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Web Journal of Wonder Boy

* Sunday, March 24th, 2002

This hunk could make me turn to the Dark Side anytime.

* Saturday, March 23rd, 2002

Spending "quality time' with the husband tonight. Gonna watch "The Usual Suspects" with Kevin Spacey. Hopefully it'll be good.
We've been working different hours alot lately and haven't had much time together and the times we have had together have been more takin' care of business than anything else. We really need this.
I'll write more soon.


Well, "quality time" was very good, but we never got around to watching the DVD! Maybe tonight.
Being a waiter ia a drag sometimes because you never get a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday off. My days off are usually Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday. Let me tell you, nothing happens in Baltimore on those days. I can request a day off sometimes, but they're reluctant to give it to me. "But Wonder Boy," they say, "We need you!" (OK, they don't say exactly that, but it's close enough).
Working on a photo gallery. I hope to have one up and running by next week.
Spring has sprung -- so why has it gotten colder! Summer needs to get here soon!