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c h i n e s e . z o d i a c

r a t

appealing,influential,sociable, and charismatic

nervous,talkative,power-hungry, and a meddler

compatiibilities of the heart: tiger, dragon, monkey, dog

best to avoid: h o r s e

o x

innovative, diligent, eloquent, and made of integrity

stubborn, standoffish, bias, and vindictive

compatibilities of the heart: rabbit, snake, chicken/cock and boar

best to avoid: s h e e p

t i g e r

full of fervor, benevolent, magnetic, and you have good luck

impetuous, hot-headed, nomadic, and insubordiante

compatibilities of the heart: dragon, horse, dog, rat

best to avoid: m o n k e y

r a b b i t

tactful, ambitious, virtuous, and prudent

secretive, hypochondric,squeamish, and overly-complex

compatibilities of the heart: snake, sheep, boar, ox

best to avoid: d o g

d r a g o n

enthusiastic, succesful, sentimental, and fearless

rigid, garruluous, mistrustful of others, boastful

compatiblities of the heart: horse, monkey, rat, tiger

best to avoid: d o g

s n a k e

intuitive, sensual, discrete, and compassionate

presumptuous,lazy, overly extravagant, and dissimulate

compatibilities of the heart: sheep, chicken/cock, ox, and rabbit

best to avoid: b o a r

h o r s e

persuasive, self-propelled, stylish and dexterious

selfish, unscrupulous, anxious, and rebellious

compatibilities of the heart: monkey, dog, tiger, dragon

best to avoid: r a t

s h e e p

inventive, sensitive, tasteful, and with perserverance

impractical , pessimistic, worriful, and without foresight

compatibilities of the heart: cock, boar, rabbit, snake

best to avoid: o x

m o n k e y

a born leader, witty, zealous, and cunning

self-involved, opportunistic, loquacious, and deceitful

compatibilities of the heart: dog, rat, dragon, horse

best to avoid: t i g e r

c o c k

reliant, enthusiastic, chic, and humorous

cocky, boastful, bossy, and of blind-faith

compatibilities of the heart: boar, ox, snake, and sheep

best to avoid: r a b b i t

d o g

constant, of high morale, dutiful, and respectable

uneasy, unsociable, self-righteous, and cynical

compatibilities of the heart: rat, tiger, horse, monkey

best to avoid: d r a g o n

b o a r

scrupulous, gallant, sincere, voluptous, and honest

credulous, materialistic, hesitant, and of course pig-headed

compatibilities of the heart: ox, rabbit, sheep, chicken/cock

best to avoid: s n a k e

b a c k

e m a i l . p a n d o r a