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ALL aliens in human form currently residing on planet Earth are having problems dealing with a myriad of mundane activities which they focus too much of their energies on, instead of working on discovering their REAL Purpose for being here!

Virtually all aliens in human form frequently feel like they do not belong anywhere, and cannot settle in to a comfortable niche. Many aliens are having problems with their financial, emotional, or physical well-being. Some are constantly dealing with extremely difficult and severe circumstances in ALL THREE of these major areas!

If you have been repeatedly subjected to the aforementioned tribulations, and have also felt that from time to time there is more than a remote possibility that YOU could be an alien, I can help you find the answers you are looking for, as I have discovered over the past several years through vivid dreams in which I was frequently visited by aliens who have been watching over and guiding me to this stage in my own personal evolution, that I am one of those aliens who was sent here to learn how to cope with the day-to-day existense on Earth, as experienced through the human form.

It took me a while to try to understand, accept, and ultimately embrace my alien heritage, as it all seemed too much to comprehend during my initial indoctrination!

There is nothing wrong with feeling as though you do not "belong" here, especially because most of you do NOT! Many of you may feel like you do not have ANY friends who you can really trust and rely on, and at times, may also feel rejected and ignored by your family, and that in some weird and inexplicable way, you just know that you do not seem to "fit in" to their preconceived notions of who YOU should be and what you should be doing with your life! This can be a frightening revelation!

If you have been experiencing most, if not all, of these setbacks and obstacles, and cannot seem to find ANY conventional answers to your dilemma, then perhaps now is the perfect time for you to seriously consider an alternative point of view that you could be either an alien or a star dweller brought here to learn how to live!

I can help you to understand and accept who you truly are and gradually learn to make the most out of the life that you have been given, regardless of the severity of your current situation!

Many of you were sent here from your respective planet or star system to learn specific lessons which are critically important to the successful completion of your mission before you will be granted the High privilege to ascend back to your home!

Once I have general background information about your past experiences and present circumstances, I can explain in detail, what planet or star system you
are from, and tell you exactly what you are supposed to be doing in order to successfully complete your mission and return to your planet!

This service to others is part of my own mission this last time help weary aliens and star travelers open up to the hidden mastery which has been lying dormant, deep within their soul atoms for untold millenia. For many aliens and star dwellers, their refusal to evolve is the primary reason why they are still here!

I am Alien Counsel. I have been educated on Earth with a doctoral degree in psychology, although from an alien perspective, ALL degrees are nothing more than pieces of paper! They do not have any Higher intrinsic value insofar as soul evolution is concerned, and oftentimes, actually hinder soul growth, because the human ego intellect distorts Truth and Light with its trite "logic" and "reason"!

All alien life-forms are not as bad or evil as portrayed in virtually ALL alien movies! With the exception of "E.T." and "Cocoon", all other movies paint a very frightening picture of aliens, which is simply not true. Similar to the human race, there are certain alien races which are benevolent, and others which still choose to walk on the dark side. Humans have known since the beginning of time that aliens have existed, but they would much rather delude themselves that ALL aliens are "negative" beings, because they cannot comprehend their Higher intelligence and perception!

I am sure that many of you have felt from time to time that you are being stifled, and also feel that you cannot tell most people what your true feelings are about yourself! I counsel alien souls who are here on Earth to try and help them to learn how to fit in to society on this planet, amidst great suffering and disappointment.

My goal with this site is to ultimately create a "safe haven" for ALL aliens and star travelers who "walk in the Light" to feel comfortable enough to openly discuss their true feelings about their existence and what they hope to gain from their journey.

Depending on what part of the galaxy you are from, you could experience intense periods of violence, destruction, loneliness or feelings of terror! You may have also experienced "flashbacks" that you do not understand, which may frighten you, especially when you are alone!

I can help you to understand these conflicting emotions and images so you can learn to release the anxiety surrounding them and be at peace with yourself and others, which for many of you, would result in far less self-destructive behavior! IF you continue to harm either yourself or others in the process of soul denial, you will continue to be sent back to Earth again and again...however long it may take for you to learn.

Let me assist you with the completion of your lessons this time around, so you can return to your Home with your mission accomplished and your heart filled with Light!