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Front Porch Memories

Welcome to Front Porch Memories! Here you'll find my memories of times past.

Sitting on the front porch rocking back and forth,
I think of all the things I should be doing but ain't.
Then I think this is too fine a spring evening for such heavy thoughts as this.
So I tip my head back and contemplate the sky instead.
Wow look at those clouds roll by.
Is that a horse or just a fluffy marshmallow cloud?

Sitting on the front porch rocking back and forth as the silence of a falling day slowly cloaks the noise.
I listen to the birds call chittering back and forth.
Wonder what bird it is that makes that strange "Woo Hoo Hoo Hoo" call?
And listen there's another bird saying "peep peep".

Sitting on the front porch rocking back and forth watching the birds fly home to rest.
Then there comes a lowly gnat flying way to close to the ground cause here comes Boo abounding to try and catch the poor dear.

You know if you listen really carefully you can pick out the different sounds as the night falls....
there's the sounds of the birds, the sound of children playing
a little ways away, the sound of running feet as they
play hide and seek, and the ringing of horseshoes being thrown.

Sitting on the front porch rocking back and forth I hesitate and prolong the moment when I must go inside.
'Cause it's so wonderful sitting here smelling the
earth smells of new mown grass and fresh dirt after a gentle spring rain.
But the longer I wait I know what my destiny will be cause you see when night comes THEY come.
The dratted mosquito with their blood thirsty thirst looking for nice flesh to latch on to.
So hurrying in from my front porch I must go till another spring evening when I can again go to my front porch and rock back and forth.

When you sit on a front porch, your mind automatically goes back to childhood days. A time when life was easier and slower. I remember my Grandma's porch swing and that special "creak creak creak" it made as you swung back and forth. Every summer vacation we spent in VA. Those wonderful summer vacations spent playing all day with the cousins...Barbie's with JoAnn, tag with the boys, running here and there exploring the woods, hunting for blackberries and blueberries up on the pipeline 'cause this time for sure we would have enough for Grandma to make cobbler. Of course that never happened we ate more than we put in the pails. And then of course it wouldn't be nightfall without hide n seek. All us kids at least 10 of us whooping and hollering away. It was the one time we could act like heathens and Mom didn't care. And then that special time came when it wasn't quite bedtime yet but it was too dark to see who you were tagging. Then one after another all the cousins would gather around Mom as she rocked on the swing. 'Cause now was the extra special time of Mom telling ghost stories. We were like moths to a flame. Everyone floating in from hinder and yon. There was the old standby of "The Man With the Golden Arm" and the tale of the ghost of Horseshoe Bend. No matter how many times we heard the stories they still gave us chills and we still sat inraptured. And in the background the old porch swing added it's creak creak creak. The old house and the old porch swing are gone now but how nice to think back each time I sit on my front deck in my glider and rock back and forth.