Olivet WWII-7; 10-07-1913; 12-05-1944
Pfc Richard Baker House ; Zion Lutheran ; 01-28-1925; 03-24-1945
Pfc Paul E. Huffer ; Netherlands ; 03-25-1943
1st Sgt Paul Eugene Huffer{?}
Sgt Richard Wallace Huntzberry ; Williamsport Cemetery ; Age 20 ; 09-22-1944
S1/c Paul R. Hyatt
Pvt George Dewey Jenkins Jr ; Antietam National Cemetery ; Age 20-10-17; 11-03-1944
Pfc James Clarence Joines ; Normandy B-10-45; ; 06-19-1944
Pfc Jay Jones ; Zion Lutheran ; 03-11-1919; 07-31-1944
F1/c Melvin LeRoy Jones
AS Marlin Lee Keeney ; Rocky Hill ; 04-19-1926; 07-19-1944
2nd Lt Gerald C. Keller ; Middletown Reform ; 07-28-1923; 08-03-1944
Pvt Charles D. Kemp ; Mount Olivet MM-119-5; 04-28-1922; 07-30-1944
Pfc Charles Francis Kennedy ; Mount Olivet WWII-11; 12-03-1919; 08-10-1944
Pfc Francis Leo Kennedy Jr ; Mount Olivet WWII-12; 01-12-1918; 03-31-1943
Pvt Charles Earl Kerchner ; Mount Hope ; 11-01-1907; 06-21-1944
2nd Lt Ignatius Benson Keyser ; Mount Olivet WWII-13; 10-27-1920; 12-25-1944
Corp Charles D. Kidwiler ; Knoxville Reformed ; 04-29-1922; 06-29-1944
Pvt Carroll M. Kline ; Henri-Chappelle ; 1913; 04-06-1945
Sgt Roy C. Koontz ; Normandy ; ; 06-29-1944
Major Robert A. Lane ; Normandy 08-23-1944
Pfc Merhle Elmer Leatherman ; Mount Olivet WWII-5; 01-24-1921; 06-10-1945
2nd Lt John Francis Leatherwood ; Pine Grove ; 1920; 01-30-1945
Pfc James Thomas Lee ; Hope Hill ; 06-18-1924; 02-02-1946
Sgt Merhl Grayson Lee ; Hope Hill Cemetery ; 05-02-1919 10-04-1944
Pfc Robert Lee Lewis ; Mount Bethel ; 01-23-1924; 01-31-1944
Capt William F. Lines ; Honolulu ; ; 05-21-1944
Pfc Reginald Rudell Linton ; Mount Olivet MM-89-5; 04-24-1921; 06-16-1945
Pfc John William Little ; Ardennes ; ; 01-08-1945
S/Sgt Wilbur Roland Long ; Honolulu ; 1919; 09-14-1942
Sgt Marvin Dera Lowry ; Knoxville Reformed ; 12-02-1916; 02-20-1945
T/5 Franklin Benjamin Makel ; Fairview ; 02-04-1908; 08-08-1945
1st Lt Reynolds Marrow
Pfc Harry Clayton Martin;
Capt Marvin Leon McAdams Jr;
Brig. General Allan Clay McBride ; Mount Olivet WWII-30; 06-30-1885; 05-09-1944
Lt Robert Charles McClanahan ; Arlington National Cemetery ; 1916; 05-06-1943
ARM3/c John William McDevitt ; Mount Olivet 00-130-6; 1923; 06-14-1943
Capt John Franklin Meehan
Pvt Paul Megna;
SC1/c Rayhugh George Michael ; Manila ; 02-23-1914; 03-23-1943
Pfc Earl Franklin Miller ; Luxembourg* ; 1916; 03-16-1945
Pvt Richard O. Miller ; Ardennes/*Blue Ridge; ; 12-05-1944
Pvt Roy Calvin Miller ; Netherlands* ; 12-12-1924; 12-28-1944
Pvt Thomas E. Miller ; Mount Olivet WWII-32; 05-08-1926; 04-10-1945
AMM1c Charles T. Mills ; Honolulu ; 1925; 02-22-1945
SSgt William C. Moberly ; Mount Olivet Q-146-9A; 1917; 05-26-1945
S2/c Howard Victor Mobley Jr ; ;06-18-1927; 04- -1945
T/5 Ira Leslie Moore ; Mount Olivet Q-246-1; 01-22-1918; 07-14-1944
Pvt Robert L. Morris ; Manila ; 1922; 12-15-1944
