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Welcome to the Official Erinn Dooley Website. This site is here for you to learn more about this Senior International Elite gymnast, who trained at Hills Angels Gymnastics, in Gaithersburg, Maryland for many years. Maybe you are familiar with Dominique Dawes? She and Elise Ray, members of the 2000 USA Olympic Gymnastics Team, have both trained with Erinn for several years. If you've ever seen this gymnast compete, you've probably noticed a few unique things about her. Erinn is one of the only gymnasts in the country to do a double front dismount off beam. She is a very good front tumbler. In fact, her opening tumbling pass is an arabian double front. Her trademark is hard work. She was awarded the most hard working elite at Hills Angels. Erinn turned 18 in July, and recently graduated from Gaithersburg High School, where friend and team mate Dominique Dawes spoke at her graduation. She is and has been a member of the National Team for the past several years, and in August began attending the University of Florida where she will begin her NCAA gymnastics career. Please take a look around and click on the links provided to learn more about Erinn. All information and updates are provided directly from Erinn so enjoy and please come back soon!

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