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A multi-skilled manager with extensive experience in international operations, including three expatriate assignments.  Active in the area of the former Soviet Union/CIS for 14 years, where opened, staffed and directed multicultural offices.
  • By background an engineer
  • By qualification and practice a marketing professional
  • By interest a linguist with fluent Russian and German
  • By training an instructor
  • By record a manager of high value projects
  • Numerate and computer literate
  • Pre-investment research, analysis and reporting skills
  • A specialist in operations in the former Soviet Union, in particular Uzbekistan

Chestnut Consulting     Huddersfield and Blackpool, England
1 July 1998 - present  Owner/Consultant
Freelance activities, including the research, analysis and reporting of investment projects in the CIS and Central Asia.

  • Compiled full and partial proposals for joint venture projects involving the production of cotton, marble, syringes, particleboard and oil storage containers, with total value of $120 million.
  • Acted as liaison between local partners, potential foreign investors and equipment manufacturers.
  • Managed on-site investigation of drip irrigation techniques at Israeli suppliers.
  • Developed proposal and spreadsheet templates for analysis and reporting of investment projects.
  • Investigated and reported the potential of advertising on the Internet for local hotels.
  • Compiled Business Plan for the foundation of a local Law Centre.
Oxiana Limited     Tashkent, Uzbekistan and London, England
1 July 1997 - 13 June 1998  Director, CIS Operations
Working on expatriate basis for investment advisory company.  Director of representative office actively researching and progressing investment project opportunities.
  • Opened and staffed multicultural, multifunctional representative office from zero, achieving official accreditation in remarkably quick period of three months.
  • Directed investigations and reporting of various joint venture and investment possibilities, including brewing, medical, stock market, mining and oil projects, with a combined value over $200 million.
  • Headed local delegation at meetings with business, governmental and investor contacts.
  • Instrumental in the formation of the Irish/Uzbek "Central Asian Decorative Stone" joint venture, with an eventual Charter Fund of $5 million, for the extraction and processing of marble deposits in Karakalpakstan.
Jahn International A/S     Tashkent, Uzbekistan
15 April 1996 - 30 April 1997  Project Director
Working on expatriate basis for Danish trading company.  Initially acted as co-director in commercial section, before taking over newly-opened project department.
  • Controlled the ordering, shipping, distribution, marketing and sales of Carlsberg and other imported beers, with monthly invoice value of up to $500,000.
  • Initiated restructuring of sales, distribution and marketing programmes, supported by rigid computerised recording, reporting and control systems, delivering beer sales improvements in the region of 200%.
  • Managed all stages of completion of $1 million project to export apple juice concentrate from the Namangan Conserve Factory, in exchange for imported pressing machinery.
  • Directed all local research, analysis and reporting of project to build a Carlsberg brewery in Uzbekistan, in a deal worth upwards of $50 million.  Working closely with Danish specialists, provided local economic, marketing, legal, financial, construction and raw materials input to corporate feasibility study.
  • Developed business plan to encourage the cultivation of almonds in Uzbekistan, at the request of the Ferrero company.  In co-operation with the Minister of Forests and foreign experts, published the "Almond 2000" report which envisaged dramatic crop improvement in a 5-year, $5 million joint venture.
  • Organised and controlled negotiations between a Hong Kong buyer, the TACIS Silk Project office and relevant ministerial representatives on a range of proposals to improve the cultivation, processing and preparation for export of silk in a deal with a potential $10 million annual turnover.
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