Pvt Warren R. Morrison ; ; ; 11-08-1944
Sgt Roland E. Moss ; Knoxville Reformed ; 01-01-1923; 12-17-1944
Pfc Joshua Eli Murphy Jr ; Mount Olivet BB-60A-11; 11-13-1924; 06-04-1945
Sgt William C. Myers ; Cambridge ; ; 07-13-1944
Fleet Bond Neighbours ; Archangel, Russia* ; 09-10-1899; 08-16-1942
Capt Robert Percy Neisser ; Mount Olivet WWII-33; 04-24-1911; 08-18-1945
Pfc Owen Albert Nichols ; Mount Olivet AA-85-5; 08-20-1922; 07-24-1945
S/Sgt Harry A. Nogle ; Mount Olivet D-58-4 ; 01-26-1915; 07-11-1944
Pvt James Austin Null ; Mount Olivet WWII-25; 05-02-1922; 07-11-1944
Pfc Harry M. Nuse ; Knoxville Reformed ; 10-04-1923; 07-31-1944
Pvt Clarence E. Nusz ; Mount Olivet AA-112-5; 1918; 03-31-1943
S/Sgt Robert Loran Pellicot ; ;10-17-1923; 06-26-1945
Cpl William Clinton Petty;
1st Lt John Kenneth Phelps ; Cambridge ; ; 11-26-1943
Pfc Alton J. Plaine ; Netherlands ; 1914; 03-24-1945
Pfc John G. Poland ; ; 1913; 04-06-1945
Melvin W. Poole;
S/Sgt Paul L. Poole ; Netherlands ; 1917; 12-20-1944
T/5 Roger William Poole ; North Africa ; ; 04-11-1943
Pfc Warner M. Poole ; Manila ; 1924; 06-07-1945
2nd Lt Kenneth Lester Ports ; Mount Hope ; 03-11-1922; 09-18-1944
Pfc Herbert F. Price Jr ; Mount Olivet WWII-28; 09-28-1825; 04-09-1945
Cpl Gordon Lee Pryor ; Blue Ridge ; 12-19-1917; 07-11-1944
Pvt Raymond Leroy Pryor ; Blue Ridge ; 1920; 1944
Cpl Claude T. Ramsburg ; Utica ; 07-07-1923; 08-09-1944
Pfc Austin C. Reed ; Blue Ridge ; 08-24-1924; 06-18-1944
Sgt Donald E. Reeder ; Mount Olivet LL-64-6; 02-14-1924; 12-11-1944
Pvt Charles A. Rhodes Jr ; Our Lady, Thurmont ; 08-31-1917; 11-21-1944
Pfc George E. Rice ; Brittany ; ; 09-14-1944
Sgt Dorsey L. Riddlemoser Jr ; St. Louis, MO* ; 1926; 05-07-1945
Sgt Clarence Eugene Roberts ; ; 1920; 05- -1945
Pfc Harry William Rohrback Jr ; Locust Valley, Burkittsville ; 01-01-1921; 01-11-1942
Pvt Chester Eugene Rollins ; Sunnyside ; 11-04-1925; 05-17-1944
Pvt Charles Oscar Routzahn Jr;
Sgt Hasson S. Sauble ; Mount Tabor ; 10-05-1916; 07-11-1944
Capt Waldo E Schmitt ; ; ; 10-04-1944
Ensign James William Schwartz ; Mount Olivet P-177-2; 09-10-1918; 10-02-1943
2nd Lt Donald J. Scott ; Netherlands D-14-21; ;03-31-1945
S/Sgt Edmond Koontz Seiler ; ; 03-28-1918; 08-08-1944
Pfc Earlston Franklin Shafer ; Mount Olivet S-51-9 ; 01-05-1916; 08-21-1944
Pfc William Franklin Shankle ; Mount Olivet BB-42A-9; 05-23-1920; 04-29-1943
2nd Lt Charles L. Sharrer Jr ; Sicily-Rome ; 1922; 02-12-1944
Pfc Joseph Miller Shaw ; Mount Olivet AA-101-5; 08-28-1921; 08-07-1944
Sgt Jacob Worthington Shinnick ; Mount Olivet U-74 ; 02-19-1924; 09-13-1944
Cpl Charles E. Shook ; Honolulu ; 03-23-1923; 01-14-1945
Pfc Annon C. Shriner ; Blue Ridge ; 11-13-1905; 06-06-1944
Pfc Ronald F. Sier ; Bush Creek ; 10-23-1920; 06-18-1944
Sgt Richard Fessler Simmons II ; ; ; 04-08-1945
