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Swimming Trunks

Hello Everyone, My name is Phynix and I am here to welcome you to the latest site that I have spent my time on. Welcome to Simple Pleasures. A site dedicated to all my friends at the Crystal Palace, the things they make, and the things I have gotten from them.

In this site you will notice that everything has a link to the person who made the image. For instance I was made By Swimming Trunks, from Ghost's Kittie Adoptions, so if you click on me I will open a new window for you and let you go there. Everything within these pages has that function. Look at the bottom of the page, you will see that the main background was made by Starluck and if you click on her name you will be taken to her page.
All the pages are like this, that way if you see something you like you can go to there site and tell them. Or maybe they may have something similar to adopt to you.

So enjoy yourself and please do not take anything you see on this page in less you find a note that says you can take it.

Thank you all!

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