Big Bully Joe


Big Bully Joe

Big Bully Joe is a kid I know
who’s as mean as a grizzly bear.
He’s tall and he’s strong.
We just don’t get along.
There’s not one thing in common we share.

When a baby’s diaper falls off,
you know Joe took out the pins.
Joe likes to torture little ones
that’s how he gets his grins.

When there’s gum in someone’s hair,
you know it’s Joe who blew the bubble.
When the teacher shouts “who did this?”
you know Big Joe’s in big trouble.

When a food does not agree with Joe
he argues till he wins.
He likes to fight.
He also likes to kick dogs in their shins.

He calls out horrid names
to kids just doing their own thing.
If he saw an injured bird,
he’d likely break it’s other wing.

Big Bully Joe
is a kid I know
who doesn’t have one single friend.
But I heard Kelly Mayer
put a tack on his chair.
Guess he’ll pay for it all in the end!

(C) 1998, Arden Davidson

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