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Josh done it theories..

EVERYONE thinks josh did it! But WHY!! Now is your chance to tell everyone why. Email me your complete theory on why Josh did it.

Please, send me the FULL theory. Not just "Josh did it cause he doesn't like Heathers hair".

Theory 1.)Owen -When everyone began freaking out at night and heard stuff, I believed it was only their imagination since they were hungry and restless. At one point, Josh went nuts really, he almost had a mental lapse, and during that one night, he left the camping spot. In the morning, of course Heather and Mike would look for him. I think Josh pulled his own teeth out, continued to yell all the time, and when they were in the house, as soon as Mike went downstairs, Josh hit him from behind and hung him. Heather later found the same fate.

Theory 2.)"Joel & Jason" -The parallels between Rustin Parr's murdering of the 7 children in the 1940's and what happens at the end of the movie suggest that, like Rustin Parr, Josh was "influenced" by the Blair Witch and killed his two friends. It is the same basement in the same house as where the original murders take place and, like one of the children, Mike is made to stand in the corner while Heather is killed.

Josh was perhaps singled out, or "marked" (with the blue goo) because it is he who disturbs one of the grave markers.

Theory 3.)Guy Smiley -"I'm not playing head-games, if anyone is playing head-games, you're playing head-games." is what gave Josh away. Who said anything about head-games? She just wanted the map. Then, that night it was Josh's stuff that was dragged all around, Josh's stuff that was covered in slime. And finally, as the plan came to a close, Josh disappeared. The following nights who did they hear yelling? Again, it was Josh. Earlier in the trip there was a rat found dead, by Josh. When the bundle of sticks was discovered (wrapped in pieces Josh's shirt, mind you), I'll bet you that he had placed the parts of some random dead animal in there. And on that final approach to the house, it was Josh's voice calling to them. His shirt was in the stairwell, and in the basement, it was Josh who f'd both of them up. Why didn't he ever go back to society? He'd lost his mind, and eventually died in the woods of malnurishment and then was eaten by something higher in the food chain.

That leaves open the issue of the all day walk which lead them right back to where they began. I think that can be chalked upto Heather's obsessiveness to have the project be as good as possible. She was overcome by the idea of filming the Blair Witch, it was this obsession which lead to the insanity of Josh, and the death of Heather and Mike.

Theory 4.)The couple(Joe and Claudette)Josh DIDN'T DO IT! There is no motive for Josh to have done it. Furthermore, if he did it, where is he? It's been over 5 years and he hadn't resurfaced anywhere. He had a girlfriend at home to return to. He was the most level headed of the three, and that is probably why he was "taken out" first. Whoever did do the killings had to get him out of the way in order to lure the other two to the house. We don't believe he would have so easily run into a delapidated house like that. No way did he do it. We also do not think that was actually him calling out to the others.

Theory 5.)dolfan69 -I think Josh was possessed by the Blair Witch. He was signaled out as the weak one by the BW (the goo on his backpack was the way the witch possessed him). Remember Russ Parr said he heard voices and he started crying because they were speaking in many languages that he could not understand. The first night Josh said he heard voices, and Heather and Mike both did not. Then the goo happened and Josh starting crying (he had a breakdown) The BW was starting to take possesstion of Josh at this time. Josh disappeared that night from the tent, but was heard screaming and moaning by Heather and Mike the following night. His cries and moans led them to believe he was still alive (at this point he was, his teeth had been removed so he could not speak only moan), his cries led them to the delipitated house (possessed by the children) which was built by Russ Parr. They heard his cries and went upstairs, (but they were actually supposed to go to the basement). Mike went down to the basement first and was hit, dropping the camera, then was forced to face the wall by fear. When Heather came down, she was hit and killed by Josh, then Mike was killed also by Josh. Remember Russ Parr was possessed by the BW and killed 2 children at a time. Then you have to remember Josh disappeared which left two Victims just like the two children at a time. He killed one while the other was in the corner. When he was finished the spirit of the witch forced him to hang himself just as Russ Parr died. Don't forget the bodies of the volunteers vanished from coffin rock, so did the bodies of the 3 students after their deaths were complete.

Theory 6.)Joe Friedt -The original story of Ellie the witch was about how she pulled a little girl into and under the water. Days later the water was filled with oil and slime (more on this later).

Second, Rustin Parr said that a voice told him to abduct the children, bring them to the cabin and ritually sacrifice them in the manner he did with one facing the wall while he disemboweled them. This voice even told him when he was "finished" and to go into down to declare this.

At first, Josh, Mike and Heather have their wits about them. I have no doubt that the spirit of the witch existed. It is my opinion that the spirit of the drowned girl tried to warn them not to proceed by placing the three piles of rocks near their tent. This warning actually sealed the fate of Josh since he "desecrated" these would-be gravestones. He was now the "chosen" one to be possessed by the witch.

The night that they run into the clearing after hearing the children (again the drowned child) they return to find the slime on Josh's stuff. The spirit of the drowned girl left this slime to again warn the three, especially Josh (he was the weakest and had already begun to succumb to the witch's voice in his head). This warning was not understood by the three. Subsequently, Josh loses his ability to think on his own and is consumed by the same voices in his head that Rustin Parr had.

