It's A Dirty Job

It's a Dirty Job

I don't like to make sweeping statements,
but dirt is the scum of the earth.
I hate it! I hate it! I've hated all dirt
since the moment of my fateful birth.

I try really hard to get rid of it all,
from the crumbs to the sand to the litter.
Whether inside or ouside, I brush it away;
and it makes my heart go patter-pitter.

But most of the time I just stand in the corner,
very anxious to fight the good fight.
If I had my way, all the dirt in this world
would just 'poof', disappear overnight!

Of course, then I wouldn't have much to do.
I'd be bored as a fellow can get.
Unless some old, daredevil witch came along
and used me as her personal jet!

(C) 1998, Arden Davidson

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