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note: I cut and paste from all your e-mails so I have not been able to see many of these movies. Therefore I have no idea if they are correct.

100 Rifles: An incredibly sexy Raquel Welch knees a guy in the groin at the beginning of the film.

79 Park Avenue: A made-for-TV flick from the 70's. Leslie Ann Warren Knees Marc Singer when he won't stop trying to kiss her. Afterwards, they have a nice chat and she offers him her bed to recover. Once he has, she tells him something like, "My dad told me there's only one way to settle some conflicts with guys."

Abducted II: Woman kicks a guy she mistakes for an enemy in the nads. Not a terribly memorable bust, but a bust nonetheless.

Absolute Power: there is a scene in the beginning in which Gene Hackman is starting to get rough with a girl (slapping her, etc.) She tries to get away, but he keeps grabbing her from behind. She reaches back and grabs his balls and squeezes them. He lets go, and she tries to get away, but she is shot by two guys. I can't say why, because it would ruin the movie. In and of itself, it's a pretty good movie, too.

Accion Mutante: Goofy spanish comedy has sexy long-haired woman kneeing a mutant in the balls. She's wearing stockings and boots. Very hot.

Ace Ventura: the big bad girl kicks Ace in the nuts during a fight near the end of the movie.

Action Jackson: As a cop asked a recently arrested whore to do him a favor(!!!),the chick replied with a hard kick in the balls. The view is fantastic: the camera is just placed between the cop's legs. (It happens at the very beginning of the movie)

Adventures beyond belief: A girl punches a guy who looks like a prince or something. There's also an earlier scene which I haven't seen.

The Adventures of Ford Fairlane:

Adventures of Jake Speed: There is one scene where the hero is in a cell with a female, and a bad guy comes to interagate him. She hides in the shadows and sneaks up behind him and kicks him square in the balls, it looked pretty realistic to me.

Afraid to Dance: There is a grab in the first 30 minutes of the film.

Airheads: The first is off screen. In the second, a cop gets kneed, about 2/3 to 3/4 of the way through the movie, by a hot blond haired girl.

Alien Resurrection: I don't want to spoil it for anyone. There's this one scene when Ripley "tears" into a guy with a basketball. Totally awesome!

Alley Cat:

All Night Long: Japanese movie has two scenes of interest. In the first, a prostitute ties a young guy up and acts like she's about to give him a blow job. She takes off his pants, then suddenly steps back and gives him a high heel to the balls! She then taunts him for a bit. The second scene features a girl slamming the butt of a rifle into a guy's crotch repeatedly. The girl's hot, and there's a close-up of her face afterwards. She also stomps down the guy, but the tape I saw was really fuzzy and I couldn't tell if it was his balls or just his leg that she stomped on.

All's Fair: This is for the self-defense fans. Middle-aged women preparing for a weekend warriors-type battle of the sexes practice kicking a dummy in the nuts. The trainer woman shouts "kick him in the balls," and other sexy phrases as they learn. There's also a solid knee from an overweight woman in the beginning of this movie.

Amazon Queen: Lots of kicks. Some of these are featured in "Deathstalker II".

Amenza Nuclear:

America 3000: A guy back-kicks a girl. She grabs his leg and kicks him in the groin. This is choreographed with another guy/girl and both happen at the same time.

American Cyborg: Blond haired girl is surrounded by a gang of guys. The leader wants to look in her bookbag. He reaches for her and she kicks him in the nuts and drops him.


Angel fist: Lead chick kicks an attacker's nuts and ass while baring her big tits.

Angel of Destruction: Charlie Spradling (hot brunette from To Sleep with a Vampire) punches this guy in the face with a gun three times and then kicks him in the balls with her instep, then says, "The broken nose is for the girl, the vasectomy is free." Later in the film, Maria Ford, in a skin tightoutfit, shoves a guy up against an iron fence and then buries her thigh in his crotch (and generally kicks his ass).

Angel on the Run: A guy is holding a girl who is wearing a bikini and she knees a guy in the nuts

Angels' Revenge: First, they tie a guy up upside-down and smack him with a sword in the groin (???)...weird...later on some middle-aged femaleknees that evil guy from City Slickers in the groin. Can be found as an old MST3k episode.

Another Shrimp On The Barbie: Dark haired woman, mad at her ex, is at a party. He walks up to her and she knees him in the balls. The knee is just barely visible, but it works.

Army of one: Somewhere in the middle of the movie some gorgeous chick cop goes by a bar and asks some motorcycle dude if she can borrow his bike because it is a police emergency. The guy looks at her and says something like "you see this right here, (pointing to the back seat of his motorcycle) it's called a PUSSY SEAT". Do you know why they call it a pussy seat?", he asks her. She responds by quickly grabbing his shoulders and driving her knee right into his balls. He bends over in agony. She then jumps on the guy's bike and says, "NO WHY!" and speeds away leaving him sore and covered in dust.


Assault on Precinct 13: In the first half hour of the movie, looters are breaking into a Police Station where a woman in a small hallway slaps a looters face, then kicks him in the balls as hard as she can. Very+realistic. He goes down and doesn't get back up. The camera shows the impact with close up. Excellent.

The Avengers:

Avenging Disco Godfather:

Awesome Lotus: The villain is tying the girl up and lifts her (high heeled and stockinged) feet off the ground. He whipped her once and said "Say Dunka". She kicks him in the balls and says "Dunka"

Baby's Day Out:

Back to the Future II: The Bad Girl grabs Michael J Fox's balls and lifts him off the ground.

Backstreet Justice:

(The) Bad News Bears:

Ballistic: Interesting scene where this chick takes her frustration out by kicking a dummy in the crotch three times in a row. Also, Corey Everson knees a guy in the nuts and then beats him up.

Barb Wire: Pamela Anderson, the woman made out of Velcro, slips under a chair and punches a guy in the nads. Later, she walks on top of a guy, wearing high heeled knee high boots, and says, "You're not going soft on me are ya?" while stomping on his balls. Later on she commands a dog to bite a guy's crotch. Not really worth it because of the dark lighting, plus the movie sucks.

Baseball Bimbos from Beverly Hills: Several knees, kicks. All with "Cowgirl" boots. Scattered throughout movie. About one per scuffle.

Bastard!: A Japanese cartoon (anime). The princess back-kicks the ninja master in the groin.

Batman Returns: You won' see it clearly. Look for when Michelle Pfiefer (Catwoman) Kicks Batman (played by her ex-husband). He moves. They cut it. She actually back-kicked him square in the unprotected balls during filming so hard that they had to close the set for 24 hours. Hell hath no fury etc.

(The) Beastmaster: A great looking Tanya Roberts kicks an attacker in the balls while she's on the ground. NOTE: This scene is cut from some versions I have seen!

Beauty Investigator: One of the kung fu girls kicks a cop trying to help detain her. It's a vague kick, but the girl's really hot.

(The) Bedroom Window: The female lead is in a bar playing pool with a jerk and then notices she has to leave to catch the killer in the movie. The guy wouldn't let go, so she grabs his balls, yanks them down and says "if you don't let go then these will be in the corner pocket" It was great. Meanwhile in the background of the bar a song was playing saying "please release me let me go"

Belly: Lead actress kicks a guy who's trying to kill her.

Beneath the Valley of the Ultra-Vixens:

(The) Best of Dirty Harry: This music video came out about the time Sudden Impact came out. In this video, three hot girls were beating up this guy. They managed to get him on the floor, I don't remember how, it could have been a knee to the groin. Then they pulled out guns and aimed. It turns out that they were squirt guns and splattered him with several colors of paint. In the last scene, which happened really quick, they walked up to him, his legs were spayed apart, feet on the floor, and knees raised up. The girls had on really sexy ankle straps or Mary Jane shoes and the outside girls put their foot on his knees while the middle girl stepped between his legs and delivered a kick.

(The) Beverly Hillbillies: Hick teenager grabs a guy's legs and stomps his groin during a wrestling match. He says, "That's definitely illegal!"

