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Weight Watchers Freedom Plan

"This plan is the previous great plan before 123 success. I was wondering why it needed revamping when in my honest opinion is the best plan I have ever been on. I have been on this plan 18 months and it is a way of life now. I eat by sight and in control. In control is the part I really like. I know I can go anywhere and in any situation and slip a little and get right back on it and will lose it in a couple weeks. I know I can eat junk food and a sweet treat to be like everyone else and I don't panic too badly and come back into the routine and know it isn't going to sabotage my goals. I feel I should never gain it back if I keep up the way I am going now. The plan emphasizes portion control and low fat eating. It is a balnced way of eating. I can eat all 5 food groups in moderation and eat a variety of foods and still lose weight. It is not a fast way to lose. It is slow and steady. I feel this way I can fool my body into not ever wanting it back.

There are three portion programs to choose from. Those who weight up to 175; then those who weigh 176 to 250; then for those who weigh 250 + I am using the plan in the middle 175 to 250. I have since cut out some portions to help me along. Here are my portions for the day.
FRUIT/VEGGIES 5 PORTIONS (3 fruits and 2 cups of green veggies or more)
I never count this food group
1 fudge bar treat
1/2C low fat, no sugar pudding topped with 2 T of cool whip
6 cups of water
Excercise 3x a week. 20-30 mins in cardio room and about 30 mins in the upper body room.

I made 18 cards. Each card represents 100 cals or 1 oz portion. I also made a card for my treats I allow myself. They add up to 200 free bonus calories. This all adds up to about 1800 cals. The cards help keep track." - Doris

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