Squirrely Shirley


Squirrely Shirley

Squirrely Shirley
lived in a tree
where she hoarded her nuts
so selfishly.

No matter what happened
she wouldn't share.
Her nuts were her nuts and
she just didn't care

that Dilmont the deer
and Harry the hare
and Ronnie the robin
and Benny the bear

were hungry. As hungry
as hungry could be.
Squirrely Shirley just watched them
from high in her tree.

She laughed while she popped
each nut into her mouth,
while the others were searching for food
north and south.

Squirrely Shirley
lived in a tree
till she got so fat
she could hardly see.

Then one day she noticed
an overlooked nut
on the end of a twig
and she wanted it, but

She had gotten so heavy
the branch broke in two
and she fell to the ground;
became squirrel and nut stew.

Which just goes to show
that it's not smart to be
a selfish, fat squirrel
when you live in a tree.

(C) 1998, Arden Davidson

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