Beyond Desire: There is a very nice scene at the end of the film. A woman knees the murderer of her sister twice (!!), while he's held by two policemen. It's a short, but very nice scene.

Beyond Fear:

(The) Big bus: Girl kicks her boyfriend (the main character) there because it's "for his own good"

Big Trouble in Little China: The heroine (the white one) kicks the monster in the balls from behind, while it is strangling the hero (Kurt Russell). It howls in pain and drops him. She is wearing heels.

Biker Babes From Hell:

Bikini Carwash Company 2:

Bikini Drive-in: Alternateen kicks a guy in a monster suit HARD in the nuts. She's wearing converse sneakers and really seems to enjoy delivering the kick.

(The) Billion Dollar Heiress: A Jackie-Chan movie. The actor Samo Hung (the fat guy) has this italian girl up against a pillar and when he is distracted, drives her knee into his balls and she runs away.

Bio Dome: Somewhere in the movie a nice looking girl wearing a skirt knees some jerk in the balls.

Black Belt Angels:

Black Belt Jones: One of my all-time favorites. There are three in total by the same woman, and they aren't kicks; they're grabs! One is inside a pool room, the other two are at a carwash. The third groin hit is an elbow. It's comical, but worth it. Better than "Vice Academy."

Black Cat Run: Fifty-five minutes (approximately) into this movie there is a nice grab.

Black Scorpion:

Black Scorpion 2:

Blade: About 30 minutes into the movie, a girl who is a vampire is driving a guy to a dance club and she asks him "what do you got down there?" and he says "that's my heat seeker." and then she reaches over and quickly squeezing his crotch for a split second. It's done in a playful manner, it wasn't meant to harm him.


Blazing saddles: Madilyn Kahn (spelling?) as "Miss Lilly," sings a song in a dance hall and as a drunk cowboy climbs on stage, she motions for him to come close for a kiss but instead drives her stocking covered knee into his balls and smiles as he crashes back into the crowd.

Blood Diner: Nude woman squeezes a guy's balls and kills him. Flick was directed by a woman.

Bloodfist IV:

Blood games: Attack scene where "Midnight" fights back at
first but doesn't get away, then tries again and does.

Bloodmatch: Hot Blonde Babe - Hope Marie Carleton (former Playmate) -karate fights this guy in a boxing ring, shoves him into the corner, palms his ears and kicks him in the balls. The blow devastates him and she finishes him off. The overall fight is pretty cool (it's at the end of the film). In the beginning, this unknown chick beats up four or five guys and drives her fist down in this guys balls. Full view and close up.

Blood simple: A woman is being choked from behind then delivers a very realistic elbow to the guy's balls, and he goes down and doesn't get up, like what would really happen.

Blume in Love: George Segal is arguing with his ex, Susan Anspach. Before long he wants to make love to her, but she won't hear of it. He approaches her on his knees. To make her point absolutely clear, she slams a knee into his crotch (off camera, alas), making his hair fly up. "Now I want it all," he moans, and soon proceeds to rape her. Early 1970's.

BMX Bandits: An early Nicole Kidman movie. The villains have her and when one says "You are really in the poo now sister" she drives her knee into his balls.

Body Count: Alyssa Milano gives a harsh booted kick to a guy's nuts after trying to trick him by smiling and acting cute.

The Brady Wives:

Brainsmasher: a love story: This is a 4-star one for those who like it when the lady really enjoys her activities. Terri Hatcher is being taught self-defense moves by Andrew Clay. He shows her a punch to the balls move. Her expression as he demonstrates what he wants her to do, and when she practices on him is priceless. She really gets a kick out of it! She says something like "...well people have called me a ball-buster before." Later she uses the technique on a guy who tries too hard to pick her up in a bar. Pretty good shot by Terri and reaction by the guy. Then later she gets him again when she needs to steal his car.

(The) Bride in Black: The new widow (married one day, and her husband was killed as they left the church) learns self defense and goes after her husbands killers. She fights the killer at the end, and she kicks him in the groin (high heel) and he falls down the stairs.

Brutal Fury: Two kicks, one mini-squeeze, five consecutive punches, and an off-screen knee. Not bad.

Burglar:: Some guy is pushing Whoopi Goldberg around and threatening her with a butcher's knife. She drops to her knees, pretending to be scared, and then rams her fist into the guy's nuts!

Cadillac Man: An automobile dealer with many girlfriends gets a knee to the nuts by one of them.

(The) Car: Man and woman are playfighting in the bedroom and the woman suddenly grabs him by the balls and starts describing how she learned the move from a 4th grader girl that used to grab boys by the balls so she could steal their lunch money. Sexy dialogue. In the first half of the movie.

Catch 22: When Yossarian, the main character, is on the ground with a nurse. The first time she knees him she says "I'm sorry, I know how that must feel. Put your head between your legs and take deep breaths." She then knees him a second time. In slow motion one can see her painties when her knee goes up.

Certain Fury: Tatum O'Neal is engaged in a fight to the death with her ex-boyfriend (I think). She's wearing expensive leather pants. She hammers her knee really hard into his groin something like 3 times in a row. I think it was a really bad movie so you don't want to watch most of it. This scene occurs near the end of the movie.

China O'Brien: Cynthia Rothrock movie. 'Nuff said.

China O'Brien II: Cynthia Rothrock movie. 'Nuff said.

A Chinese Odyssey:

Chopper chicks in Zombietown: Leather clad biker nails boyfriend + other scenes.

Chosen One: Mean, bare knee to the crotch by a dark-haired beauty.

CIA: Code Name Alexis: Alexis kicks balls. Throughout movie. None great.

CIA: Code Name Alexis II: Alexis kicks balls. Throughout movie. None great.

City of Women: Fellini flick has school where women line up to take target practice kicking a dummy in the nuts. One cute girl remarks that she has won two prices for "testicle-kicking."

Class of Nuke 'em High: Hot girl wearing red stockings and high heels squeezes a guy's nuts, then stomps on 'em and twists her heel around 'em! Harsh.

Class of Nuke 'em High 2: Subhumanoid Meltdown-Fishnet-wearing scientist knees a subhumanoid and makes him say "thank you." Good scene.

Clue: Madelline Kahn, in order to break up an arguement, knees one of the two men, dropping him.

Cocaine Wars: Great Kick

Colt 45: This one's tough to find, but it's a great scene. Ursula Andress, as a secret agent, runs into a horny guy in the hallway who's interrupting her mission. Feeling his state of arousal, but knowing she can't be diverted, she says, "It's a shame to waste this, but..." and knees him really hard. He goes down just like you or I would in real life (and stays down). Plus, Ursula was a young woman and looked really hot!

Commando Squad: Great Kick

Conan the Barbarian:

Conan the Destroyer: A wild-eyed Grace Jones uses her quarterstaff to rack a guy during a fight scene. (Arnold claims that she especially enjoyed nailing the stuntman during the takes :)


The Conspiracy of Fear:

Convict 762:

Cool World: A Cartoon kick

(The) Craft: Another ambigous groin hit, not worth the rental

Crash Dive 2:

Criminal Law: This movie came out in the mid 80's starring Kevin Bacon as a psycho killer. At the end of the movie he is going to attack this small woman but instead of her cowering away like you expect she attacks him. She knocks him to the ground, her on top. She is raining blows to his head and then she gives him a great knee to finish him off.

Crocidile Dundee: Linda Kozlowski is trying to get to Paul Hogan (Crocodile Dundee) when she is stopped in the subway. She drives her knee into the guys balls and runs by him as he falls. Good shot. Near end of film.

(The) Crow - City of Angels: A girl knee a old man in the groin

Cutthroat Island: Geena Davis kicks some guy in the nads early on in the film while wearing an odd Victorian-era dress...there are 2 more groin kicking by her during fights but they are harder to see (easier with a VCR that has frame-by-frame)...

Cyborg Warrior:

Dallas: The War of the Ewings:

Dangerous Ground:

Dark Tide:

D.C. Cab: Female cab driver knees a thief in the groin while he is being held by Mr. T.

