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Alpha Chi Omega

Insignia and Traditions

Our Name

Alpha Chi Omega was originally founded as Alpha Kai Omega. Our Founders chose "Alpha" becasue they were forming the first fraternity in the School of Music; therefore, it seemed fitting to use the first letter of the Greek alphabet. It was suggested that they might possibly be founding the last such fraternity, so "Omega" seemed apporpriate. "Kai," meaning "and," was added to form "Alpha Kai Omega"--the beginning and the end. Later, the "Kai" was changed to "Chi".

Stick Pin

This pin is diamond-shaped with the top half enameled in scarlet and the bottom in olive green. It bears the lyre across its face.

Lyre Badge

The lyre of Alpha Chi Omega was chosen by our Founders after much research. The one which appealed most to the Founders was a replica of the harp, because it seemed in keeping with their musical interest. Looking to Greek mythology, they found that the first instrument played by the gods on Mt. Olympus was a lyre. The jeweled golden lyre is adorned by pearls and is worn by initiated members.

Our Colors

Alpha Chi Omega's colors of scarlet and olive green were chosen to commemorate the autumnal founding of our Fraternity.

Our Flower

The flower of Alpha Chi Omega is the red carnation, showing the colors of our fraternity.

Coat of Arms

The Alpha Chi Omega coat of arms is composed of a square shield, a crest, and a scroll. The scroll bearing the Greek works or our open motto, "Together, let us seek the heights."

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