Talking In Circles


Talking In Circles

Annabelle Merkles only talks in circles.
She won't talk any other way.
So when Annabelle Merkles gets inside of circles,
It's best to stay out of her way.

She'll talk going 'round a carousel.
She'll chat in a hoola hoop.
But ask her to play four square
and you've knocked her for a loop.

During ring around the rosey,
her talking is absurd.
But take her to a square dance
and she won't utter a word.

She'll surround herself with fruit loops
or a big old onion ring,
but mention a square meal
and Annabelle won't say a thing.

She'll gossip while tying a lasso,
or even while forming a noose,
but ask her to tie a square knot
and it's really just no use.

Because Annabelle Merkles only talks in circles.
She refuses to speak at an angle.
But I'm quite sure she'd shout, "Please let me out!"
from inside the Bermuda Triangle.

(C) 1998, Arden Davidson

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