Dead alive : The character Uncle Les gets nailed three times. 63m in, a woman named Paquita knees him (close-up) after she receives unwanted advances. At 69m he gets it from Paquita again, but only his reaction is on-screen. Finally, at 77m, a Zombie baby is thrown through a glass window straight into Les' groin (head butt). The hit knocks Les' toupe off and right onto the zombie child. New Zealand movie by Peter Jackson, (1992)

Dead calm: I think Nicole Kidman delivers a kick in this one, near the end. Someone e-mailed and made a correction to this descriptoin and says it is a strike with the butt of a rifle.

Deadbeat at Dawn: Guy who a girl's trying to get away from receives mutiple punches to the nads while driving.

Deadly Pursuit: I think this might be Jamie Lee Curtis. She is walking in front of the killer, when she pretends to fall. Rolls over on her back and acts like her foot is twisted. When the killer comes to have a look, she stamps upwards into his balls.

Death Machine:

Deathstalker II: This has a few kicks from the movie Amazon Queen (footage at the battle in the end). It has a FANTASTIC shot as the dopey blonde heroine is cornered by two guards. He swings his sword, she ducks, then brings her foot right up into his balls. She is wearing medieval leather boots... Fantastic! An early favourite.


Degrassi Junior High:

Demented: An innocent woman is raped and she decides to get her revenge. Main scenes then the woman convinces one of her attackers that she wants him and they are sitting on her bed kissing. She is rubbing his dick through his pants and then she undoes his pants and starts playing with his balls she then slips a thin sharp wire (like fishing line, but metal) down around his nuts and snaps her hand back taking control threatening and teasing him. Then she gets mad and pulls as hard as she can cutting his balls off. (1970's)

Demolition Man: Sandra Bullock is being held up in the air by her neck by a thug, then she kicks out her boot with a very nice view and nails his nuts! Then, she delivers 3 more kicks in a short time. Afterwards, Sylvester asks her where she learned to do that. She says "Bruce Lee movies" or something like that.

Desert Pursuit: A Larry Hagman film (He's a chopper pilot) helping a girl escape from her ex. Her ex catches up and she walks towards him with the suitcase. Larry hagman is let go to fly away. He starts the chopper up and gets ready to leave. The blonde girl opens the case and shows her ex. As she shuts it, she kicks or knees him in the balls. You can only just see it. She then runs to the chopper and they get away.

Desire and Hell at Sunset Motel:

Devil in the Flesh:

(The) Devil's Son-In-Law:

Diamonds are Forever: "Bumper" knees James Bond (Connery) in the balls. A fight near the end when he finally finds Willard White.


Doppleganger: A personal favorite. 17 year-old Drew Barrymore knees a guy in the balls after he makes lewd remarks towards her. She's really smiling after this one.

Doom Generation: Sexy lead actress tricks a guy into dancing with her, then she knees him.

Double Dragon: The male characters are twins and both (of course) are played by Jean Claude Van Damme. There is a fighting scene about the end of the movie when one of the twins (very sexy indeed, wearing combat boots and trouser) fights against a hard dike fighter, she squeezes his heads between her legs (very similar to Blade Runner) and after grabs his crotch and makes him gasp for breath... at the end he wins as usual. Also called Double Impact.

Dragnet: one of the guy's girlfriends knees one of the Satan worshippers in the nuts, then apologizes.

Dr. Mordrid:


Eliminator Woman: In the first scene the chick kicks two guys in the nads at the same time...later groin kicking are unclear due to the crappy cinematography except for one guy, who puts down his gun and dares her to fight him. She smiles, knees him in the nuts, and says "Sorry".

Endangered Species: Jobeth Williams, a cop, kicks a guy twice in the face. Though stunned, he still comes after her, so she knocks him out with a good, hard knee to the nuts. 1982.

Enter the Dragon: Lots of kicks at beginning.

Erotica: Great Kick

Every Man's Fantasy:

Every Which Way You Can: The old lady kicks and old pervert in the nuts. She later has sex with him, and you see her praying that "one nut is still OK"

Evil Dead's Trap: Japanese movie has some hard to see kicking and kneeing in the scene in which the woman's trying to get away from a killer while the lights go on and off in a strobe light manner.

Excess Baggage: Alicia Silverstone is trying to break open a door using a crow bar, then turns around and lays a good kick with her platform boots into a thug's balls. Good view of the kick.

Excessive Force II: Force on Force:

The Exorcist: Halfway through the movie, a psychiatrist is trying to hypnotize Linda Blair, who is now possessed with the devil. Thinking she is "under" he approaches, and she reaches out and grabs his nuts. The psychiatrist screams as she jumps on top of him and the other people in the room try to pull her off. The scene ends quickly though as it cuts to something else.

Exterieur Nuit:

(The) Exterminators:


Face/off: A cop was pointing a gun at this girl, and she kicks him in the groin then knees him on the head

Face The Evil:

Fair Game: Another ambiguous one. Don't waste your rental dollars.


Fallen Angel: This is a music video clip from the band POISON. Classic high-heeled kick. Excellent. From the front. Great camera angle. This shot was filmed for the effect of the kick.

Fast Forward: The women members of a group of naïve, young dancers who have come to New York City from Ohio to "make it big," are being harassed by guys, so they receive instruction in self-defense from a knowing black woman colleague: "There are a lot of things you can do, but the best thing is to kick him in the balls. Smile, wait for your target to get into range, and then crunch those jewels." A bit later this cute black instructor and her cute blonde friend run into two of their tormentors on the street. The black woman gives her friend a big smile as the two guys move in close, and one guy starts fondling the blonde's breast. All of a sudden two knees come flying up in tandem (great camera angle from the side for this shot; the jewels do indeed look crunched!) and connect in two crotches, which leaves two bullies writhing on the sidewalk. A classic BB scene. About 1985

Fast Getaway: Cynthia again, in this one she's the only one who actually knows how to fight. She kicks the main character Leo Rossi in the groin after she overhears him talking about her. There is a picture of this scene at http://www.interlog.com /~tigger/rothrock.html!

Fast Getaway II:

Fatal Beauty:

Fatal Instinct: Has a sort of decent one. a mechanic is under a car. a lady walks up and puts her beautiful leg in between his legs. She kicks his one leg. He wheels out and his nuts get rammed right into her leg. More sexy than painful though. Sean Young also throws an ice pick that lands b/w a dude's legs. She says "oh" or something.

Feds: Mary Gross is struggling to handcuff an uncooperative FBI-school classmate. Finally, she gets frustrated, so she stomps once on his foot to distract him. Then she kicks him real hard in the balls. He goes down in agony and she handcuffs him. Great scene. There's a similar scene later on where Mary and her friend do a double-kick on two unsuspecting muggers.

Femme Fontaine, Killer Babe for the CIA:

Ferocious Female Freedom Fighters:

Ferocious Female Freedom Fighters 2: Many in this one. Haven't seen it in a while, but I know there's one great back kick which is very realistic and the woman really laughs it up.

(The) Fifth Element: Milla Jololovich (Sp?) Lifting heel kicks a bad guy. OK. What a babe!


(The) First nudie musical : This film actually shows the "filming" of a short skit called "Kneed in the Groin." A sexydancer drops her top in front of her partner and as he reaches for her breasts, she powers a knee into his groin.

First Turn-on: Great bb classic! Three scenes in this one. A girl does a sexy sneakered front kick on a rapist, a "player" gets a hard knee in bed, and a woman whacks a guy's nuts with a tennis racket 'cuz a tarantula's crawling on him.

Fist of Justice:

Five Women and one Wall:

Fool for love: Kim Basinger suddenly knees her boyfriend in the middle of kissing, dropping him to the ground.

Forbidden Dance: Harsh knee from a sexy latina woman. She later makes fun of the guy when he apologizes to her. "Your pain was worse than mine," she says. Hot.

Ford Fairlane: A girl keeps giving the same guy the knee/squeeze treatment throughout the flick to shut him up. Pretty funny because he's such a jerk. I think he gets nailed 2-3 times in the flick.

