I've Been Set Up!

I've Been Set Up!

I come in all shapes and sizes,
including the smallest; a "pup".
But unlike the pup that you keep as a pet,
I will never get big or grow up.

Huge versions of me are called "big tops",
when I'm housing bears, llamas and clowns.
And when I'm a big top I feel like a big shot
'cause I'm welcome in all the cool towns.

Most often I'm taken on camping trips
that's my favorite thing to do.
I love the outdoors, even though my whole purpose
is to keep the outdoors from you.

I keep out the rain and the skunks and the bugs,
while you sing a nice campfire song.
Just keep me away from those mean grizzly bears -
I'm strong but I'm not that strong.

(C) 1998, Arden Davidson

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