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The Evergreen Biome


I will like to explain to you about the Evergreen Forest. Evergreen forests are found in Europe, Brazil, and North America. The temperature in the evergreen forest is between 60° and 90°. In this area, it is cool and warm, and sometimes, in the summer, it is humid. The evergreen forests have snowfalls in the winter. The climate there varies with short, moderately warm and moist summers, and long, extremely cold and dry winters. The average rainfall in the coniferous (evergreen) forest is about 9.4 inches per month.

I will explain to you what kinds of plants live in the evergreen forest. There are different kinds of leaves, flowers and plants. Plants will live in the evergreen forest area for about 15 years. Some shrubs and trees are both deciduous and evergreen, depending on where they are growing. Most of the time, plants that grow there belong to the Christmas deciduous plant family.

The names of some of these plants that are in the evergreen forest are:

Some of the kinds of animals that live in the evergreen forest are frog, deer, owls, and foxes.

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