The Octopus In Me


The Octopus In Me

If I could be an octopus,
I'd be glad as can be.
I've always said
I'd love to live
my life under the sea.

I'd swim all day,
I'd play all night.
The fish would be my chums.
I'd hug them with my
eight long arms
and kiss their big fish gums.

I'd pitch in all the baseball games
that go on underwater.
(Since I could throw
eight balls at once,
each game would be a slaughter!)

I'd hold a dancing contest
that I'm sure to win, hands down.
(My arms would look so lovely
as I twirled and spun around).

I'd win at every game of tag,
and do pull-ups with ease.
Yes, if I were an octopus,
my life would be a breeze...

Unless a shark bit off my arms
and tossed me 'bout the place.
If that occurred, then I'd just be
a floating smiley face!

(C) 1998, Arden Davidson

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