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Welcome to Thrill Seeker. For anyone who is thinking they are at the wrong site, you might not be. This site has gone through a total renovation from the former "Andrew's Rollercoaster Supersite" to what you see now. Hopefully this site will be updated at least weekly and will provide much more tools and fun than the former site ever could. I hope you enjoy!

-Andrew Winner (Thrill Seeker)

2/5-Millennium Force@ Fantistic Future-2/5
2/5-All Areas Are Now Open!-2/5
2/4-Coaster Chat Open-2/4

Post any and all of the information and/or rumors on thrill rides to share with the world.

Chat live with fellow thrill seekers any time any day.

Get the latest rumors on new rides and attractions.

Get my personal review on the rollercoasters and thrill rides I've recently enjoyed.

Find all the fact of the confirmed comming attractions.

Find all the latest news in the Thrill Seeker's World.