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Contrary to the overabundance of esoteric myths currently being recycled on the internet, as well as in every spiritually oriented text pertaining to the subjects of alien contact and unidentified flying objects, there are NOT hundreds of distinctly different alien races neither visiting nor dwelling on Earth during this time period!

While I am not implying that there are NOT innumerable alien groups inhabiting the outer planetary realms both in this solar system as well as other galaxies far beyond our sun's orbit, I am stating emphatically that there are not nearly as many alien races visiting nor inhabiting this planet, as many self-proclaimed ufologists and alien "researchers" would have you believe! Their extensive glossaries and elaborate descriptions, depicting groups from virtually every star and planet in this solar system, may serve to promote increased book and periodical sales, but the BULK of their "detailed" accounts are PURE FICTION insofar as conveying the Truth about alien cultures!

Below I have listed FOUR primary alien groups (and one sub-group) who are currently sending their respective residents to this planet on a recurrent basis to visit and interact with the human experience. Some of their agendas are benevolent and compassionate, while others are malevolent and self-serving, and they vary as much as their outer appearances, so peruse the descriptions carefully before determining your own validation of their True purpose for being here among us!


Perhaps one of the most, if not THE most, benevolent alien race in this galaxy, pure Venusians are very trusting beings, always trying to reach out to help those whom they feel are suffering terribly, never thinking about being rewarded or commended for their kind deeds.

Earth residents take unfair advantage of a Venusian's innate capacity to openly embrace and reach out to their planet, but our friends still choose to return to this plane of conflicts, assisting it in its slow but progressive spiritual evolution, regardless of the negative response to their gestures. This planet is indeed fortunate to feel the unconditional Love vibrations that can only emanate from Venus!

An example of a pure Venusian soul was Princess Diana.



This alien group is the most ECCENTRIC and just plain bizarre race in every sense of the word! Saturnians have a compulsively inherent desire to be ADMIRED and noticed, which fuels their extroverted behavior and pretentious outward appearance!

Saturnians NEED to be in the spotlight and CRAVE being the center of attention and the proverbial "life of the party", always putting on a show for their fans. A tremendous percentage of famous celebrities in both movies and all forms of popular music are of Saturnian heritage. This alien race has been known to be kindhearted to others, but ONLY if they are of Pure Saturnian lineage, which is rare for this race.

An example of a pure Saturnian soul is Elton John.



This alien race is VERY underhanded and untrustworthy in ALL of their dealings with humans or even other alien races who decide to become involved with their deceptive motives, so be on your guard! They are not quite as bad as the Plutonians, but they are nasty enough that you will wonder whether they are one and the same as their nefarious counterparts!

Martians love to instigate trouble in all of its forms, and thrive on emotional torment and discord, seeking to discredit ANY good deed by making the person look less than humble. Martians always look very appealing physically to conceal their truly disgusting inner natures, until it no longer serves them to do so. Stay away from this somewhat clever and deceptive alien group, as they are nothing but trouble!

An example of a Martian soul is President Bill Clinton.



The absolute NASTIEST, most DESPICABLY EVIL alien race in this solar system, Plutonians are the entities directly responsible for mostly ALL of the alleged "natural disasters" that occur on this planet - from earthquakes to floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, devastating brush fires, etc. They are ALWAYS battling underground for control over this planet, which of course they will NEVER succeed in achieving, at least as long as there are benevolent alien groups to thwart their every move to wreak even more havoc than they already have to date!

Similar in deceptive behavior to the Martian group, Plutonians make themselves "appear" to be unbelievably physically attractive, especially in their youth, in order to get close to whomever they desire to torment at the time! As they begin to mature, they begin to rapidly lose their sexual appeal and become very HAGGARD looking, as their inherently EVIL natures begins to manifest through their physical forms for the world to witness. Stay away from ALL Plutonians, no matter how pleasant they may appear to be, because they ALWAYS want far more from you than you are WILLING to give! They will inevitably try to pull you in very close to them, only to DESTROY all that you hold dear to your heart!

An example of a Plutonian soul is Saddam Hussein.



A sub-grouping of the Plutonian race, which is also the most familiar sounding to the majority of the public, as popularized in countless alien abduction investigations currently inundating the bookshelves!

Be Forewarned ... GREYS AND PLUTONIANS ARE ONE AND THE SAME!! It is much easier for humans to use the term "Greys" when referring to any unusual paranormal encounter they may have experienced, as opposed to saying "Plutonians", which has never been associated with most abductee or contactee accounts.

Do not attempt to interact with Greys, even if they try to entice you to move closer for a better "view" by making themselves visible to you, which they often do to those whom they feel are gullible enough. Your human curiosity could also be the direct cause of your downfall! Thousands of horrific accounts of their abusive tactics toward their "victims" only begins to scratch the surface of what these barbaric creatures are capable of inflicting on their unwilling captives!

How can you protect yourself from possibly being abducted? The best method is to stop crying out in desperation that you are sick and tired of your life the way it is at present, because whenever they hear anyone who is continually unhappy ... DESPERATELY looking for a way out ... ANY WAY OUT ... these demonic entities venture closer.

Mostly ALL humans who are "abducted" (not contacted, as that is vastly different because you WANTED to have the experience!) do not realize that they have unwittingly sent out a powerful subconscious "distress signal" which allows this evil group to INVADE their privacy and take over their thoughts, as they begin to "implant" chaotic images in their victims already very weakened minds!

There are no examples of Grey souls, as they are merely "robotic" entities.


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