(The) Four musketeers: Raquel Welch has a scene about 35-45 minutes into the movie where a prison guard who is bringing her food, unchains her wrists and immediately takes a magnificent kick in the nuts from Raquel. She tries to escape only to be foiled by a pack of dogs near her window. Frustrated, she sits on the window sill while the guard is on the floor in pain. A little later in the movie, the musketeers come to rescue her by posing as prison guards. She doesn't recognize them and proceeds to knee on in the balls. A great scene, Raquel is as sexy as ever.


Foxy Brown: Pam Grier- happens 1 hr into movie. Happens fast though.

Fraternity Vacation: A guy is giving a beautiful girl (I think it's the girl from Walker, Texas Ranger) a workout lesson in her apartment. He slides over on top of her. She asks, "What are you doing? Get off me!" He says, "Come on, you know you want it. Just relax; let it happen." She calms down, looks him in his eyes, and gives him a quick knee.

Freddy's Dead - Final Nightmare: Martial arts chick kicks Freddy in the balls.

Freejack: Amanda Plummer (a sister) kicks a bad ghoul pretty hard in the balls after he has slaped her across the face! She tells him something funny from the bible and smiles. He goes down on his knees.

Friday the 13th Part 2: Main heroine gives Jason a hard kick to the nuts near the end of the flick.

Friends 'til the End:

Fugitive Rage: Brief footage of a self-defense course in which the teacher shows how to "kick him in the groin" and "kick him hard."

Funny Money:

Fuzz: Great scene in middle of flick where Raquel Welch takes on the rapist in the park and kicks him really hard in the nuts after wrestling with him on the ground.

Gas: A cute blond girl kicks her brother (I think) after he tells her "Kick me, kick me anywhere." It's at the very beginning of the movie, so there won't be much fast-forwarding.

Gator Bait 2: New wife gets knocked down by hubbie who's teaching her how to fight so she teaches him a lesson by kneeing him squarely in the nuts. "Street fighting--- you no like?," she asks him as he slumps to the ground.

(The) Gauntlet: After Clint Eastwood slaps her round the face, Sondra Locke kicks him in the balls and says "Sorry, but I just wanted to get your brain working" or something like that. The scene is outside at night, so it is dark and you can't see much.

The Getaway Coup:

(The) Ghoul:

G.I. Jane:

Gimme an 'f': A guy comes to watch a lousy cheerleader team practice. He stands behind one of the girls, she turns and accidentally punches him in the balls.

Girlfriend from hell: The aforementioned girlfriend knees the same guy unconvincingly in two totally different hairstyles at two different points in the movie. Quite stupid.

Girls School:

Girls Town: Several girls attack a guy and one of them knees him.


Good Girl, Bad Girl: A comedy from early 90's. It's got some great scenes. Probably 3 or 4 off screen kicks and they tie this guys balls up with a device and when they dont get the info they want they pull on it. One girl says "your nuts are going to be mashed potatoes."

Good Girls Don't: More bb from the director of Vice Academy! A really solid knee scene in this one. The girl later apologizes. There's also an off-screen kick.

Grease: Has a scene in which John Trovolta and Olivia Newton John when to a drive-in. He was trying to get into her pants and she got out of the car. He tried to follow. She slams the door, hitting him in the balls.

Gross Out: Guy trying to gross out a mean woman gets his balls comedically squeezed.

The Guyver:

Gwendoline: The guy gets kneed in the balls by Gwendoline's friend after he comes on to Gwendoline.

Halloween H20: Jamie Lee Curtis either kicks or knees Michael Myers in H20. It's QUICK, so I almost missed it.

Hail Caesar!:

Happy Birthday to Me:


Hardbodies: This film has a scene of a girl wearing a shortskirt kneeing an older guy in the groin, looked very realistic to me. (I)(1980's)

Hardbodies 2:

Hard to Die: A few scenes in this one, but it's all offscreen. Still, it's implied that the killer gets multiple kicks and knees and the girls look hot.


Hell Comes to Frogtown: Sandahl Bergman kicks a toad guy 3 times, off-camera

Heroic Trio 2: Executioners: This Hong Kong flick has a very quick back heel about half an hour into it. Probably not worth it if you don't want to watch the film, but what makes it good is that Maggie Cheung does it. It is not perfectly visible and she knocks the guy out right after that so there's not much reaction.

High Heeled Punishers: Japanese revenge comedy features kicks, knees, and a really hard stomp down onto a guy's balls.

High Risk:

Hollow Point:

Hollywood Vice Squad:

Home Alone 2:

Home Alone 3: In the previews, they show two burglars in some kid's room. The kid's pet mouse runs up the leg of the male burglar. The female burglar, who is very attractive, tells him, "Don't move!" She then takes her crowbar, winds up, and swings it full-force into the guys balls - the camera angle is through the legs! The preview ended with the guy screaming in a saprano voice!

Hot potato : Black belt Jones 2: Irene Tsu does quite a bit of groin kicking. In one scene she beats up a gang of men; one she holds by the legs and then kicks him in the balls,another who tried to kick her she holds his leg and then knees him in the nuts. In the same fight scene she also kicks 2 men in the balls owhile blocking their punches (these 2 are not so good can't see them clearly). Later on one of the co-stars stops fighting and asks her to fix his hat to which she replies with a kick to his groin(brill!).

Hot Stuff: In the middle of a comic free for all, Suzanne Pleshette very flirtatiously places her hands on the shoulders of a guy as if she wants to kiss him, but then all of a sudden delivers a hard knee to his gonads. The guy's head lolls back, and he slumps to the floor, knocked out. Off camera, but still pretty good. Also some background action in the same scene showing two women with a guy pinned to the wall, kneeing him repeatedly (look close for this one).1979

Housewife: 80 mins into the movie, a nice woman is trying to get an older man into bed. He puts up a little struggle so she gives his balls a quick squeeze he says "ahh please let go ahh." Short and sweet.

Howling Part 3: Knee

(The) Human Tornado:

Hundra: There are many scenes and one very great sqeezing scene. A very hot girl squeezes the balls of a big man. His reaction is also nice!

I Married an Axe Murderer: Near the end of the movie, Michael Myers is fighting his wifes sister on the roof and at one point she kicks him in the nuts. Michael Myers stops and looks into the camera with a look of pain on his face. He then kicks her in her crotch.

I Spit On Your Grave: About an hour into the movie, a woman who was raped gets her revenge.

In The Mouth of Madness:

The Imposters:

The Invisible Man: Darryl Hannah kicks a diver in the balls.

Iron Eagle 3:

Jackson County Jail: Pretty Yvette Mimieux knees a jailor trying to rape her. Despite his pain he manages to screw her, though afterwards he limps off holding his still aching crotch. 1976.

Jason Goes to Hell - Final Friday: Woman knees a possessed cop in the nuts. Not a good view, but the knee's there.

Jerky Boys: Some guys kidnap this lady. Then her son's friend comes to save her. She gets up and kicks two guys in the balls.

Jerry McGuire:

Josh Kirby, Time Warrior:

Judge Roy Bean: the only ball busting is in the first 5 or 10 minutes. Paul Newman as the hero rides up to a remote cantina. He wanders in, not realizing it's a bad guy hangout. While he's standing at the bar drinking, one of the dance hall gals winks at her pals. Then she kneels down behind Newman, slaps her hand up between his legs, and grabs him by the balls. The startled Newman turns around to free himself. Big mistake, Paul ... because by then the bar gal is already rising to her feet and rams a solid knee right squarely into his nuts. Newman turns white and falls to the floor.

Jumpin' Jack Flash: I hate this one. First Whoopi Goldberg lashes out at a guy's crotch who is trying to saw her skull open, then she bites some old guy's groin. This movie is totally 80s and nasty. Blech.

Just Tell Me What You Want: Ali McGraw gets mad at hubbie Alan King because he's trying to dump her. She runs him down in a store and proceeds to knee him hard twice. 1980.


