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God Bless America and our Friends
all over the world who support the cause of Freedom!

These photos from Greenwich Village in New York City
honor the memories of our lost friends and family.

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Patriots use chalk to express their prayers for peace on a statue in Union Square in the photo below.

Photographs by Michael Bolanos & Friends

Click here for a fascinating article, "The 'Real' Deal about Nuclear, Bio, and Chemical Attacks" by SFC Red Thomas(Ret)

We mourn the loss of those lost in AA Flight 587.
May God bless the victims and their families.

"The New York people have suffered mightily. They suffer again. But there's no doubt in my mind that New Yorkers are resilient and strong and courageous people." George W. Bush, 12 Nov 2001.

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In Honor Of Mizu the bunny
09-09-01 -- The Sultan of Bunnies
Thank you Kristen, Sara and all at St. Mark's Vet
Thanks Tonia!