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Welcome To College Park Airport On-Line

General Information

Mailing Address
1909 Cpl. Frank S. Scott Dr.
College Park, Maryland 20740
Complaint Line:(301)927-1909

This Site Is Still Under Construction, So Bear With US. Thank You!

Here's A Little Bit Of Our Airport's History For You

College Park Airport is the "World's Oldest Continually Operating Airport". It is without a doubt one of the most significant sites in aviation history. After the Wright Brothers' first flights at Kitty Hawk, it took them several years to get anyone interested in the purchase of their machine. In 1908 they finally were able to convince the U.S. government to test a much improved airplane. Several other countries then followed suit. In 1909 the machine was "officially" accepted and all was left of the Wrights' government contract was to teach two(2) Army officers to fly the plane. It was then that a field was selected in the small town of College Park to carry out this instruction and the College Park airfield was established. The College Park Airfield had established itself as the first military training field and other "firsts" followed.


1. Smoke at the approach end of runway 15. This is due to the Maryland Fire and Rescue Institute. Quite often the firefighters train to battle blazes so naturally smoke will billow and it could possibly reduce visibility.

2. The second most frequently issued NOTAM is "personnell and equipment adjacent to runway". Sometimes this NOTAM is issued due to grass cutting by airport staff, or any other type of service being performed on the field.

3. A NOTAM has been issued for deer in the vicinity of the runway. We are currently working on resolving te problem. Please notify the linesman via Unicon if you spot any deer in the vicinity of the runway.

College Park Airport Fees & Expenses

-- College Park Airport offers AvGas 100LL for $2.25 per gallon. I'm sure you're thinking of other airports where you can get it for cheaper, but no airport offers quality service which near parallel to that of College Park Airport. Besides, we're the world's oldest continually operating airport, we didn't come this far on money alone!
-- Transient parking at CGS costs $10 per night. Being the pilot friendly airport we are, with the purchase of 10 gallons of fuel, your first night tie-down fee is waived. There is no fee if you are just staying for the day(no landing fee*). Our pilot shop, The Wright Stuff, offers some basic pilot necessities which includes SAC's, AFD's, VFR's, IFR's, "comfort" bags and other miscellaneous items.
-- College Park Airport can hold a capacity of over 80 tenant aircraft. Monthly rates are $70.00 per month for grass spaces, and $90.00 per month for paved spaces. There is currently a waiting list for paved spaces. You can call the airport to be placed on this list.


Directions to College Park Airport

From I-95/495:

--Use exit 23 (Kenilworth Avenue)
--Take Kenilworth Avenue Southbound for approximately 2.2 miles until you reach the intersection of Kenilworth Avenue and Paint Branch Parkway.
--Turn right on Paint Branch Parkway and keep straight until you reach Cpl. Frank Scott Drive.
--Turn right on to Cpl. Frank Scott Drive
--This road will run straight into the airport.

College Park Airfield Links

-- If there is ever a day in which you're in search of something to do, feel free to come and visit the College Park Aviation Museum!! This museum, which opened in Fall 1998,houses a wealth of aviation history, much of which took place right here in College Park. Be sure to plan a trip to College Park Airport (pilot, or not)to check out this beautiful museum. For additional museum related information, call (301)864-6029.

--There is a full service maintenance/avionics shop here at College Park Aero Services. CPAS's highly qualified mechanics will have your aircraft up and running properly in a jiff! For more detailed information, give them a call @ (301)927-0505, or visit their website.The business hours of College Park Aero Services are from 9am to 5pm, Monday through Friday, and closed on weekends.

--There is also a maginficent full service, sit-down restaurant here at College Park Airport. The 94th AeroSquadron a WWII theme restaurant which has a full service bar, dance floor, and seating which overlooks the runway. Highly reccomended is the 94th Aerosquadron's "Fabulous Sunday Brunch". The brunch lasts from 10:00am until 3:00pm. The price is $16.95 for adults, $6.95 for children 10-12, $.94 for children 9 and under, and free for infants. Here is what some local pilots have to say about the restaurant.For further information, please call the restaurant at (301)699-9400.

Aviaton Links

--Are you uncertain about the safety of general aviation? If so there is information that will give you a new perspective. You can check it out right here!!


Upcoming Events

Mark Your Calendar!

College Park Airport's Aerofair is scheduled to take place on Saturday, September 23, 2000, from 10:00am to 5:00pm. Unfortunately, this year's Aerofair will only last for one day. Make sure that you are there! More details regarding the Aerofair will become readily available as the date approaches.

Pilots, Please Help Abate The Noise.

Please be sure to adhere to the noise abatement procedures established at College Park Airport. There have been reports from the citizens of College Park, and surrounding areas of aircraft not abiding by these procedures, especially for runway 15. The foul-up is occurring in the portion of the pattern where one would turn from the downwind leg to the base leg of the traffic pattern. The problem can be solved by NOT flying tight traffic patterns. We apperciate your concern and cooperation.

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Email: Airport Manager