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Simple Pleasures

First do not take me, I am here to introduce this page. I am a Christmas Angel that Phynix Gave out for Christmas 2002 and these are her gifts that she recived for Christmas that year. Remember to click on the picture to be taken back to the home page.

From Talen

I thought this guy was so cute. Talen gave him to us using our two main mascotts the Pineapple and hte voodoo doll. Remember this is from Crystal palace, the home of the straigt jacketeers.

From Broan

I woke up Chistmas Morning to find this cutie in my stocking. I am worried about him though because he looks so mean, but I can not say no to givening him a home here as he is just the cutiest little dragon I have seen.

From Chrys
This is the only gift I havethis year that we could chose what it looked like. So I got my muse chibified. This is Chibi Chibi the small cute version of Shino Tora (another muse) and me! Chibi Chibi is a white cat with angel wings (not see here) she is her mothers pet as she too always wears a red coller and bell. Shino Tora, Chibi Chibi's elder, is a white tiger with wings, and then there is my persona Witch is the one and only White tiger animorphic creature.

From Lavonia

Does she not make your heart melt? I know she does with me. I love this little one so much. I think she is so cute. and I love her long hair.

From Magnus

BAH HUMBUG!... wait that is the wrong show, any ways this is the Grinch if you don't know. He has got to be my favorite Christmas character (next to Santa) to grace the pages of my child hood books.Magz you did a wonderful job with him.

From Myrror

Is this not just the cutest wholeing (I think that is what she is I will have to double check) Any ways this is from a long time frind Myrror, I never get to talk to her much more but this is the cutie she gave us for christmas.

From Naeva

I LOVE UNICORNS! So this has got to be the best gift I have recived yet, I think she would look better on a black background but I am not sportting a black background so it will have to do.

From Noble Knight

Noble Knight is kinda of new to the group so I was supprised to see a gift from him there. But I think he did very well to treat us to a self potrat of his persona. Thank you Noble Knight. May you be with us for some time now.

From Yak

Yak, has been around for a few years now. And she has become one of the best persons to talk to as she is always so sweet. Any ways I was delighted to see this prity little elven Mrss Clause posted on the boards as her present to us all. Thank you Yak

From Starluck

This is a Chibi Stewart. Starluck Reindeer from a sotry she wrote. I have never seen it but I am sure it is good.

From Rekkar

It's a cute puppy dog, Now listen up Spot (yes I named him spot) do not go after my kitties on the page. Rekkar is cool. I love her art and I think Spot is so cute

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