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Hi! We're just going to feed our starved egos a bit and pretend that we're so fascinating that we deserve a page devoted to us.

Meet Carey, the Shoe Queen!
Carey is a senior at the College of Notre Dame of Maryland, majoring in English and minoring in music. She sings, writes, plays trombone, and overextends herself -- but sadly, she knows nothing about tropical fish. One friend calls her a human Muppet, and another once described her as "one of those artistic types who snaps at age thirty and kills everybody." Take your pick. Her favorite Monkee is Peter (even if he never gets to play smart), her favorite Python is Michael Palin (because he circumnavigates the Pacific so she doesn't have to), and her favorite member of R.E.M. is the Smurf King himself, Mike Mills (sigh). When not avoiding work by hiding in the computer lab, Carey makes her stuffed Elmos sing Velvet Underground songs, shrieks like a Pepperpot, and goes round and round the world, looking for the sunshine!

Meet Ellen, the Wonder Goatherd!
Greetings! This is No, No, No, No Ellen. Singing and writing rather silly poetry are my fortes (I'm an undiscovered genius). I'm volunteering at a day care center, singing show tunes in a local choir and trying to remember how to do algebra. My role model is Kylie Minogue (well, not really) and I'd like to record an album with Reg (Not Elton John) Dwight. A few of my favorite things include noses on kittens (sorry!), the Beatles, the Monkees, Monty Python, and Britcoms. My favorite Beatle is Paul and my favorite Python is Eric (they're both vegetarians! yay!). Peter Tork is my favorite Monkee because he IS the dummy (and he can dig it). Well, I've got the urge for going, so I guess I'll have to go. Besides, I'm feeling ill from that tin of treacle I just drank.

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