Pfc Alvey H. Smith ; ; ; <04-1943
Pfc William Bernard Smith ; Mount Olivet WWII-24; 09-07-1918; 05-28-1944
Pvt Woodrow William Smith ; Lorraine ; 1918; 09-14-1944
F1/c Ray Jacob Stambaugh ; Mount Olivet WWII-21; 03-17-1921; 08-04-1942
Pfc Arnold E. Stamper ; Netherlands ; ; 11-09-1944
Pvt George A. Strathern ; Netherlands ; ; 01-13-1945
Pfc Orville Franklin Streight;
S2/c Charles Manuel Stull ; Blue Ridge ; 12-16-1926; 04-11-1945
Pfc Lester Earl Stull ; Mount Olivet WWII-29; 04-30-1920; 07-18-1944
Pfc Raymond W. Sweeney ; Mount Olivet EE-20 ; 02-11-1925; 09-13-1944
F2/c Marion Clay Talley Jr ; Mount Olivet AA-96-11; 02-24-1925; 02-02-1945
Corp Balfour E. Thomas ; ; 1922; 03-30-1943
Lt Fred P. Timmerman Jr ; St. Joseph's ; ; 02-26-1945
Pvt Gerald W. Tritapoe ; Rest Haven, Hagerstown ; ; 01-27-1944
Pfc Francis Edward Valentine ; Epinol ; ; 02-24-1945
T/5 Dominick D. Varano ; ; ; 03-10-1945
Pvt Norman Monroe Wachter ; Mount Olivet WWII-6; 01-24-1919; 05-03-1944
Pfc Albert R. Walch ; North Africa ; Age 38 ; 11-08-1942
Pfc Robert S. Walters ; Normandy ; ; 06-08-1944
Pvt Leo H. Ward ; Lorraine ; 1916; 09-20-1944
Pfc Charles R. Waters ; ; ; 06- -1944
Pfc Albert P. Watkins;
F/O Dallas Day Watkins ; North Africa ; 09-10-1919; 04-20-1944
S/Sgt Ernest Floyd Wiles ; Zion Lutheran ; 10-11-1922; 02-08-1945
Pfc James Edward Wiles ; Mount Olivet DD-115-5; 05-25-1925; 07-02-1944
S/Sgt Gilmour M. Will Jr;
Pfc LeRoy T. Wilson;
Pfc Norman L. Windsor ; Mount Olivet DD-148-1; 01-20-1919; 03-25-1944
Pfc Lester Winebrenner ; Catholic, Emmitsburg ; 10-29-1905; 03-23-1945
Pvt Harry E. Wolfe ; Florence ; ; 08-25-1944
Lt Charles Thomas Wright ; Mount Olivet* ; 08-28-1920; 10-23-1943
Lt Harry Fahrney Young ; Mount Olivet P-124-7; 12-18-1899; 02-23-1945
Carroll Saxton Younkins ; Locust Valley ; 03-14-1907; 02-20-1945
Cpl Donald E. Younkins ; Locust Valley ; 04-29-1918; 05-31-1943
Pvt Preston S. Younkins ; Epinol ; 1924; 11-19-1944

*Local Memorial Marker

BROTHERS : { Flook, John & Max}; { Miller, Earl & Roy} ; {Pryor, Gordon & Raymond}
{ Hessong, Arthur & Robert} ; { Poole, Paul & Warner}; {Younkins, Carroll & Donald}


Name; Unit; Place; Awards

S/Sgt Frank W. Albaugh ; 137th Inf, 35th Div ; k- France ; PH/OLC
Capt Garfield H. Ambrose ; ; a-Saint Louis, MO ;
PO1/C Benjamin Winfred Anderson ; USN-Aviaiton/Bombardier ; k-Lost @ Sea ; PH
T/Sgt Charles W. Andrews ; 831st Bomb Sq, 485 Bomb Grp; k-Mediterranean; PH
Pvt Sherman Eugene Axline ; Paratrooper ; k-Holland;
2nd Lt John Sheldon Baer ; 350th Inf, 88th Division ; k-Italy ; SS-PH
Pfc Franklin Eugene Baker ; USAFE, Visitors Bureau{87 Div}; m-Paris, France;
S1/C Gerald Leo Baker ; USN ; ;m-Naval Hospital, Sampson, NY;
Pfc Melvin Leroy Baker ; 393 Inf, 99th Div ; k-Belgium ; PH
Capt Olin Woodrow Bales ; 20th Bomber Command {B-29's}; k-Sylbet, India;
