Play On Words


Play On Words

Words are fun to play on.
Especially one's with A's,
Because you can slide right down 'em
and then land on top of jís.

You just line them in a row
or stack them like a big skyscraper.
Itís like a word game,
only you donít need a piece of paper!

The j's and q's and y's and g's
are fun to swing upon.
Their hooks are very comfortable
and their stems are nice and long.

You can climb t's like a fire pole.
You can do the same with i's.
The b's have built in cubby holes
and o's are the perfect size

for rolling down a grassy hill
while you're curled up in their centers.
And those who created w's
were masterful inventors,

Because w's make great seesaws;
nothing else can rock you higher.
Plus, when you turn them upside down;
You rule an ďmĒ-pire.

Words are fun to play on;
for good times, you just canít beat Ďem.
Plus, once youíre all grown up,
Iíve heard you even get to eat Ďem!

(C) 1998, Arden Davidson

I am trying to find a publisher or agent
to represent any or all of the stories and poems
in "A Pocketful of Rhymes".
If you know anyone that can help, or have comments,
please e-mail me.Thanks!