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Here I will list some of the sources used in my thesis for those interested in obtaining the original works. My theory consists mostly of cross referencing information between a very limited number of primary sources. The more general information on the Dark Ages and Arthur I quote can be found in a number of different works on the subject. Much of it is common knowledge to me now and I am not clear exactly where each item comes from so at this time I will not list those sources here. This is under construction.

Gildas , "De Excidio Et Conquestu Britanniae" from "The Ruin of Britain and Other Works" translated by Michael Winterbottom. London and Chichester 1978.

Geoffrey of Monmouth, "Historia Regum Britanniae" from "The History of the Kings of Britain" translated by Sabastian Evans. Revised by Charles W. Dunn. New York 1958.

Nennius, "Historia Britonum" edited by John Morris. London and Totowa N.J. 1980.

Goodrich, Norma Lorre, "King Arthur" Harper and Row 1986.( mainly used for her summary of the "False Guinevere" tale)

Griffen, Toby, "Arthur's Name". Celtic Studies Association of North America, April 8, 1994, Athens Georgia. From the author's online site linked on the "King Arthur And Cuneglasus" page.

Allen, Richard Hinkley, "Star Names: Their Lore And Meaning" 1963. First published as "Star-Names And Their Meanings" 1899 by G.E. Stechert.

The Mabinogion. From various sources.

The Welsh Triads. Various sources. A good online source for these is to be found on the "LLys Arthur" (Arthur's Court) site. It is linked through the "Arthur's Ring" at the bottom of the "King Arthur And Cuneglasus" page.

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