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JUST DOWNLOAD AND PLAY. Most newer computers are able to play MIDI, but if for some reason you can not, download a WINAMP player (it will play wav, midi, mp3, etc.....

You can download WINAMP from WINAMP.COM EnJoY!

Now,..... for the songs:
Song 38

Song 90

Song 113

Song 122

Song 125

Song 132

Song 164

Song 174

Song 222

If there is a Kingdom Song that you REALLY like, and you would like me to put it on here -- EMAIL ME

I also thought that some non-theocratic songs that I have done would be nice to put on here as well. Enjoy these as well. (They are all in MIDI format!)

Circle War a song that I did all by myself!

Circle War The Return just a longer version of the first one

STOP! Can you name the artist?

Plunk a song we played in Orchestra Class. I like my version a lot better, do you?

The next three songs are real fun. Most of the tunes you should know although there was one I had never heard of before I did it.

Kid Songs: Arrangement One

Kid Songs: Arrangement Two

Kid Songs: Arrangement Three