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~*~Friends In The Garden~*~

My Island Home…

When I‘m longing for a haven
And I feel so all alone..
There's one place I can go to
And it’s there that I call my home.

It’s surrounded by the water
It protects me with such care...
I can always be in solitude
On my little island there...

I sit there many hours
And I sing to all the trees…
As I weave my hair with flowers…
I can feel the cooling breeze.

. The swans are my protectors..
I always find them there..
No one can ever hurt me..
When I’m in my island chair.

Fairys dance there with me...
As we in whirl perfect time...
And I sing away the hours
In my ancient royal rhyme..

On my island I’m a princess
A tree stump is my throne..
No bad things ever happen
When I’m in my island home...

Today will last forever
On this island where I play
I come here to my kingdom..
Almost every single day..

I never want to leave here
It is where I want to be
On my island made of magic
That belongs to only me.

Maria Lindberg Copyright 2000

Fairy Child
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