Kentucky Fried Movie:

Kickboxer 4:

Killer Nerd: The killer nerd gets a good kick from a high heeled fishnetted victim that's lying on the ground. There's also a scene of interest in the sequel, Bride of Killer Nerd. A girl being watched in a shower says "you deserve a swift kick in the nuts" to the guy watching her.

Kingpin: Female lead gets into a fight with Woody Harillson (SP?) and kicks him in the nuts TWICE. He says, "You must have a wide foot -caughs- because you got them BOTH!" According to Hundra, this scene was done with a male stand-in.

King Solomon's Mines:

Kiss Me Guido: A thirty-ish woman slams her hand up into a buff young Italian huy and squeezes his nuts when she's really angry.

Kiss the Girls: This guy is on top of Ashley Judd and is holding her down. He is putting her arms in the air trying to handcuff her. After a while she gives him a well deserved knee in the nuts. Its not the greatest I've seen but its good.


(The) Ladies club: A group of women band together to neutralize rapists after being outraged by them. They plot to capture and castrate convicted rapists who are on the prowl. They castrate several and there is scene in the end where a woman knocks a man unconscious after a struggle and then grinds his nuts into the kitchen floor as he lays there spread-eagle unconscious.

Ladybugs: This teenage guy is "disguised" as a girl and is playing on a girls soccer team. He is pretty confident about his playing abilities so as runs up in front of a girl on the other team he kinda chuckles to himself like "this is gonna be easy", but much to his surprise (and pain) the girl kicks the ball right up into his nuts.

Lady Dragon: Cynthia Rothrock knees the bad guy in the nuts near the end of the movie unexpectedly...soon after, during a fight she kicks him like 4 times in the nuts all in a row...

Lady in Red: Cute Pamela Sue Martin, the woman in red who ends up betraying John Dillinger in that Chicago theater, is stopped on the street by some young punk demanding money from her "for protection." Without further ado, she knees him in the nuts and he collapses to the sidewalk, holding his crotch. "Did I hurt you?" she asks. "Of course I did." 1970's.

Lap Dancing: This scene is in the last third. A guy with a mask tries to rape a woman. First it seems that it works, but then another girl appears behind him with a gun, he's very suprised, raises his hands and then the other girl knees him roughly in his balls. He's going down on his knees, the girl with the gun takes his mask off and it's the boy-friend of the girl he wanted to rape!!!

Last action hero: Arnold again, damn, he takes quite a lot of abuse...this time though, he's off the hook. His daughter kicks a guy in the nuts after he pushes her onto a bed (through the legs, best kind).

Last Assassins:

Last Embrace: Roy Scheider insists on bringing husband-killer Janet Margolin to Justice, although they are now lovers. She gives him a hug, and then sends a swift knee into his nuts, and runs off while he collapses on the ground, grabbing his aching crotch. 1979.

Last house on the left: After a gang tortures and kills an innocent families daughter they unexpectedly shack up with the family and suffer great revenge. Main highlight is when the mother of the girl ties one of the killers hands behind his back and proceeds to give him head, but just before he cums she snaps and bites his dick and balls as hard as she can. Pretty old but it's wild (1972) .

Lazar Mission: Kick

Leaving normal: Near the end of the movie, she knee's a guy who continues to bother her.

(The) Legend of Billie Jean: The whole movie is based on a teenage girl kneeing men in the balls. Don't mess with this chick!

Leprechaun III: Sleazy boss tries to fuck an employee so she knees him in the nuts and runs out of the room crying.

Lethal Weapon 3: The lead chick kicks a guy in the nads (foot through the legs which is the coolest), then grabs a guy's crotch in the same fighting sequence.

The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean:

Lisa: Stacy Keenan gives the bad guy a hard, enjoyable knee near the end of the flick.

Little Darlings: Has a scene, in the first scene, where some guy says something nasty to Kristy McNichol. She smiles, then kicks him right in the balls with her instep. He falls towards the camera with a goofy face.

Little Vera:

Llsa - Harem Keeper of the Oil Sheiks:

Lovelines: In that sceneMary Beth Evans drives her knee all the way up and through Greg Bradford's balls! She holds nothing back and you can tell that she has no reservations about kneeing a guy in balls - unlike most actreses! The "Lovelines" ballbust is every bit as realistic as any in Scott's videos and the scene is shot close up so you can see the full impact! M.B. Evans is waring  as short red skirt in the scene and her legs are just fenominal! To appreciate the full realism of this bust you should watch it in slow motion! Also, M.B. Evans sexyness and humor after the bust is a refreshing change from all the "karate babes from hell" who pull their kicks in the movies we've been seeing lately

Lust For Freedom: Sexy blonde wearing jeans knees a native american guy in the balls for fucking with her.

(The) Mackintosh Man:

Mad Max: Within first 30 minutes of the movie, Mel gibson's girlfriend is holding an ice cream and is suddenly surrounded by mean biker dudes. One comes up to her and she acts all cute and feeds him some ice cream, then rams her knee up.


Mallrats: There is a ball punching scene.


(The) Man with the golden gun: Great scene where two Asian girls kick a karate Asianman in the nuts, from behind. He's really out of it, too.

Marked For Death: In the second half of the movie, Steven Seagal's wife is cornered in her house by this Rasta guy and she kicks him straight betweeen the legs. She is wearing jeans and you can see her foot slamming up his buttcrack!

(The) Mask: The mask puts on a "French" costume and picks up Cameron Diaz, bending her over backwards at the waist. She knees him in the crotch.

Mean Guns:

Mission of Justice:

Mi Vida Loca: There is a knee i think around 30 to 40 min into movie. sexy if you love latina ball busters.:)

Modern Girls: At the end, a guy is hassling a girl near a fountain. She knees him.

Mom and Dad Save the World:


Mothers Day: Great 80's horror flick has a really realistic bare knee to the nuts scene.

Mountain Men: Charleton Heston, old "Moses" himself, gets a swift foot in the crotch on camera from an Indian maiden in this Western. The other trappers and Indian woman who witness this kick all cackle and mock him. 1980.

Mr. Magoo:

Mr. Nice Guy: jackie chan- there are 2 bbs in this one. a stomp and a grab. both happen in the last 20 min

Munecas Peligrosas:

Murphy's Law: A grab and a knee in this one. Near the beginning Charles Bronson chases a petty thief down a dark deserted alleyway. When the (to be heroine) gets cornered she wanders up close to Bronson before powering her knee up into his groin. Leter on (I think about the middle of the movie) the now heroine grabs and twists a policemans testicles when he moves in for a quick one !

My Girlfriend from Hell: Two kicks, two knees. The spirit of an evil entity (from hell) posesses the body of a girl. Her hunter (who doubles as an eternal lover) comes after her. At first she knee's him (in the closet). Then she knees him near a window before she falls out. Later, the guy is picked off the floor by two women. He grabs their butts, and the both turn around and punch him, knocking him over backwards. They then both swing their legs back and kick himin the nuts at the same time! Pity it's so dark.

My Lovely Burnt Brother and His Squashed Brain: Has a scene very similar to some of the stuff in scott's videos. A woman wearing heels kicks a guy who's down on the ground over and over and over and over for two straight minutes. Hot.

Naked Fist: The girl is fighting (she is naked). She kicks a guy in the balls.

Naked Gun:

Naked Killer: Sexy Asian woman knees a guy. She's wearing flesh-colored stockings and sneakers.

Naked Lies:

Natural Born Killers:

Necessary roughness: Kathy Ireland, football player (yeah right...she lost to an 11 year old on a children's gameshow) thwacks a guy where it counts after he pushes her to the ground saying "Welcome to football". After she kicks him, she says, "Welcome to foot BALL." Stupid, stupid, stupid, but a good scene

Nemesis 2:

Never Cry Rape:

New Fist of Fury: Early Jackie Chan movie. To prove their martial arts school is the best, they send a chick to beat the crap out of some other school. She kicks two guys in the nads at the same time...

Night at the Roxbury: Guy gets a knee from someone who he's trying to dance with.

