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This is my Bronco II!

This is my '88 Ford Bronco II. This is my first car. The paint job was done by the previous owner, after it got keyed in a mall parking lots in Jan 1999 i think. I've done all the all the work to it. Like change the clutch and slave servo, fuel pump and filter, and any other little mods I've done to it.


Ordered my lift kit(Oct 16th). I went with a KBarS 2 inch. Costed me $315 with shiping to Maryland. The tire that I'm getting are a set of Sidewinders(identical to the General Grabber AT), from Merchants & Auto Tire $350 or so, 30x9.5-15, OR a set of BFGoodrich All-Terrain KO 30x9.50-15.

2.9L EFI (V-6)(pic soon)
'86 throttle body(going to be polished this summer)
K&N air filter(ru-3130)(pic)
2.25 inch exhaust (cheap muffler it has a straight thru flow)

5-speed manual Mitsubishi(replaced new on with 60,000miles)

4 wheel drive
Borg&Waren 13-50 Transfer case
Dana 28(front)
Ford 7.5 Limted Slip(rear)

ProComp ES3000 w/red dust covers
Soon to be 4 inches higher.

Paint Job
ProComp 5" round driving lights
Front Bumper(pic) with old square lights

31x10.5-15 soon after lift
American Racing rims 15x8

my stereo system(pic)
Pioneer CD player
Pioneer 3 1/2" 2-way(front)
Kenwood 5"X7" 3-way(rear)
2 12inch Rockford Fosgate(RFZ-1812)
Clarion ProAudio APA1200(200watts mono)


1. James Duff Long Link Extended Radius Arms
2. New Leaf Springs with 2inches of lift
3. NEW ENGINE: Thorttle Body bored with a 4.0 intake inners, Ported and Polish upper & lower intake and World product heads slighty Ported & Polished, CamCraft cam with a 7000rpm redline, and JBA headers with new a high flow cat, Flowmaster 2 chamber.
4. Chop the back of the B2.

I think that is about it.

Here is some web pages with Bronco II and Rangers with some custom work and mods fo every day driving.
Bronco 2 Roundup, nicely painted b2, show quality
Primer88's Ranger, it a ranger, has a lot of burnout pics oh he has his own mods page to help you and making some power!
Fortune's Bronco II pages, its probley the first on that i know with mods even with 97 Explorer Eddie Bauer seats, now he has a 4.0

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