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Welcome to the Dingo homepage. Many people have asked me, "what exactly are the dingoz?" Are we a fraternity? NO! Are we a secret society? NO! We are just some educated young men who bonded on the campus of Dickinson College. As you may know, Dickinson is a small college (1950 students), that is majority white. We, the dingoz are a group of men who don't exactly blend in well at Dickinson. In other words, we are men of color. The bond we share is very important because when push comes to shove, we have each others backs. We remain as a support system for one another, because it is not easy being a man of color at Dickinson, or in the outside world.

The original members of Alpha Phi Dingo were Nikki "Freak Nik" Edmund, Shawn "Crumbs" Ellis, Glenn "Big Dog" Romero, Kevin "Looney" Loney, Ian Sealy, Gary "Cookie" Graham, and Dwyne Shoemaker. The second wave included Perry "P Dog" Di Virgilio, Demetri "Meaty" Tyler, Mike "The Guy" Bright, and Lamar "Ill Mar" Hills-Smith. As the years grow on, we become stronger in numbers as five younger members have been included in the group: Ellis "Boomer" Proctor, John "Jo Jo" Omigie, John "J Money" Henry, Emmanuel "E-Man" Ayuk, amd Chavuan "C-Gutta" Johnson. The bond that we share can never be broken!!!

Meet The Dingoz:

Lamar Hills-Smith President of the Dingoz, Psychology Major, Class of 2000

Nikki Edmund CFO and founder of the Dingoz

Shawn Ellis CEO

Dingoz On the Move!

Mardi Gras Night

Other Pics

Everyone chillin at Perry's 21st birthday party.

Perry and Meaty looking all thugged out!

Graduation day for the first wave of Dingoz to enter Dickinson. (From left to right) Dwyne, Looney, Perry, Glenn, Boomer, and Meaty.

Meaty, Ill Mar, and Perry at Kings Dominion!

The newest wave of Dingoz, Chavaun, E-Man, and John.