Night fire: Several in this one. At the start, Rochelle Swanson kicks a guy four or five times when he is on the floor after a fight. Later on, she knees another guy. She is wearing a bikini, and looks hot, though the knee isn't all that realistic. At the end, Shannon Tweed also gets the same guy, this time a squeeze.


Nightmare on Elm Street III: Sexy teenager wearing blue socks kicks a doctor in the balls.

Night of the Comet: girl knees a zombie in the groin and then the head.


976 Evil 2: Mediocre knee delivered in a jail cell. I don't remember this one well.

Ninja Academy: One of my personal favorite kicks! A cute young woman kicks a ninja in the nuts, jiggles her leg up and down a bit, laughs, and says "you wouldn't hurt a pretty little thing like me, would you?"

No contest: A Shannon Tweed movie which features a couple of good clips.One is when she is fighting one of the hoods and kicks him between the legs you see the foot from behind. The other has one of the female hostages kneeing a guy in the groin. There are a few others but not quite as clear as these 2.

No Escape No Surrender 2:

No Holds Barred:

(The) Nutty nut: Woman in cute tennis suit kicks guy in balls

Nymphoid Barbarian in Dinosaur Hell: Brief kick scene that's really not too memorable. The girl's wearing knee high boots and seems to really be kicking the guy.

Oblivion 2:

The Octagon: A Chuck Norris film. A girl in black knee-high boots (flat heel) kicks the baddie in the balls, and escapes with secret information. At the beginning.

Octopussy: Short, near the end a girl disguised as a dancer strikes a guard down there.

Once Upon a Crime:

Operation Condor: in this one, two lady friends of the hero have been captured and are going to be sold as slaves. In disguise, he bids the highest for them and he goes up to set them free but before he has a chance to tell her who he is, one of them lashes out with her foot and kicks him in the crotch and says "Get away from me!"

Original Gangstas:


The Owl and The Pussycat: George Segal gets racked yet again, this time from Barbara Streisand in a sexy cat suit. A fairly decent knee on camera. Early 1970's.

Painted Hero: has a short ballbust scene about an hour in. Its a kneeshot from a girl dressed in black to the sheriff.

Panther Squad: Many! there's punches...and kicks, one of them on a pool table..the last one is Sybill Danning who kicks a guy in the nuts through the legs. This one rules, hard to find.

Party Girl: Tipsy Parker Posey, a New York City librarian (!), gets tired of the guy who helped her walk home when he persists in putting the moves on her, so she doubles him up with a hard knee to the gonads and pushes him out her apartment door. Off screen (below camera level) but still pretty decent BB scene. 1995

Passport to Murder:

Payback: Many. The first is ~45 min into movie. Many knees and strikes from Lucy Liu (Ling Woo from "Ally McBeal"), who plays a pro domme who really gets into the bb action, among other things. This one's a gem!

P.C.U.: Female student protester uses the wooden handle of her sign to take out the bully chasing her boyfriend. Good delivery and reaction.

A Perfect world: At the end of the movie a special agent lady drives her knee (pretty hard) dead in the balls of another male agent who just got up from a beating. Its a nice movie to watch.

Phantasm 2: There is this scene where a hot looking girl nail this guy in the balls with a shovel. She then hits him across the head. This causes him to fly into this crematory fire where he gets burned to death. This is towards the last 40 minutes of the movie.

(The) Phantom: 1 punch to balls (early). One kick to balls and one knee to balls (later) The punch is really visible.

Pheonix The Warrior: After all the men on earth are dead or enslaved one guy is living on his own, the female lead and her friend are fighting with the guy and the lead nails him.. Approx. 45 minutes into the movie.

Pirate Queen:

Pleasantville: but there's a knee scene.

Poetic Justice: Janet Jackson kicks a guy from behind wearing hiking boots. He is attacking another girl. She really hurts him.

Point Break: At mid-point of the movie a naked, blonde biker chick jumps Keanu Reeves and knees him twice. Way hot

Point of No Return:

Police Academy VI: The "Tough" chick cop calls a gang leader over to fight her. She kicks him and then beats up the rest of the gang.

Predator 2 - pretty early on a female cop grabs a male colleague for some reason

Pretty Smart: Hot girl intentionally nails a guy with a tennis ball in a tennis match. "New balls please," she slyly says as the guy collapses.


Prime Risk: A hacker's girlfriend knee's the baddies in the balls when they get caught.

The Princess Academy:

Prison Planet:

Private Resort: Big college student-looking guy goes to this white hindu girl for meditation. She pulls off her robe exposing her nakedness. He pulls off his shorts and the girl's eyes oggle at his genital area (don't ask me why). So anyways they're both naked and about to get into it when they are interrupted by an incoming group of people, comprising the hindu chick's auntie, Johnny Depp, & another guy who is hand in hand with two great looking girls. The hindu girl, reacting quickly, cups her hand around the guy's naked crotch to hide it from the people. Her auntie asks her whats going on, and that they have to go, and basically irritates the hindu-white chick. All the while she has her hand on the guy's balls and the more she gets irritated, the more she squeezes them. While this is happening, the girls who are arm in arm with the guy are laughing their heads off because they know what is happening, and the victim of the nut crunch is whining and the tendons on his neck are sticking out. Finally the hindu chick realizes what she's doing and looks down at her hand (which is still squeezing his balls) and grins.

Private Road: BB Queen, Mitzi Kapture, gives the guy who's been pestering her a pretty realistic knee on camera right after her boyfriend drives off. 1980's.

Problem Child:

Problen Child 2:

Psycho Sisters:

Psychos in love: Hot Molly Ringwold lookalike kicks a rapist in the nuts while lying on her back.

Quick and the dead: A western movie with Sharon Stone. The setting is in a bar where an ugly thug just raped a younger girl that Stone is fond of. When she arrives, she hears him bragging about it and starts to beat him up calling him on. But in the wild west you don't fight with your hands, you use guns. But how do you fight dirty if you are in a gunfight you say? Sharron Stone found the ultimate way... while the thug was in rage trying to get a good shot at Stone, she decided to shoot him right in his nuts!!!

Quigley Down Under: with Tom Selleck has a nice-looking young lady being held from behind by an attacker. As another approaches, she kicks him in the balls.

Raising Cain:


Rape is Not an Option:

The Real Blonde:

(The) Real McCoy: Brutal scene where Kim Basinger knees a
goon 3 times in rapid succession.

Recruits: Another bb classic! Many scenes here. A woman cop beats a guy's nuts with a nightstick, a guy gets kneed in the shower (off-screen), another guy gets kneed, and a pack of cheerleaders take turns kicking and kneeing a group of bad guys. Very cool.

Red Hot Mama: Totally nude Joan Prather does a slow turn in front of Tom Skerritt and then delivers a pretty realistic knee to the nuts, before running off. 1970's.

Red Sonja:

Repo Man:

Reterminator: The girl jumps of a plane wing, and kicks a guy in the balls. Twice if you are watching carefully.

Return of the Swamp Thing:

The Rich Man's Wife:

Risk in the Air:


Rob Roy:

Robin Hood, prince of Thieves: Lead female knees Robin in the nads when he is not expecting it, early in the movie (after the fight with him and her in the suit of armor) she doesn't know it's him.

Robocop 2: There is a scene where this bum steals this old lady's money and then gets jumped by two women who repeatedly kick and stomp his nuts. The scene is dark but you can see it.

(The) Rocketeer: near the end, Jennifer Connely stomps the foot of a Nazi officer and kicks him out of the blimp. U can barely tell it's a groin kick, and it's rather stupid, but just to help u get a complete list...

The Rocky Horror Picture Show:

Romeo is Bleeding: a hot Lena Olin pounds down on Gary Oldman's broken foot from behind. As he doubles over to stop it, she reaches up and grabs and sweezes his balls. It's really nice.

Rooftops: The girlfriend of the hero thinks she is being chased down the street by a rival gang member so turns and knees the guy in the groin, unfortunately it turns out to be her boyfriend

Rough Magic: Bridget Fonda does a barefoot stomp down onto her possibly dead boyfriend. You can tell she didn't really stomp on the guy, but they do show her foot crunching his crotch.

