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Welcome to Ming-De Chorus, Radnor, Pennsylvania Home Page

Introduction of Ming-De Chorus

A. Announcement:

a. Ming-De Chorus will have a free concert & reception on May 30, 2009 (Saturday) @ 7:30 PM at Valley Forge Presbyterian Church (191 Town Center Road, King Of Prussia, PA. Please come and enjoy the music!

b. Ming-De chorus is a non-profit organization and supported by members and friends. If you like to place advertisements or donate funds, please contact me at VWL17543@YAHOO.COM (Vincent Liu). Any questions, let us know. Thanks for your generosity! Please come back to visit us again. Wish you have a wonderful, wonderful life and happy forever!
B. The 2008 - 2009 Management Team

Introduction of Guest Conductor - Ku,Johnny in English
Introduction of Guest Conductor - Ku, Johnny in Chinese
Conductor - Kosasih, Emilily
Pianist -
Hsu, Hans
President - Chang, Chiang-Tung
Vice president - Tien, Lijun
Treasurer - Kao, Diana
General Affair - Tu, ChihYun

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