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Where you can find Ivory!

The Profile of a Goddess
The Only Diva in the WWF

My page as a tribute to the one and only WWF Superstar, IVORY! I am so tired of seeing the typical blonde, no wrestling talent women of the WWF! I am speaking to you Terri, Trish, Debra, and in the past Sable. Not only is Ivory much better looking, she can actually wrestle, and take a bump.

Twice she has held the WWF Women's Championship, and if the creative team would get motivated, they would realize Ivory is very charismatic and could work almost any angle.

Rumor has it Ivory may be going into broadcasting in some capacity, and for anyone who purchased the Wrestlemania all day event, you would know why. SHE WAS AWESOME. So IVORY, here's to you! THE MOST BEAUTIFUL WOMEN IN THE WWF!

RECENT IVORY HAPPENINGS Recently, Ivory has been involved in the anti-Dean Malenko fight by the federation's ladies. She has teamed with Jackie to beat the man of 1000 holds in a handicap match.

Jim Ross in his recent (july) Raw Magazine Report, hinted Ivory may become a WWF announcer!

I hope to form THE IVORY FANCLUB sometime in 2000 so for all you Ivory fans out there, hang tight.

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