Pvt William Francis Beacht ; Co E, 2nd Batt, 175 Inf, 29th Div; k-Germany;
Major William Robert Beall ; 504 Parachute Inf, 82nd A/B Div; ; BSM-PH
FO Orman Garland Bell ; Glider Unit ;k-Southern France;
T/Sgt Harold Talmadge Bennett;
Pvt Leon Charles Biser ; 254 Inf, 63rd Div ;k-France ; PH
T/5 Raymond J. Bowens ; Transporation Corp ; m-Brisbane, Australia;
Pfc Charles Somerfield Bowers HQ Co, 115 Inf, 29th Div ; a-Ellicot City, MD;
Sgt James Austin Bowers ; 1st Bomb Sq, 9th Bomb Grp ; k-Yokohama, Japan;
S2c James Blasius Bowers ; USN ; k-Pacific;
T/4 Harry R. Brown ; Co A, 1st Batt, 115th Inf, 29th Div; k-Purple Heart Hill ; PH
2nd Lt James Wallis Brown ; AAC, Napier Field, AL; a-Dothan, AL;
Pvt John J. Brown ; QM Corps;;
Lt Jessie Ellsworth Burall ; 55th Bomb Sqd, Hunter Field; a-Savannah, GA;
T/5 G. LeRoy Burdette ;
Cpl Robert J. Burdette;
Cpl Michael Earl Busch; 94th Div, III Army; k-Germany ;
S/Sgt Floyd W. Butts ; Glider Unit ; k-France;
Pfc Calvin Clayton Cannon ;26 Inf, 1st Div ; k-Cherboug, France;
Pvt Charles Woodrow Cannon ; 5th Engineers, 7th Div ; a-Ogdensburg, NY;
1st Lt Benjmain Ellsworth Cantwell ; 357th Bomb Sq, 301 Bomb Grp ;k- ;DFC-AM/2OLC-PH
Pvt Wilson T. Carmack Jr ; Co F, 324th Inf, 44th Div, VII ;k-France;
2nd Lt Miller Brindle Cassell Jr ; Service Co, 115th Inf, 29th Div ;k-Germany;
Capt Carl Albert Cline Jr ; 4th Div ;k-Germany ; SS-
Lt Joseph H. Comer, Jr ; ;a-Salinas AB, CA ;
Ensign Edwin Claude Creeger Jr ; USNR ;a-Air Crash;
2nd Lt Larry Henkle Crickenberger Jr; 614th Bomb Sq, 401st Bomb Grp; k-Politz, Germany ; AM/2OLC-PH
Major George Bruce Crist, MD ; Medical Corps ;m-Fredericksburg, VA;
Pvt Irvin William Culler ; 501st Parachute Inf, 101st Div ;k-Holland ; BSM-PH
2nd Lt John David Culler ; 527th Bomb Sq, 373rd Bomb Grp; k-Germany ; PH
Pfc Paul C. Cummings ; 314th Inf, 79th Div ;k-France ; BSM-PH/OLC
Pvt Russell Yinger Dansberger ; Signal Corps ;k-Bataan, Philippines ;PH
Pvt Clark Lee Davis ; Tank Division ;k-Germany;
Pfc John W. Davis ; Co A, 1st Batt, 115th Inf, 29th Div; k-Saint Lo, France ;PH
Pvt Wilbur Amos Davis ; 27th Engr Cmbt Batt, I Engr Rgt ; ;PH
Sgt Paul Keller Dean ; Co A, 1st Batt, 115th Inf, 29th Div; k-Boise de Bretel, France;
Cpl Johnny T. DeGrange ; 71st Inf, 44th Div ; ;k-France ; ;PH
Lt William Theodore Delaplaine III ; NAS Oakland ; a-Oakland, CA;
Sgt Paul E. Dodd ; Ordnance ; a-Fort Lewis, WA;
S/Sgt Wesley Dewey Dolan ; 442nd Bomb Sq, 320th Bomb Grp; k-France (16th Mission); AM
2nd Lt Nathan G. Dorsey Jr ; 165th Inf, 27 Division ; k-Okinawa;
Duble, Tommy {See Charles D. Kidwiler}
Pfc Donald A. Duncan ;362nd Inf, 91 Division; k-Italy;
Lt William Guy Duvall ; USMC-Sqd 931, Eagle Mt Lake Tx; a-Gulf of Mexico, TX;
Pfc Paul William Esworthy ; 357th Inf, 90th Division; k-England;
Pfc Vernon L. Etzler ; 355th Inf, 89 Division; k-Germany; BSM-PH