Rumble in the Bronx: Jackie Chan runs into a girl and she knees him really hard in the balls.


(The) Running man: lead chick punches Arnold, who kidnapped her, in the groin early in the movie in a mall after stomped on his foot.

Ruthless People:


Satan's Sadists:

Savage Beach: The bad guys have the two secret agent girls covered with guns. He said "I say we should tie them up". The cute blonde responds with "Tie this up" and kicks him in the balls. Wearing cowgirl boots. (She is an ex-playmate).

Scenes from a Mall: Bette Midler knee's Woody Allen while at a table.

Scream: Drew Barrymore is being attacked. The guy is on top of her and she plants a good knee...right in his nuts, knocking him off of her. Then, Neve Campbell is being attacked and she flips the guy, then gets on top of him and knees him in the nuts (although when played back in slow motion...she really puts her knee beside him, but the camera angle makes it work at regular speed).

Scrooged: Pretty blond angel (the second ghost) flies up to Scrooge and kicks him in the nuts.

See No Evil, Hear No Evil:

Senseless: one of the wayans bros. happens at 1hr and 17 min. this black women kicks him in the balls while he's on the floor. you see her foot go between his legs. best i've seen in a long time.

Sgt. Kabukiman, NYPD: Great scenes here. A woman wearing sneakers kicks a rapist in the park VERY hard, an Asian martial arts trainer whacks Kabukiman with a stick in the balls a couple of times, and the same woman knees and taunts Kabukiman during training. "The best way to get a man's attention is through his neather-regions," she says.

Shadow Creature:

Shame: The victim (who is brutally murdered shortly after for this) has been raped. She is sitting on the back seat of a car, and her rapist is across from her. She drives her heel into his balls (for which he pushes her from a moving car and she dies.). Later, a Bikie Lawyer Female etc, kicks the same guy in the balls, wearing leather boots. I guess it's not his day.

Shanghai Surprise: A fat chinese guy holds up a bag of jems out of reach from Madonna. He mentions something about a ball game. Madonna knees him in the balls and says "How's THIS for a ball-game"

(The) Shining: (1997 television version) A cute blonde kicks that wings guy right in the groin!

Shocker: Little possessed girl delivers a hard kick.

Shoot to Kill:

Showgirls: There is a scene b/t the front and middle of the movie where the heroine knees some dude while they are dancing. She spins around and really nails him good and hard.

Shrimp on the Barbie:

Silk Stalkings:

Silvia Kristel's:

Single White Female:

Sleeping With the Enemy: Julia Roberts realistically knees her abusive husband in the nuts during the finale. He's dancing with her and she totally takes him by surprise and gets him good. She's wearing a nightgown, I believe.

Slime City:

Smilla's Sense of Snow:

Soapdish: 45 minutes into the movie. They are trying to film a scene for a soap opera. The guy keeps screwing up so the girl gives him a good knee to the nads. Good view of her leg connecting with his balls. Her reaction was good too.

So I Married an Axe Murderer: Near the end of the movie, Michael Myers is fighting his wifes sister on the roof and at one point she kicks him in the nuts. Michael Myers stops and looks into the camera with a look of pain on his face. He then kicks her in her crotch.

Something to talk about: This movie has a great scene in which the cheating husband pulls up to his wife's house and she tells her sister to keep him busy. So he walks in thru the door and his wife's sister gives him a really solid knee at a good camera angle. She is wearing a sweater, a black skirt, and some sexy dark pantyhose.After this she says to her sister "You said to keep him busy. He's busy holding his nuts."

Sorority House Massacre: Girl accidentally knees her bf in the nuts when he sneaks up on her.

Sorority House Massacre Part 2: Cruel-looking girl knees the killer in the nuts and really seems to love the fact that she's getting to do it. We're talking a seriously callous actress here. I love it.


Splash: Darryl Hannah ( as a mermaid) kicks a diver in the balls.

Spy Hard:

St. Valentine's Day Massacre: George Segal is struggling with his blonde girlfriend wearing only a brief slip over a mink stole he gave her and now wants back. She gets thrown onto a bed, where she seems to give up. So George starts to climb on top of her with a lecherous look on his face, when all of a sudden she delivers a fierce knee from underneath and he slumps to the floor grabbing his throbbing crotch. Off camera but still a good scene. About 1967.


Stand Up Virgin Soldier: A British 70's sex comedy where a big woman throws men around by their balls.

Stars and Bars: Preacher reaches underneath the table at a big dinner and runs his hand up a young girls thigh. He begins to give a speech when she puts her hand on his thigh and slides it up to his crotch. She gives it a little feel and then proceeds to squeeze his balls. He's in the middle of a speech and he practically cries his way through it. Nobody else at the table knows what's going on. Great shot.

Stewardess school: Some chick wearing all pink knees her self defense instructor.

Stir Crazy: I don't know if there is any physical bb, but a woman tells gene wilder something like "get out of my way or I'll kick you in the nuts"

Stomp of the Dragon:

(The) Stoned age: Hippie girl kicks a hippie guy in the nads after he chases after her. He rolls around on the ground and she smiles at him and I think asks him if he is alright.

Stormy Monday: 1 hour into the movie, Melanie Griffith is seated next to a slob who's making unwelcomed advances. Not wanting to make a scene at this public event, she casually slides her hand up the inside of his thigh. Thinking she's responding to his charms, he lets her ALL the way up. A second later, he's sorry, as she's obviously squeezing him very hard, so hard that he can't make a sound. He just sits frozen with a pained expression on his face. When she finally lets go and calmly gets up and leaves. I'm surprised no one's added this to your list; it's not a classic kick or knee, but it's very gripping.

Strange days: There are several ones in that movie. But the one at the end of it, is really wild. Angela Basset knees the nads of a cop (once again!) which results in a riot!!


Streets of Rage:

Stripes: Description 1: John Candy "sort of" gets kicked in the nuts as a primer to his mud wrestling match. Description 2: Has a kick nut scene where the woman boots a soldier in the balls.

Stroker Ace: Ned Beatty is naked and jumping up and down on his bed, trying to make a move on Loni Anderson, who is wearing tan sandal heels and tan hose.

Sudden Impact: A dirty harry movie. its about a woman who has been raped, and is dealing her own justice. i have only seen this one part near the very end, at a carnival/amusement park place. this woman (not good-looking, but not ugly) is being taken to be raped by these bad guys, and she taunts them about them having to rape her dead body, and can they get it up this time, and other nonsense. the main guy slaps her, and she comes back quickly with a kick to the groin, the camera is kinda far back, but the shot is from behind, through the legs (always good for kicks, seeing the toe in front of the butt, and all).

Sudden Thunder:

Sugar Hill:

Summer Camp:

Summer Job: There's a scene near the end where this guy grabs a girl's chest and says, "Here's a little support," and she grabs his balls hard and squeezes the hell out of them and says "Here's a little support for you!"

Swamp Thing: Adrianne Barbeau knees a tough guy on a boat when he kisses her.

Swamp Thing 2: Heather Locklear knees a guy twice in a 5 minute sequence, the more memorable being a scene where she was being chased and throws glass bottles at her attacker which he karate chops away, saying something to the effect of learned that in 'nam. Then Heather knees him in groin saying weekend in la. good scenes wearing nice skirt knee goes high allowing view of pink flats she is wearing. This takes place in the first 45 minutes of the movie.

Sweet Justice:

Sweet Sugar:

Switch:: Toward the end of the movie, Ellen Barkin goes into labor. Right before she gives birth she has some major contractions. Jimmy Smitts, the father, is standing right beside her bed. To get through the pain of the first contraction, she reaches out and squeezes his unsuspecting balls with a passion - there's a close up of his groin and his face! Before he's had a chance to recover, she has another contraction. She reaches out again, squeezes, AND YANKS DOWN - another close up!

Switchblade Sisters: Good dialog follows a harsh knee to the nuts delivered by a cute heavy-set girl.

