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s o n g . o f . t h e . g o d d e s s

O, wondrous Lady of the Moon! How radiant is your face that shines on me in silvery rays that lavish my skin is silken kisses. How wonderful you are, Great Mother Goddess, that hath given beauty to the Earth, that hath showered it in Love, that hath given your Priest/ess the power to walk in your footsteps.

O Radiant Mother! As the moon penetrates me with its magical light, so do I sing to you! Your love hath given me light, and your strength hath given me magic. In the light of the eternal Moon do I sing praises unto you!

Blessed is the Crescented Lady, Mother of Life, Giver of Magic. Blessed is She, my protectorate, that watches over me! Blessed be!

This song is particularly appropriate at all Esbats.

b a c k

e m a i l . p a n d o r a