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Mike done it theories..

Your telling all your friends that Mike done it? How bout this, email me your theory on why you think "our little Mikey" did it and I will post it.

Remember, I will need a full theory. Not the usual "Mike is a pud, and is crazy".

Theory 1.) NewAgeSmit -Ok folks go with me here, Mike is a very good one. Let me show you how he did it.

A) Ok Aint it convienent that Mike Volenteered for this job. I mean he wasnt even friends with the two at the time....Just a Sound guy.

B) Crap gets freaky. Mike begins. When they go to sleep, You will recall that Mike says he will take first watch.So he does....Guess who gets Watch two....Josh. Josh is killed by mike, Easily allowing him to pluck the teeth and wrap up the bundle and lay it for heather.

C) Ok now your saying how did he get rid of the body....Remember that He had the map a while back....He kicked it in the ******* lake as he said. You think he really did it? Haha. No he didnt. And plus he took the compass from heather. Now back to dispoasing of Josh. He has the map the compass and josh. Guess where he takes him? Yea, The house. He puts him in the basement and carves him up good, Guts him and makes him look horribly terrifiying.

D) Now your saying how could he see in the night, Easily, Lights on the cameras....They dont have to be turned on with the camera on as well.

E) Heather finds the bundle....Hmmmmm, Isnt it odd that Mike Wigs out before she finds it....She doesnt tell him. Since it would tramatize him. Hmmmm, Mike already knows what she found, Heh heh, He doesnt ask to much about her when she is going nuts.

F) Josh is heard screaming!!!!! They rush to find him....But Josh is dead correct? Yes he is....Note mike IS A SOUND GUY. Record button catches all of the screams while he was alive. He simply plays it. And they run and hit the house. Josh is heard. Mike runs up the steps and all the way down, Gets rid of his camera and hits the corner...Just like the legend. Heather comes running down...And then that scream. Then Him in the corner....She drops it and is totally shocked when she sees Josh. Mike finishes her off, And takes all the film crap and hides it in that brush.

G) Mike easily leaves town and is never heard from again.

Theory 2.)James Frye -Mike done it! Mike was a pretty sturdy, and solid fellow, right? How could someone make himstay put in the corner like that? He's the one that chucked the map, and is the first to act overdramatic about being lost. Come on! Josh new Mike before the trip, they were drinking buddies, once or twice a week they would go out and drink the night away. Josh Kind of knew him, Heather did not unfortunately. Mike, somewhere developed a crush on Heather, and signed up for the project to get closer to heather. He then eliminates Josh, and has her all to himself.

theory 3.)The couple(Joe and Claudette)-If any of three did do it, Mike is the only likely one, but we still don't believe he is smart enough to carry all this off by himself. It was amazing that he would run into that house and leave Heather outside!! Nice guy!! (That also proves Heather did not do it, by the way!) Plus, why was he standing in the corner without force? Even if someone was holding a gun on him, why wouldn't he at least be yelling to Heather to run? He knew he was going to be killed anyway, so why not save Heather? Also, he had a brother he was very close to at home and lived with his parents. If he did do it, where is he?