S/Sgt Glenn W. Eyler ; Co A, 1st Batt, 115th Inf, 29th Div; k-Rohr River Crossing;BSM-PH/OLC-CIB
T/4 John Francis Eyler ; Co F, 121st Cav Recon, 106th Cav; k-La Lucasserie, France;
Sgt Llewelyn Charles Eyler ; 414th Inf, 104 Div ; Germany ;
Lt Kenneth Foster Fagan ; AAC ; k-Europe ;
Sgt John Charles Felix ; 116th Inf, 29th Div ; k-France ;
Pvt George Franklin Ferrell ; AAC ; a-St Croix, USVI;
Capt Daniel W. Fetteroff ; ; m-Ceresville;
Capt Earl Wayne Fitzwater ; USMC ; PH
Pfc Richard Lee Fleming Jr ; 347th Inf, 87 Division; k-England;
Pfc Thomas Lee Fleming ; 357th Inf, 90 Division ; k-Belgium;
T/5 Milton Lewis Fletcher ; 900rd QM Company;;
S2/c John Theodore Flook ; USNR ; k-Inodina Landing; PH
S/Sgt Max K. Flook ; 443rd Bomb Sq, 320th Bomb Grp; k-Sicily; PH
Pfc Dale McDannell Ford ; Co A, 1st Batt, 115th Inf, 29th Div; k-Elle River Crossing ; PH
Cpl George William Ford ; 128th Inf, 32 Division; k-Luzon, Philippines ;
Pfc Harry F. Fraley ; 4th Special Battalion ; k-France;
Pvt Edward L. Fulmer ; Paratrooper ; k-Normandy ;
Lt Henry Lloyd Gall ; USN ; m-NMC- Bethesda;
S/Sgt John Robert Gall ; Co M, 345th Inf, 87th Div, III; k-Germany;
Pfc Frank Allen Gardner Jr ; 141st Inf, 36th Division; k-Italy ; BSM-PH
F/O Irvin Benton Gaver ; 395th Bomb Sq, 40th Bomb Grp; k-Mindapore, India;
Pfc Kellsie A. Gaver ; 94th QM Baking Company; k-Pacific ; PH
Pvt Richard Calvin Geisbert;
Sgt Habard Theddus Gladhill ; 16th Inf, 1st Division ; k-Africa; SS-BSM-PH/OLC
T/Sgt Carl P. Gochnauer ; 704th Bomb Sq, 446th Bomb Grp; k-France; AM/3OLC-PH
S/Sgt George Mck. Gosnell ; Co K, 346th Inf, 87th Division; k-France;
2nd Lt Charles Verlin Gouker
Pvt Donald Vincent Griffith ; 120th Inf, 30th Division ; k-France; PH
Pvt William J. Grimes ; 329th Inf, 85th Division ; k-Italy ; PH
Pvt Harry M Hahn Jr ; 18th Inf, 1st Division ; PH
S/Sgt William Howard Hanvey ; 494th Bomb Sq, ; k-Schleissheun, Germany;
Pfc Earl Mason Harwood ; 1st Marine, 1st Marine Div ; k-Okinawa ;
2nd Lt Roland Thaddeus Hauver ; AAC ; k-Germany;
Pfc Joseph Earl Hemler ; Co. L, 27th Inf, 25th Div ; k-Luzon;
2nd Lt Lloyd Herring Herbert ; 858th Bomb Sq, 492nd Bomb Grp; k-Hannover, Germany; AM-PH
Pfc Arthur Jacob Hessong ; 141st Inf, 36th Division ; k-Southern France;
T/5 Harry R. Hessong Jr ; k-Okinawa;
Pfc Robert Lee Hessong ; 26th Inf, 1st Division ; k-Normandy;
Cpl Garland Zecker Hightman ; Coast Artillery Corps ; a-Holland ;
Sgt Major Leslie Augustus Himes ; USMC ; m-New Guinea;
Lt Kathryn Louise Hoffman ; ANC; m-Military Hospital, Fort Ord, CA;
T/5 Morris E. Hoffman ; 2nd Batt, 328 Inf, 26th Division; k-Wuisse, France ;
Pfc Robert Mehrling Holdcraft ; Co. I, 376 Inf, 94 Division ; k-Oggersheim, Germany;
Pfc Rueben Holler;
Sgt Clarence Clayton Hood ; USMC ; ;
Pfc Aubrey L. Horner ; 242nd Engr Cmbt Bn, 132 Engr Rgt ;k-Pacific; PH
