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Playboy Bobby Starr

This site is currently under construction,

so please check back often to see what the Playboy is up to.


Places Where you can see the PLAYBOY in ACTION
Playboy and Friends My Pictures
More Pictures
Archieve of Blood
Bob working WCW

All photos within are property of Shooting Star Inc. NONE of which can be reproduce without the express written permission from Shooting Star Inc.

Staff Photographers: Lisa Castora, Robin Fitzpatrick, Crystal Wagner and Stacy Dunn.

Bobs Theme music provided by: Childs Play (Brian Jack, John Allen , Nicky Kay and Idzi "The Man")

Outfits provided by : "Della Lotman Limited" Baltimore, MD.

Angelfire web design courtesy of a good friend.

Bob Starr wishes to thank everyone over the past 12 years that have helped him in so many ways. Thank to everyone and enjoy.

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