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A Dispatch site.

Burton's Site Dedicated to DISPATCH and Dave Matthews Band

All photos were taken by Michael Burton (me). If you want to use them, please ask me for my permission. I am nice guy.

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10/08/01--It is time for me to build a new website. My last one flew over the Bermuda Triangle and disappeared..COUGH..COUGH. Any hector, I have big plans for my new site

You will just have to check in every so often to see. There will be some Dispatch related stuff. Please bookmark my wimpy site and watch it grow like Sea Monkeys in a bowl of beer. In da east, Burton
PS-Still thinking of more Dispatch sections to add.

My Favorite things about Angelfire. I have none...they deleted up my old homepage.

DISPATCH GUITAR TABS(Coming soon, with some new tabs as well)
Burty's Corner: A link to my article of randomness I have written within the last year...sharks, whiffle ball, etc.(coming soon)
My DISPATCH/DMB/Pete Francis/Howie Day/John Mayer/The Lost Trailers/Virginia Coalition CD Trading List (coming soon)
My Ramblings...hear about my life, my adventures to the Stah Mahket (Star Market) and my little fumbles (in snow football)
Pulling WoolA section dedicated to my friends back in Phoenix. Basically, has some classic lines I have said in my life as well as some key phrases everyone ought to know, like "Pulling Wool"

My Favorite Web Sites--Angelfire put these here. I will change them...Management

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