Pvt Monroe Elwood Hossler ; 397th Inf, 100th Division ; k-France;
Pfc Richard Baker House ; 17th A/B Div, Glider Unit ; k-Germany;
Pfc Paul E. Huffer ; 347th Inf, 87th Division ; ; PH
1st Sgt Paul Eugene Huffer ; USMC ; k-New Guinea;
Sgt Richard Wallace Huntzberry ; 34th Division ; k-Italy ; BSM-PH
S1/c Paul R. Hyatt;
Pvt George Dewey Jenkins Jr
; k-Reichicourt, France;
Pfc James Clarence Joines ; 175th Inf, 29th Division ; k-France ; SS-PH
Pfc Jay Jones ; Cannon Co, 115th Inf, 29th Div; k-Percy, France; BSM-PH
F1/c Melvin LeRoy Jones ; USN;;
AS Marlin Lee Keeney ; USNR, Unit V-12 ; a-Emmitsburg, MD ;
2nd Lt Gerald C. Keller ; 96th Training Detach - (C-47); a-Napier, NE ;
Pvt Charles D. Kemp ; Infantry ; k-Burma;
Pfc Charles Francis Kennedy ; Co A, 1st Batt, 115th Inf, 29th Div; k-France;
Pfc Francis Leo Kennedy Jr ; 16th Inf, 1st Division ; k-Tunisia, N. Africa;
Pvt Charles Earl Kerchner ; 8th Inf, 4th Division ; k-France;
2nd Lt Ignatius Benson Keyser ; 51st Armd Inf, 4th Armd Div; k-Belgium;
Cpl Charles D. Kidwiler ; AAC- 321 Signal Corps Wing; m-Andover, England ;
Pvt Carroll M. Kline ; 290th Inf, 75th Div ; k-Belgium; PH
S1/c John Franklin Knott ; USS Haynesworth ; k-Okinawa ; BSM-PH
Sgt Roy C. Koontz ; 32nd Regt, 3rd Armd Div ; ;
Major Robert A. Lane ; Combat Cmd, 2rd Armd Div ; ;
Pfc Merhle Elmer Leatherman ; 167th Inf, 31st Div ; k-Mindanao, Phiippines;
2nd Lt John Francis Leatherwood ; 82 A/B Div ; k-France;
Pfc James Thomas Lee ; Engineers ; Nurenberg;
Sgt Merhl Grayson Lee ; Engineers ; India;
Pfc Robert Lee Lewis ; Co. L, 15th Inf, 3rd Army ; k-Anzio Beach, Italy;
Capt William F. Lines ; HQ 773rd Amph Trat Bn, 68th Armd Rgt; ;
Pfc Reginald Rudell Linton ; 167th Inf, 31st Div ; k-Mindanao, Philippines;
Pfc John William Little ; Tank Co. III Army ; PH/OLC
S/Sgt Wilbur Roland Long ; 26th Bomb Sq, 11th Bomb Grp; k-Philippines ; PH
Sgt Marvin Dera Lowry ; 337th Inf, 85th Division ; k-Italy ; BSM-PH-GCM
T/5 Franklin Benjamin Makel ; Co F, 1323 Engineer Regt(c) ; m-Ashburn GH, McKinney, TX;
1st Lt Reynolds Marrow;
Pfc Harry Clayton Martin;
Capt Marvin Leon McAdams Jr;
Brig. General Allan Clay McBride ; Commander- Philippine Forces ;k-Shirakwa, Japan (POW); DSM-SS-SM
Lt Robert Charles McClanahan ; 402nd Field Arty Gp, 42nd Div; m-Camp Butner, NC;
ARM3/c John William McDevitt ; NAS Atlantic City ; a-Atlantic City, NJ;
Capt John Franklin Meehan;
Pvt Paul Megna;
SC1/c Rayhugh George Michael ; USS Grumpus (submarine) ; k-Pacific - Lost @ sea ; PH
Pfc Earl Franklin Miller ; Co H, 357th Inf, 90th Div ; k-Germany (POW) ; PH
Pvt Richard O. Miller ; 26th Inf, 1st Div ; ; PH
Pvt Roy Calvin Miller ; 573rd Sig Air Warn Co ; k-Holland ; PH
Pvt Thomas E. Miller ; Armd Tank Bttn ; k-Germany ; PH/OLC-CBI-DUC
AMM1c Charles Thomas Mills ; USN-ACC ; k-Pacific ; PH
