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~ Never give up on what you really want to do. The person with big dreams is more powerful than one with all the facts.

~ There will always be people who will tell you that you can't do what you want most to do.


~ Stop blaming others. Take responsibility for EVERY area of your life.

~ Every now and then, bite off more than you can chew.

~ Your mind can hold only one thought at a time. Make it a positive and constructive one.

~ You may be fortunate and make a lot of money. Just be sure your work involves something that enriches your spirit as well as your bank account.

~ A good way to keep your feet on the ground is to put the weight of responsibility on your shoulders.

~ Men of genius are admired; men of wealth are envied; men of power are feared; but only men of character are trusted.

~ Others may doubt what you say, but they will believe what you do.

~ The richest person in the world, is the one who is contented with what he has.

~ Those that can see God's hand in everything, can best leave everything in God's hand.

~ Never be discouraged. It may be the last key in the bunch that opens the door.

~ He who provides for this life, but makes no provisions for eternity, is wise for a moment, but a fool forever.

~ A man may make many mistakes, but he is not a failure until he blames someone else for them.

~ Feed your faith and your doubts will starve to death.

~ If we could forget our troubles as easily as we forget our blessings, how different our lives would be.

~ God's love does not keep us from our trials. It is a love that keeps us through our trials.

~ Do unto others as if you were the others.

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