The rest of the events are clearly brought on by the work of Josh as he "herds" them as needed to eventually get them to the cabin. The bundle of sticks did not contain Josh's body parts, rather they were either from an animal, from discarded remains in or under the cabin (remember, when they found the film it was very odd that it looked as though it had not been touched or affected by the fire that burned the cabin down - the body parts may also have been preserved by this same strange spell or power).

It was no surprise that the bundle was tied using Josh's shirt because all he had to do was remove it and use it. Josh clearly could speak and managed to get both Heather and Mike into the cabin. At this point in the film you can clearly hear both their names being yelled. Forget the theory that the witch needed his teeth to cast a spell to use his voice. He still had all his teeth at this point. Just as the voice in Rustin's head possessed him to kill in the manner he did, so did the same voice in Josh's head.

As Mike turned the corner, Josh struck him and did not kill him. This is why you can still hear Mike breathing while he and the camera lie on the ground. Josh wanted him to live so that he could stand in the corner, just as the children had, to bear witness to Heather's death. If Heather had been the first to turn the corner, she would have had the same fate dealt to her that Mike had. Mike was placed in the corner (some say his feet were not touching the ground - is this true?) and Heather turned the corner to await Josh. The rest of course was not filmed but you can assume that Heather was first killed. Then, Mike was killed. If there truly will be a sequel you can bet that many "tourists" and others intent on finding out more of the disappearance of the three will also be killed in various ways by Josh until the voices tell him that he too is "finished".

Theory 7.)Rach0u812 -I think that it might have been Josh who did it. It started out as an innocent project for school. Needless to say, they had no idea what they were messing with. First of all, Josh going of and crying tells me that he was hearing the voices to kill Heather and Mike. And when he vanished that night, he was no longer the same Josh. He did use his voice to lure the other two in the house cause he knew they would follow it. At first, I thought it was simply the Balir Witch. Now I think it was her, only in Josh's head.

Josh may have been used to lure them into the house, but I don't think he was alive. I think that the BW killed him first, then used his voice to get the others. Because at the end, Heather was to scared (all the screaming) for it to have been Josh that she saw. I think that the BW did not let herself be seen until she was ready. At the end, she was obviously ready for them. I think that is who they saw at the end. As for Josh crying all alone, he knew that he was a marked man because of the slime on all HIS stuff, and no one elses. If they had seen Josh at the end, they probably would not have been as scared of what they saw, It had to be the BW.

Theory 8.)Carlene -its so obvious here that Josh is the guilty one, the dodgy beard gives it all away.Right from the begining he has the whole thing planned, he just managed successfully to minipulate the situation to make it appear that he was there for different reasons than what he actually was. In fact the reality of it is that he is related to one of the seven children killed all those years ago. Josh became obbessed with the Blair Witch at an early age and caesed the oppurtunity to take part in the "project". In a pre meditated plan had arranged when he would attack. The plan went disasterously wrong when he was overcome by invisable forces, he felt threatened by the others and felt obliged to kill them in the only way suitable for the Blair Witch. Of course Josh is still alive he lives in Burketsville, you just wouldnt know it as he has shaved off that dodgy beard.

Theory 9.)Sarah Burn -Josh is the first one to lose his grip on reality (as a defence against the fact that they were truly lost and as good as dead). He finally snaps and leaves the others, to wander in the forest on his own. He may have hurt himself - deliberately or by accident - and this may have prompted him to try and make contact with Heather and Mike (placing his bloodied shirt where they would find it). In the end, he is so distraught that he calls for them and they follow. They arrive at the house, terrified, confused and completely open to suggestion - the final chapter in their increasing susceptibility to all things "unexplained". Josh clobbers Mike first (he may have mistaken him for the enemy) and waits for Heather, although by this time he may not have understood that she was his friend. Possibly, he may not have come to his senses, even after the deaths of his companions, and may have buried them, either in an attempt to 'protect' them from the witch, or as a way of defending himself against the reality of what he'd done. He would have done the same thing with all their belongings. It seems the forest was a large place and it would only have been a matter of time before he succumbed, freezing and disorientated, to the murderous elements. Wild dogs or wolves would have eaten him, possibly taking large portions of his body back to their dens, which would explain why he was never found..

Theory 10.)Cece -I've found that the twig symbol was a variated form of a massachusettes "heathenous" symbol. Originally the symbol was celtic, symbolizing the body, in spirit and physicality. And then the magestrates of Salem found this to be evil. Anyway, the twig is simply used as a "gateway" between physical power and spirtual power. It was used to make Robyn Weaver kill those men on coffin Rock, it was a gateway between the witch and Robyn. And it was a gateway between the witch and probably the real killer of the movie, Josh.

Theory 11.)SHIPS -At the beginning of the film, actually it's the first night I think, Heather is interviewing Josh, and he says he heard noises and "a definite cackling" last night. No one else said they heard these noises except for Josh. If you heard the Rustin Parr prison interview, he said he killed the children because the voices in his head told him to. I think that the Blair Witch found Josh to be the weakest out of the 3 and started with him the first night. I also think that Josh had almost totally lost it when Heather and Mike were arguing about whether or not to give Josh 5 minutes to compose himself. The Blair Witch was probably telling him to do something crazy and he couldn't handle it. The first time the 2 hear Josh, it is just moaning and he sounds like he is in pain. Probably because he is getting his jaw removed. The second time, Josh is definitely calling the other