S/Sgt William C. Moberly ; AAC-Bolling AFB ; a-Colesville, MD;
S2/c Howard Victor Mobley Jr ; USN-Destroyer ; k-Pacific; PH
T/5 Ira Leslie Moore ; Med Det, 23rd Inf, 2nd Div ; k-Saint Lo, France;
Pvt Robert L. Morris ; Btty L, 60th Cav Regt,30/50AAA; k-Corregidor ; PH
Pvt Warren R. Morrison;
Sgt Roland E. Moss ; 347th Inf, 87th Div, III; k-Sarre Union, France;
Pfc Joshua Eli Murphy Jr ; Co A, 167th Inf, 31st Div; k-Philippines ;
Sgt William C. Myers ; 787th Bomb Sq, 466th Bomb Grp; ; PH
Fleet Bond Neighbours ; Alcoa Steamship Co, NJ; m-Archangel, Russia;
Capt Robert Percy Neisser ; ASC, 310th Ferry Sqd; k-Switzerland ; BSM/3OLC
Pfc Owen Albert Nichols ; Engineers ; a-C.B.I. ;
Sgt Harry A. Nogle ; Co A, 1st Batt, 115th Inf,29th Div; k-Saint Lo, France;
Pvt James Austin Null ; 119th Inf, 30th Division ;k-Saint Lo, France;
Pfc Harry M. Nuse ; Co. L, 2nd Batt,116th Inf,29th Div; k-France;
Pvt Clarence E. Nusz ; Co K, 1st Div ;k-Tunisia, N. Africa;
S/Sgt Robert Loran Pellicot ; AAC (B-29 Gunner) ; k-Saipan ;DFC-AM/OLC-GCM
Cpl William Clinton Petty;
1st Lt John Kenneth Phelps; 339th Bomb Sq, 96th Bomb Grp; k-Bremen, Germany ; AM-PH
Pfc Alton J. Plaine ; 736th Tank Batt, 8th Armd Div ;k-Germany ; PH
Pfc John G. Poland ; Infantry, IX ; k-Germany;
Melvin W. Poole;
; S/Sgt Paul L. Poole ; 115th Inf, 29th Div ; k-Kirchberg ; PH/2OLC
T/5 Roger William Poole ; 805th Tank Dst Bn, 165th Division; ; PH
Pfc Warner M. Poole ; 167th Inf, 31st Div ; k-Mindano, Philippines; PH
2nd Lt Kenneth Lester Ports ; Co I, 134th Inf, 35th Div ; k-Maxeville, France;
Pfc Herbert F. Price Jr ; 49th Armd Inf, 6th Armd Div; k-Germany (POW);
Cpl Gordon Lee Pryor ; Co. H, 105th Inf, 27th Div ; k-Saipan;
Pvt Raymond Leroy Pryor ; Co. F, 206 Inf, 64th Div ; m-Camp Blanding, Florida;
Cpl Claude T. Ramsburg ;Tank Co, 115th Inf, 29th Div;k-St. Germaine de Tallevende, Fra; BSM-PH
Pfc Austin C. Reed ; HQ Co,1st Batt,175th Inf,29th Div; k-Normandy;
Sgt Donald E. Reeder ; 8th AAF ; k-Strasburg, France;
Pvt Charles A. Rhodes Jr ; 104th Inf, 26th Div ; k-Abberstroff, France;
Pfc George E. Rice ; 9th Inf, 2nd Div ; k-France ; PH
Sgt Dorsey L. Riddlemoser Jr ; AAC ; k-Tinian, Mariana Islands;
Sgt Clarence Eugene Roberts ; Artillery, Inf ; k-Lupau, Luzon;
Pfc Harry William Rohrback , Jr ; HQ Co, 115th Inf, 29th Div; a-Ellicot City, MD;
Pvt Chester Eugene Rollins ; Field Artillery ; a-Fort Bragg, NC;
Pvt Charles Oscar Routzahn, Jr ; HQ Co, 115th Inf, 29th Div;;
Sgt Hasson S. Sauble ; Co A, 1st Batt, 115th Inf, 29th Div; k-France;
Capt Waldo E. Schmitt ; Co K, 3rd Batt, 115th Inf, 29th Div; k-Kreuzrath, Germany; SS
Ensign James William Schwartz ; NAS, Corpus Christi; a-Corpus Christi, TX;
2nd Lt Donald J. Scott ; 513th Parachute Inf, 17th A/B Div; ; PH
S/Sgt Edmond Koontz Seiler ; AAC ; k-Military Hospital, France;
Pfc Earlston Franklin Shafer ; Infantry ; k-Southern France;
