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This summer, Cedar Point will shatter the records with the addition of their 14th coaster, Millennium Force.

This awesome ride will start out of the station onto the first record of the coaster. The 45 degree lift hill will be the first to utilize an elevator cable system. This new system will tow the nine four-passenger coaches trains filled with 36 dareing passengers to the pinical of the ride, 310 feet above the ground. That's right friends 310 feet, 5 feet taller than the Statue of Liberty from tourch to ground level.

At the top, we'll be able to look for miles, but we won't be looking out, we'll be looking down, at what's to come! Will plumit 300 feet, at 80 degrees, and reach a top speed of 92 miles per hour. Soon after we reach the bottom, we'll be climbing the next hill, a whoping 169 feet being banked 122 degrees over the land below us and turn a full 180 degrees until were facing back the way we came. When we come out of this extreamly banked, but not quite inverted, turn will fall back towards terra firma, through the first tunnel curving off to the left, then fly up the third of the major hills at 182 feet. We'll again find ourselves falling toward the ground below, then we'll rear of to the right into a huge 270 degree helix again being banked extreamly. We'll pull out of the turn and into the final overbanked turn as we turn 180 degrees around in an extreamly limited amount of space. Out of this turn we'll crest the last of the big hills at 100 feet tall. Following this hill, we'll plumit into the second tunnel and again bank left. Now parallel to the station, we'll rocket onward toward the final 180 degree turn around into the final stretch. The magnitic brakes will slow us safely down and we'll comfortably pull into the station. Afterwards we'll get in line and do it again!

All in all, Millennium Force will set 10 world records.

1. Tallest roller coaster (310 feet)

2. Fastest roller coaster (92 mph)

3. Longest drop on a roller coaster (300 feet)

4. Most roller coasters at one park (14)

5. Most rides at one park (68)

6. First roller coaster to top 300 feet

7. Most steel roller coasters at one park (12)

8. Most roller coaster track at one park (44,013 feet)

9. First coaster to utilize elevator cable system

10. Steepest non-inversion banked turn on a roller coaster (122 degrees)

I highly recomend going to Cedar Point's Millennium Force Web Page and seeing all the other cool stuff they have to say about this amazing coaster. Be sure to check out the live camera and the construction pictures, they are updated regularly.

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