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Welcome to Alyssa's Dawsons Creek Page! This site was last updated Friday August 25, 2000. Please sign the guestbook and take the new poll while your here!There is also a brand new message board, so dont forget to go and POST!!! My site is currently under construction and any Suggestions and comments would be greatly appriciated. Keep coming back to see the new things that will be coming to my site!
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8/25- I just want to apologise to everyone that comes to my site because it hasnt been updated in a while. Although I may not have much time in the next few months I am going to make an effort to try to keep it up to date. thanks everyone and keep coming back! :o)
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Disclaimer: Dawson's Creek is a Kevin Williamson Production for the WB Network. I am in no way connected to the shows creators, cast or network. Some pictures are copyrights of Kevin Williamson and The WB Network.