Pfc William Franklin Shankle ; 1st Division? ; k-Tunisia, N. Africa ;
2nd Lt Charles L. Sharrer Jr ; 113th FA Bn, 36th Div; k-Italy ; SS-PH
Pfc Joseph Miller Shaw ; Co G, 2nd Batt,116th Inf,29th Div; k-France;
Sgt Jacob Worthington Shinnick ; 97th Bomb Grp, 15th AAF ; k-Blechammer, Germany;
Cpl Charles E. Shook ; 874th Bomb Sq, 498th Bomb Grp; k-Lost @ Sea (Japan) ; AM-PH
Pfc Annon C. Shriner ; Co A, 1st Batt,115th Inf, 29th Div; k-St Laurent sur Mer;
Pfc Ronald F. Sier ; Co A, 1st Batt,115th Inf, 29th Div; k-Bois de Bretel;
Sgt Richard Fessler Simmons II ; 63rd Inf Div, VII ; k-Nuerenberg ; SM-
Pfc Alvey H. Smith ; 16th Inf, 1st Div ; k-North Africa;
Pfc William Bernard Smith ; 34th Sig Co, 34th Div; k-Cassino, Italy;
Pvt Woodrow Wilson Smith ; 10th Inf, 5th Div ; k-France ; PH
F1/c Ray Jacob Stambaugh ; ; k-Battle of Midway, Pacific; PH-NDSM-WWII
Pfc Arnold E. Stamper ; 334th Inf, 84th Div ; ; PH
Pvt George A. Strathern ; 311th Inf, 78th Div ; ; PH
Pfc Orville Franklin Streight;
S2/c Charles Manuel Stull ; USN ; m-Key West Naval Hospital;, FL
Pfc Lester Earl Stull ; 134th Inf, 35th Division ; k-Saint Lo, France;
Pfc Raymond W. Sweeney ; Co F, 18th Inf ; k-Belgium ; PH
F2/c Marion Clay Talley Jr ; USNR ; a-Navy Mine Warfare School, Yorktown;
Corp Balfour E. Thomas ; Infantry ; k-North Africa;
2nd Lt Fred P. Timmerman Jr ; 70th Inf Div ; k-Lorraine, France ;
Pvt Gerald W. Tritapoe ; Co L, 135th Inf, 34th Div; k-Cassino, Italy; PH/3 Battle Stars
Pfc Francis Edward Valentine ; 276th Inf, 70th Div ; ; PH
T/5 Dominick D. Varano ; Combat Engineers, I ; k-Belgium;
Pvt Norman Monroe Wachter ; 135th Inf, 34th Div ; k-Anzio, Italy ;
Pfc Albert R. Walch ; 6th Inf, 1st Armd Div ; k-N. Africa ; BSM-PH
Pfc Robert S. Walters ; 8th Inf, 4th Div ; k-France; PH
Pvt Leo H. Ward ; 10th Inf, 5th Div ; k-France; PH
Pfc Charles R. Waters ; ; k-France;
Pfc Albert P. Watkins;
F/O Dallas Day Watkins ; 32nd Photo Sq, 5th Recon Grp ; k-Africa;
S/Sgt Ernest Floyd Wiles ; 483rd Bomb Sq, 505th Bomb Grp; k-Austria;
Pfc James Edward Wiles ; 314th Inf, 79th Division ; k-France/Itlay ;
S/Sgt Gilmour M. Will Jr ;
Pfc LeRoy T. Wilson;
Pfc Norman L. Windsor ; 947th Field Art Bn, 181st Div; k-New Guinea ;
Pfc Lester Winebrenner ; 6th Armd Div, III;;
Pvt Harry E. Wolfe ; 350th Inf, 86th Div;;
Lt Charles Thomas Wright ; VMF, 115th Marine Flt Grp ; a-Santa Barbara MCAS, CA ;
Lt Harry Fahrney Young ; USN-Aviation ; a-Cedar Springs, VA;
Carroll Saxton Younkins ; Physical Discharge - 1943 ; m-Frederick, MD;
Cpl Donald E. Younkins ; ; a-Ft McCain, MS;
Pvt Preston S. Younkins ; 71st Inf, 44th Div ; k-France ; PH

k = killed in action/lost @ sea, including died of wounds
m = medical
a = accident, including aircraft, transportaion & training

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