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    ECW4Life69's Hardcore Tapes

    The best in Hardcore Extreme Insane Videos!!


    You in the mood for some extreme action? Can you handle the hardcore madness of a barbed wire match? If you can, then go ahead and look around the site. I trade all the tapes you see, and these tapes will surprise, shock, and please you. So go ahead, get EXTREME!!!

    i will be slowly adding times to the tapes after that im planning on adding vq but i work and dont wanna take most of my time updating but were trying!....i just added my legit injurys comp (it rules)so im open ears to all trades but im mainly looking for stuff from my want list or the newest stuff out and of course anything rare

    All tapes traded and sold are property of their respected owners, I take no credit or ownership for any of the tapes below. Any and all tapes traded are only intended for home use on my behalf and any sold are solely charged for the necessary reproduction of the tape and not the actual footage.

    Cactus Jack
    Cactus Jack

    A bloody Cactus Jack sitting atop a lader at the IWA King of Deathmatches!!! You can get this tape in the Japan section.

    12/13 Brand New Tapes:

  • CZW 10/27/01 ....And Justice For All (Master)
  • Big Japan SMTV 8/29/01 (EX)
  • Big Japan SMTV 9/10/01 (EX)
  • Best of the Wifebeater(1st Gen)
  • ECW 5/10/96 Reading,PA (Master)
  • ECW A Matter of Respect 96(Master)
  • ECW November to Remember 97(Master)
  • Missy Hyatt & Tammy Sytch Shoot (1st Gen)

    I have tapes from ECW, Japan, and some Indy's federations,so I divided the tapes into different sections. Click the links to go to the video lists. Remember, check the list often for new tapes, as I get new ones in every once in a while. To trade for any tapes, E-Mail me with your order. Please E-Mail, not IM.)

    It Ain't Just A Slogan!!!

    Animated GIF Of When Chris Benoit Broke Sabu's Neck!

    My AIM Screen Name- OEcW4LiFe69O

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    LOUIE 4 LIFE 90210

    Wrestling Name: Louie Spicolli

    Real Name: Louis Mucciolo

    Birth Date: February 10, 1971 in LosAngeles, CA, USA

    Obituary Date: February 15, 1998 in SanDiego, CA, USA


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