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The Carol Huston Homepage

Hello and welcome to the Carol Huston Homepage. In case you're wondering who she is, Carol is a very talented character actress who has appeared in a number of television movies and series. Carol is also a musician. She is now out of the acting business and sells real estate in the Los Angeles area. She appears to have no homepages of any kind, so I figured, why not start one? ;-). If you are a fan of Carol's please email me, I'd LOVE to talk to you!! ;-) Please note that this page is under construction. I am hoping to add in the future biographical information, pictures, sounds, video, links to sites related to Carol's work and links to other Carol fans. I have my have/need list of Carol's work on this site. Please check it out and see if you can be of assistance, or if I have anything you are looking for. Above you see the only picture I have of her, which I believe is a screen capture from her Nowhere Man appearance. I apologize for not crediting whoever made this picture.

Please enjoy this page and feel free to send me any input you'd like to contribute. Please be advised, I AM NOT CAROL HUSTON, nor do I represent her in any official capacity, so please do not send me mail FOR her. Thanks!

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