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Writing on wall Theory..

Writings on the wall Theory.. ANOTHER thing found in Parrs house was writings on the walls that were not of the english language.

Theory 1.)There were cults that lived in the house before, and this was thier writings.

Theory 2.)Blair likes to write as well=)

Theory 3.)Matt Brockman -Was obviously the same undecipherable writing carved into the bound victims on Coffin Rock-

Theory 4.)mc -The writing on the wall is latin, loosely it stands for hellis not lost into me.

Theory 5.)Drew -The Writing according to the dossier appears to be a messed-up version of some of the characters in the Runic alphabet, or futhark alphabet to scholars. From what I saw it seems to have a lot to do with "Evil", "Death", and "Spirits"? No discernable order though.