Finish It Off!

Finish It Off!


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1) Click on any of the poem titles listed below.

2) Read the first three lines of the poem
and create the fourth line yourself! Just try
to make it rhyme with the last word on the second
line of the poem.
(it will make more sense when you see it)

3) After you've thought of your "finishing line",
write it down or just remember it in your head.
Then scroll down to see my ideas and see if any
of them match!
(If not, your ideas are probably better than mine!)

The Baseball Bunny

Rollercoaster Fun

A Spring Snowman

Human Cannon Ball

Alley Cat

Chore Thing!

Seal The Deal

A Good Combination

Puppy Love

The Cactus Dance

Toys R Me!

The Movie Scene

Two Girls in Trouble

Dining Out

Car Trouble

Uh Oh!

A Freaky Dance

Phone Trouble

Taking a Licking

Plenty of Leftovers

The Spaceman Blues

The Enchanted Pool

Venus Flytrap

Sweet Jude

Rock Around The World

Lil Party Animal

Spook House


A Fishy Story

Split Personality

Wishful Thinking

Finders Keepers

The Art Critic

A Little Reminder

A Bubbly Personality

Grocery Gripes

The Greatest Show on Earth

A Lazy Afternoon

Nice Chompers!

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