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What people are saying about Love Finds You in Humble, Texas

Trudie Abernathy has never felt she could compete with her sister, Lane, who seems to lead a charmed life, while Trudie attracts trouble like metal filings to a magnet. But the sisters are very close, and it’s Trudie’s birthday. Lane has rented a limo and made reservations at the most expensive restaurant in town. She has also invited Mason Wimberley, a man she used to date but has decided he’d be perfect for Trudie. Mason and Trudie hit it off right away. They have a lot in common, and the attraction between them is strong from the beginning. Romance is in the air, and for the first time in her life, Trudie is in love, and Mason gives every indication of feeling the same about her. Then Lane decides she gave him away too soon and she wants him back. Trudie is faced with two choices, neither of them good. She can give up the man she loves, or she can hurt her sister. She loves Mason, but she also loves Lane, so she decides to step aside. However, God and Mason have other ideas.

Anita Higman always tells a good story, and I really enjoyed Love Finds You In Humble Texas. A tantalizing tale of love with endearing characters and believable conflict combined with a strong faith message. Love Finds You In Humble Texas is a book readers of romance and women’s fiction will thoroughly enjoy. Recommended.

Reviewed by Barbara Warren

* * * * *

Trudie Abernathy has never equaled her sister, Lane, in sophistication, style or looks. Lane also has the most successful romantic life. But Trudie couldn’t care less! She’s devoted to her volunteer work at a local children’s hospital and to her daily work at a ladies' shop with the delightful name of Bloomers Boutique. At one time Trudie had been a successful artist, but a family tragedy caused her to abandon her gift. Then Trudie and Lane both develop a romantic attachment for Mason Wimberley.

Readers will love this fast-paced romance story, wondering how the love triangle can be resolved without breaking the strong sisterly bond between Trudie and Lane. The lively dialogue, the vivid settings and inspirational theme all contribute to make this a pleasurable and unforgettable reading experience.

Reviewed by Irene Brand

* * * * *

Love Finds You in Humble Texas is a new release by author Anita Higman. She's an excellent writer who sweeps you into the story and immediately invests you in the life and character of Trudie. Higman portrays Trudie to be someone we all know. She's like the girl next door with insecurities that we can all relate to. On the other hand, Trudie's sister, Lane, is gorgeous and exuding self-confidence. Lane gets all the guys while Trudie is left to date Lane's rejects or hand-me-downs. Tension builds in the story when Lane introduces Trudie to Mason, a hand-me-down date, but soon realizes that she's introduced her sister to the man she's in love with. The reader is swept away on a sea of conflict and love as the two sisters work out a plan that is sure to cause heartache for the loser in the process. I will say no more due to not wanting to give too much of the story line away. Higman is an excellent writer who will captivate you and pull you into an unforgettable story. Run to your nearest Christian book store and pick this one up today. It's a keeper.

Reviewed by Kimberly Byrd

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