Drinks Made With Mountain Dew®

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A Nude Slide Down the Mountain
2 Oz. Vodka
4 Oz. Mountain Dew®
Put into any kind of glass you can find and stir . . . Drink up!

Agent Orange #2
2 Oz. Mountain Dew®
1/2 Oz. Orange Juice
1 Oz. Triple Sec, Cointreau
Add the Cointreau to the juice, and mix well. Add Dew. Have another.

Arctic Mouthwash
5 oz Maui
5 oz Mountain Dew
Blend all ingredients in blender until ice is finely crushed, serve immediately.

1 Oz. Key Largo Schnapps
4 Oz. Mountain Dew®
Mix and enjoy

Captain Dew
12 Oz. Mountain Dew®
4 Oz. Rum, Spiced
Take 16 oz bottle of Mountain Dew® and pour out up to label or if in college drink up to label. Next replenish empty space in bottle about 4oz with captain morgan. Finally swirl or if chancey shake open and drink.

Dew Driver
1 part Vodka
2 parts Orange Juice
Mountain Dew to Taste
Add ingredients in any order and enjoy.

Emerald Isle
1 part Vodka
2 parts Mountain Dew
2 parts Midori Melon Liquer
Add some ice, stir.

Engine Coolant
1/2 Litre Blue Hawaiin Maui Schnapps
1/2 Litre Blue 100
1 Litre Mountain Dew®
Mix Blue maui and Blue 100 then gently pour into a half full 2-litre bottle of Mt. Dew. Cap the bottle, and gently mix. Drink up.

Flaming Farrow
1 Oz. Melon Liqueur
1/2 Oz. Bacardi Rum
1/2 Oz. Southern Comfort
Fill With Mountain Dew
1 Dash Rum, 151 Proof
Fill Collins glass with ice. Add ingredients. Light top. Blow out before drinking.

1/4 gallon Lime Sherbet
1 Cl. Mountain Dew
7 Oz. Tequila
Blend all ingredients on high speed in blender. Enjoy.

Green Monster
2 Oz. Vodka
6 Oz. Mountain Dew
Pour vodka in a collins glass, over ice if preferred. Add Mountain Dew and serve.

Hand grenade
1 Pineapple, Chunks
1 Part Vodka
1 Part Mountain Dew
Mix roughly equal parts(or, to taste) of each. Let sit in a fridge overnight. When you want to drink it, put one chunk of pineapple in a shot glass, then fill with mixture. To drink properly, take pineapple in your teeth from shot glass, eat, then chase with shot. It's called hand grenade for three reasons: 1) Hand grenades are often called pineapples. 2) You "pull the pin" with your teeth, as some people do with gernades. 3) You get blasted... :0)

Hulk Smash!
1 Oz. Vodka
1 Oz. Gin
1 Oz. Melon Liqueur
3 Oz. Mountain Dew
Combine ingredients in glass and stir. Enjoy.

2 Oz. Tequila
3/4 Oz. Grenadine
4 Oz. Mountain Dew
Made as a Tequila Sunrise... Stir Dew and Tequila with ice cubes, strain into highball glass, then add ice. Slowly pour in Grenadine and stir.

Instant Karma
6 Oz. Rum, Spiced
6 Oz. Mountain Dew
1 Dash Cola
Pour half a glass of Captain Morgan's Spiced Rum and half Mountain Dew. Add a dash of Coke for color. Serve on ice.

Morning Dew
1 1/2 Oz. Butterscotch Schnapps
2 1/2 Oz. Mountain Dew
Mix together and enjoy!

Mountain Jack
1 Oz. Jack Daniel's
Fill With Mountain Dew
Put one shot of jack daniels into a glass with ice and fill with mountain dew so you can get trashed by a few of a these tasty drinks.

Mountain Jack #2
5 Oz. Jack Daniel's
20 Oz. Mountain Dew
Mix Jack Daniels and Mountain Dew, with ice, in a large glass and serve.

Mt Moscow
6 Oz. Mountain Dew
1 1/2 Oz. Vodka
Place ingredients in a glass and drink fast.

Smurf Piss
2 Parts Kool-Aid, Berry Blue
2 Parts Mountain Dew
1 Part Grain Alcohol
Mix over ice, serve.

Southern Dew
1 part Southern Comfort
1 part Mountain Dew
Mix as much as you want in a really big glass and drink up!!!

Southern Dew / Mount Comfort
3 Oz. Southern Comfort
12 Oz. Mountain Dew
Place 1-3 Oz. of Southern Comfort in a tall glass. Add Mountain Dew. Add Ice (optional). Serve. In reality this recipe requires no measurements other than mixing it to your taste preference!

Star Burst
1 Shot Strawberry Schnapps
Fill With Mountain Dew
Pour one shot of strawberry schnapps in a tall glass. Fill the rest of the way with Mountain Dew. Stir well. Enjoy.

6 Oz. Vodka
4 Oz. Mountain Dew
2 Oz. Pink Lemonade
Mix and enjoy.

Strip and Go Naked
10 tbsp. Lemon-Aid Powder (approx.)
Mountain Dew, (citrus soda)
1/2 can Beer
8 Oz. Vodka
8 Oz. Grain Alcohol
6 Cups Water
In a 2 quart jug, put in enough lemon-aid powder for 2 quarts (dry). Put in water about half full. Then put in a half of can of mountain dew, save rest to flavor to taste when done. Then put in a half can of beer, drink rest now, you will not need the rest. Then put in 8 oz. of vodka and 8 oz. of grain alcohol. Shake well for the powder starts to form chunks, then top off the bottle with water.

Super Dew
28 Oz. Mountain Dew
8 Oz. Gin
Drain off about 1/4 of a Mountain Dew big slam. Fill big slam with the gin. Gently mix (don't shake the Dew). Drink away.

Swampy Froggy
A Lot Vodka
1 Bottle Gatorade, Green
1 Bottle Mountain Dew
Stir it!! Be careful you could get drunk the next night too!!

Tequila Slammer
1 oz Tequila
1/2 oz Mountain Dew
Pour tequilla into shot glass. Next pour in Mountain Dew. Hold your hand over the top of the glass and slam it down. The shot will change color. Take the shot.

The Ultimate Fuck
1 Oz. Strawberry Schnapps
1 Oz. Melon Liqueur
5 Strawberries, Blended
2 Oz. Vodka
4 Ice, Crushed
4 Oz. Mountain Dew
Mix stuff in a large glass and have fun!

The Urinating Baboon
4 Oz. Vodka
Dash Mountain Dew
Dash Lemon-Lime Soda, Sprite
Mix them up and enjoy

Voodoo Dew
3 shots Bacardi 151
1 can Mountain Dew.
Pour shots into glass, then add the 'Dew. Stir and Enjoy!

Watermelon Kiss
1/2 Fill With Strawberry Schnapps
1/2 Fill With Mountain Dew
Mix mountain dew and strawberry schanpps with ice. A very simple, yet very tastey drink.

2 shots Vodka
1 Cup Mountain Dew
1 shot Cherry Juice
Mix everything into a big cup. Enjoy.

Do you know of another great alcoholic drink that you can make with Mountain Dew®? Email me and let me know how it goes!

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