Submission policies!!!!!!!

Submission Policies

1. Run your fanfic through spell check! I hate to have to stop adding html just to fix a spelling error. I don't mind a few mistakes but if every other word is spelled wrong it wont be posted.

2. Make sure your fic has a title. If you don't have one tell me and I'll mark it as untitled.

3. I will allow lemons now but they had better not be PWPs (Plot What Plot) or they won't be posted. Also, include a lemon warning at the beginning of the fic.

4. It would make my job easier if you would include a summary with a fic. This isn't required to get your fic posted but if you don't I'll have to write one for your fic and I'm really bad at it.

5. Send your fics to and include the word "fanfic" somewhere in the title so I don't accidentally delete it thinking it's just another viagra ad.

6. Dont put thoughts inbetween < > or the computer might read it as a html code.