(The) Sword and the Sorceror: The Girl (Alana) knees 4 times. It's great. The shots are poor, but she seduces the guys first so she can really hurt them.

Sword of Honour:

Tank Girl:

TC-2000: Leather-clad Bibbie Philips kicks a guy right in the nuts with her instep. Nice brutal kick with a great view from between his legs. She then proceeds to kick his ass

Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2: Some vague booted kick and knee action in the finale.

That Naughty Girl:

That Night:

Thelma and Louise:

They Call Me Bruce: A female ninja brings her fist up between a guys legs in a barfight.

They Still Call Me Bruce: A girl knees the bad guy in the balls at a fight. At the end. Great shot. Good reaction. She is wearing ankle boots.

The Thin Line Between Love and Hate:

Think Big:

(The) Three Amigos:

Three Men and a Baby: At the beginning of the movie, this guy was video taping everyone at this party. He begin talking with his best friend's wife, who was describing her husband. She told him that he had the most amazing, then she brought her knee into his crotch. He said something in a high voice afterwards. She was wearing sexy hose, and a nice skirt.

(The) Three Musketeers:


(The) Three Ninjas: (all of them)


Thunder In The Sun: The oldest BB scene I've ever seen on film is in this Western from the late 1950's. Jeff Chandler, a cowboy, is trying to steal a kiss from spitfire Susan Hayward. She keeps turning her head this way and that to avoid his lips. Finally she gets sick and tired of this routine and jabs a quick knee on camera into his testicles, and he collapses onto the ground, where he massages his aching privates. Now the wiser, he approaches Susan quite warily the rest of the flick.

Tightrope: Woman teaching self-defense seems to get a kick out of kicking a dummy in the nads.

Time Lock:

Tomboy: It's at the party scene and the brunette is wearing a leather jacket and leather miniskirt. she's on the dance floor and this old guy grabs her and starts dancing with her, so she knees him in the balls. It's a close up scene and pretty good

Toolbox Murders: Good hard knee in the first attack scene.

Total recall: After grabbing his wife (who just shot a gun at him), Arnold gets hit in the groin by her. Then she savagely kicks him in the balls again. Later on, she stomps on his nads after he's taken down by 5 guys. Weirdly, a midget female stabs a guy's crotch too. That one is messed up but the others are great.

Troma's War: Knee scene that's not too memorable somewhere in the middle.

Trouble bound: Patricia Arquette is being held in the air and another thug steps in front of her and says something like "look who's winning now" she says "I am" and kicks him in the nuts. It's a night scene so it's dark.

True Lies: Jamie Lee Curtis knee's a secret agent when she is busted out of the caravan.

Twelfth Night: Yes, there is BB even in Shakespeare. The leading lady, Viola, allegedly disguised as a guy, but she's too cute to fool anybody, gets into a freewheeling sword fight with a real guy. One thing leads to another and she delivers a swift knee to his crotch. For the rest of the sword fight one of his hands stays cupped to his aching balls. About 1996.

Twenty One: Amazing! Girl seduces a guy at his wedding, makes him drop his pants, then knees him and laughs at him. "Don't mean to tell me you're going to get all precious over a little pain in the balls," she says to him. Sexy.


Undercover Heat:

Une Femme Tres Curieuse: A 70's French film. The beautiful Bernadette Lafont, the small town's prostitute, is approached by a guy inside her house eager for a freebie. Outraged, she knees him to the ground, and then proceeds to literally kick him out of her house with the sharp points of her shoes. She must deliver 20 kicks before he's rolling down her front steps. A neighbor finds him on a bench doubled up, holding his nuts. "Did she hurt you?" he asks. No shit. The BB is not the most realistic, but I'd still consider this a classic for all the kicks and the general sexiness of the flick. I doubt if this one is out on video. The director is a woman, Nelly Kaplan.

Unholy Rollers: Early bb in which a roller skate chick knees a mean guy in the locker room. After he complains and says something about her needing her own pair of balls she says "I've already got balls---yours!".

Unsane: Dario Argento horror flick has a mugger get a hard knee and kick from a heeled woman. There's also tons of foot fetish stuff in this one (heels shoved down throats, etc.).

Valet Girls: Fun off-screen knee scene in which a bunch of girls get a good laugh out of a mean boss' pain.


Velvet Smooth: Several knees and kicks.

Vendetta: 1 hour into the movie, a male prison guard attempts to rape a sexy blonde female inmate.She then grabs him by the balls for about 20 seconds with two hands. He then sits down in obvious agony from having his balls squeezed, and she kicks him in the face and knocks him out while he is still holding his balls and escapes.

Very Bad Things:

V.I. Warshawski: After kicking two guys in the groin (one just one scene before) she grabs a nutcracker shaped like a women's legs and says "you know what this is" and she squeezes him to make him talk. After she gets what she wants out of him she jabs him with it in the groin.

Vibes: Leggy Cindi Lauper knees a guy.

Vice Academy: The class instructor lady is teaching self-defense and demonstrates some by kneeing a guy in the balls. One girl asks "can each of us try that?" so about 20 or so line up and take turns kneeing him. Some of the knees are pretty bad (look like thigh shots), but a lot are pretty good; although the sound effects are downright bizarre... later the instructor knees the guy again.

Vice Academy 4: Fantastic mean-spirited scene during a twister game! After a "right foot red" command, a guy gets a sexy socked foot right in his balls! And she holds it there and jiggles around a bit. Really hot scene.

Vice Academy 5: High-heeled Woman tries to kick a guy but misses. Her friend says "that's right--- kick him where it counts."

Vice Academy 6: Bikini Bandits-Good scene with a realistic high heel to the balls.

Vice Girls:

Victim of Desire: There is a great scene in the last third of this film. A women knees a man in a kitchen. Full view and close up for about 30 seconds. He's holding his balls and you can really fell his pain. GREAT !!!! (USA, 1995)

War of the Roses: A few footjobs, and Cathleen Turner bites Michael Cane's penis (implied)

Washing Machine: Italian version of Witches of Eastwick has a woman kneeing a guy and holding her knee up in his crotch for a few seconds. It also features a woman getting a guy off with her knee.

Wasp Woman:

WCW Bash at the Beach:

Weird Science: I don't know if there is any physical bb, but Kelly LeBrock says, "...then she kicked you in the nuts and called you a faggot in front of anybody."

What's Love Got to do With it?:

When Dinosaurs Ruled The Earth: Near the end, one of the cavegirls is being grabbed by one of the cavemen who wants to sacrifice her, so she grabs him and puts her foot between his legs and pushes him to the ground.

When Harry Met Sally:

Whispers in the Dark:

White Dog: About 15-20 minutes into the movie, Kristy MacNichol finds a stray dog that unwittingly attacks black people on sight. She wants to keep it after she is attacked by a rapist in her home. Before the dog can turn him into Gravy Train, she grabs his balls and squeezes the hell out of them. One of my all-time fave BB scenes. Great close-up scene and Kristy is hot in the film.

White Fire:

Wicked Weapons:


Wild Orchid 2: Two Shades of Blue: Vague black stocking-clad knee to the balls.

Wind From Wyoming:

Witchboard 2: Off-screen kick is followed by a really sexy conversation about ballbusting.

White Squall: In the beginning one guy squezes (sp?) another guy in the groin for saying his stunt was stupid. it is ambiguos as to what happens. in another scene another guy gets kneed in the groin by an angry cuban.

Window to Paris:

Wolf: Michelle Pfeiffer knees James Spader in the balls.

Women on Wheels: Many kicks. A waitress kicks her boss in the balls after hitting him with a red hot frypan. (good) A bikie chick kicks a guy in the balls, pushes him into a pool table then stamps his balls into it. The leader (chick) is fighting the hero (Bourne) ans she kicks him in the balls (throught he legs shot). He bends over into her and while she knees him, he arms grenades on her backpack. She goes boom later. (I bet his balls already went boom)

(The) Women's Club:

Zero Woman:

Zipperface: Overlooked ballbusting classic! Three hard stockinged knees by three different actresses in three different scenes. Really rough, dead-on knees in this one.

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